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  1. I didn't see anything on the board yet, so I thought I'd post the news of Mike's recent passing. His funeral is this Saturday. Really nice guy. We knew him through his daughter and SLU softball. Condolences to his entire family.
  2. A few more post-game celebration photos. And during halftime, they had a 3 point shooting contest. Three guys sitting next to us competed as a team - and won! One of the guys was shooting like Jimmerson and made almost all of his shots. I talked to them when they got back to their seats and one was a '17 SLU alum and the other 2 went to WashU (both played basketball at WashU so that explains the shooting ability). They work for a company with an office in Tempe, so they were able to plan a business trip around the game. Sweet! (My apologies to the SLU alum - I didn't get you in the pict
  3. Great game yesterday! A lot more SLU fans than I expected. I'd estimate at least 60-70 (if not a few more) fans cheering for SLU. I've posted a few pictures that show the overall crowd size (small) as well as the SLU fans behind the bench. There were a few in the section directly across the court, but you'll see mostly red shirts over there - Dayton fans. (A Dayton guy came up to us outside and said he was rooting for SLU, but only for that one game.) We spoke briefly to Chris May and a little longer to Janet Oberle. My daughter recognized a SLU baseball player who was a year behind her
  4. I will, but after the game. An alum in Scottsdale held a reception at their home tonight - Chris May was the featured guest (we were unable to attend). So there should be a few more SLU fans at the game. Glad to see it will be streamed. Look for our little cheering section!
  5. Is anyone going to the game? I live in Tempe so I'll be there. Daughter is an alum & we're excited to be able to see the team. Even when she was at SLU, we never got to a basketball game. She played softball, and their home season never seemed to overlap with the basketball schedule. Go Bills!
  6. http://www.nbl.com.au/news/article/ellis-sinks-game-winner-as-snakes-topple-united
  7. That's OK. I still like the old logo better. I'm probably alone at this point, but 'Ive just never like the new mascot or lettering. Getting old, I guess.
  8. I can get video on both A10 site & the free site from the first page - but no audio. Any suggestions? Edit - NM - sound just popped on - radio feed
  9. http://www.australiabasket.com/New-Zealand/news/452122/New-Zealand-National-Team-2016
  10. Rob Loe back in NZ - http://www.nbl.com.au/featured-news/breakers-welcome-home-rob-loe/
  11. http://www.slubillikens.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPID=93215&DB_OEM_ID=27200&ATCLID=210944989
  12. Quality, of course. But the way the reflection makes a perfect face is kinda spooky.....
  13. Congrats again to the women's BB team for a great season. Just one question, though - what's up with that A10 trophy? Is that the Billiken inside it or some other evil (but apparently happy) creature???
  14. Heartbreaker!!!!! GREAT season, ladies!!!!! Be proud!!
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