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  1. Steve Walsh early 70’s was from SLUH
  2. Schasz(John) Check your messages on this board davidlee(Dave)
  3. John

    Frank Schdrowski has been organizing lunches with a bunch of guys we graduated with at St. James(usually 12-14 guys) and wanted to know when you are in town next so he can try to organize a get together.

    I had a old email address that doesn't work, so if you can send me your knew one at krugerda@sbcglobal.net or Frank at frankandcathy70@hotmail.com.

    The Billikens have been struggling since the Dayton loss

    Hope all is well with you and yours.

    Dave Krueger




    1. Schasz


      Hi Dave,

      I knew about the get togethers from Pat Liston and Larry Welsh. We live in Lakewood Ranch, FL now. I still have a sister and two brothers in St. Louis. Our last visit was for the Blues celebration for winning the Stanley Cup. My sister Carol is at our house now visiting us.

      We don't have any current plans for a trip. My brother Tom's daughter Hannah plays basketball for Ursuline Academy and she is a Junior and the best player on the team. They have been after us to see her play. Just don't see it this year, especially winter time.

      My email address is billsfan07@msn.com.

      I'll try and watch today's game at Dayton even though I expect the Bills will get drilled. They just don't shoot very good and miss that Frosh 3 point shooter a lot. My wife is a TN Vols Alum. They are struggling too and play KY at home today. I'll be surprised if they win. They have help on the way as they signed two 5 Stars and one 4 Star for next year. That recruiting class is rated in Top 10.

      I would like to get together with classmates from St. James next time we are in town.

      John Scherzinger

  4. http://www.stltoday.com/sports/columns/ben-frederickson/bens-cruising-and-talking-pappy-s-with-slu-coach-travis/youtube_7df49627-2bd4-5ea2-9284-7e2314c0dfa0.html
  5. Harry Rogers should definitely be on the team. One can make an argument on who should and shouldn't be on the team. There should be no discussion about Harry- He should be on the team. A Great Billikan
  6. p diddy Great to hear from you again. You have been missed. Always enjoy what you bring to the Board.
  7. Speaking of pdiddy; does anyone know why he doesn't post anymore? i always enjoyed reading his comments and thoughts.
  8. Roy I assume you have seen both CJ Rivers and Reddick, I was wondering what your thoughts were about them?
  9. To add to Broy's comment about Harrellson "let's keep in mind though, that even with all the improvement, harrellson really did not hit D1 play worthy until his final season at kentucky." One thing people forget is Harrellson would probably not have played much his senior year if the two freshman(Cousins and I forget the other guys name) didn't go pro and their big recruit Kanter (who was a first round NBA draft pick) not be declared ineligible. I am glad it worked out for him though.
  10. "a couple other dudes" DocB - were these other recruits or Billiken Players? Thanks for the update
  11. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/ncaab--michigan-s-john-beilein-a-descendant-of-soldiers-that-inspired--saving-private-ryan--205604686.html
  12. When I click on it, it goes to the article; not sure why others are having a problem.
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