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  1. Our old friend Keith Carter just had a four point play.
  2. Defend Shaka if you want. Obviously it wasn't coached to foul the guy, but still a major mental mistake. And on the other side of the coin.... tell your team NOT to foul? Call time out ahead of time and prep them, scream it from the damn sidelines.. Why the hell would you even guard them tight? Coach didn't get the memo to the team.
  3. What a way to blow a game VCU! Wow?? Did anyone else watch this game!
  4. Well.. Hopefully it's not a major concern. He'll have a week of rest. Either way I still think the bigger issue is that we lost to #9 in the A10 and have lost 4 of our last 5. We looked terrible in the second half.. Seems to be a trend. Whatever issues we want to concern ourselves with do not matter if we can't close out a game.
  5. Sure seems like it. I'm too tired to pull up box scores (or remember off the top of my head), but in the last couple of seasons, how often did one or two players dominate us to the point that they looked like they were a top 5 nba draft pick.
  6. 3 Problems: NO inside game. CR, RL & JM aren't getting it done, not sure if they ever will. This scares me the most. ###### coaching.. ? wtf Injuries.. KC, GG and KM. Obviously KM being the biggest one. All are needed.. JB shouldn't even be playing.. Can't believe he's starting.. All of this is causing a major breakdown in the one thing that made the Bills successful last year: Defense..
  7. So to stay even remotely close late in a game, somebody has to go nuts from three?
  8. We have nothing inside. Causing a major breakdown on both sides of the ball..
  9. we didn't put up very many points in the second half of the first, i think we had 20 with 9 left
  10. Yes it's slow Refs seem to be making good calls so far.. Romar might be pissed but they're the right calls.
  11. This link works for me, but if anyone is having trouble try internet explorer. It worked only on internet explorer for me. Not Chrome or FF.
  12. Rob low is so worthless! Sit him down! 18 pt lead.. It's done
  13. Great play by Dwayne Evans.... But another bull**** call..