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  1. Looking for a channel or website to watch?
  2. Have two tickets in section 211 to tonight vs Dayton if anyone is interested. Can meet at the gate. text me 314-412-1231
  3. I'm with you.. there's been a couple times this year where we've sat with our thumbs up our ass for five minutes due to some technicality with a clock or foul count...
  4. Kind of says more about the A10 this year than anything.
  5. Ah sorry, didn't see the article, trying to work and discuss the Billikens can be a difficult task! Pretty crazy story, though.
  6. Anyone else read this story?
  7. Crawford 24* points? FSMW had him down for 22, everywhere else I checked 24. I was at the game and they had 24.. although they confused the number of fouls on particular players twice..
  8. Thank you
  9. Second half was much better when Crawford was on the bench. No clue what Hines is thinking half of the time. Roby played well. Zeke was an absolute non factor and Welmer didnt do anything until the game was out of reach. yeah yeah.. Hines is a walk on, no depth, blah blah.. where's the discipline? Should have played more man defense or at least put more pressure on the ball. The zone that was leaving Mobley open several times clearly wasn't working and Reggie and Welmer could not keep up.. I'm not quite sure I even understood what our defensive gameplan really was. Crawford got left in a trail of dust a few times and I am really struggling to see what role he plays. We could have played much better in the first half. Dont blame the players or coach if you don't want to. You can play smarter defense, Crawford should be looking at the bench sooner, Hines only job should be to get the ball past half court and shoot a 3 if he's open. I will say no post game can be excused for lack of talent, but SBON didn't have size and we didn't even test them underneath. Also.. Slow lazy passes, no helping each other under pressure.. talent or no talent you could can ask for more effort and team work. Everyone seems so focused on where they are "supposed to be" there's almost nobody actually playing the game. To be clear I don't think we could have won this game, but I do think we could have done a hell of a lot better than a 46-15 first half.. it's nice to sit in the stands and look down at the crew wearing black sweats praying they are the answer.
  10. Thanks!
  11. 2006 at home against Missouri state. Another great game I witnessed was a 51-50 victory over the Missouri State Bears. The played ended with a tip in by Ian Vouyoukas that had to be reviewed. Bears fans were pissed. Fun in state game, I think the Bears had a good season that year.
  12. Was wondering the same thing..
  13. SLU over Iowa in 03-04 NIT. Went to this NIT game at the St Charles Family Arena when I was in high school with my dad. My dad is an Iowa alumn so he was cheering back and forth to give me trouble, but we had gone to ten or so Billikens games that year so he was as excited as I was at the finish. We were down 18 at one point and came back to win. The buzzer beater was great. It could get some relevance for being a post season game, but maybe just sticks out to me because I was there, and it was against the hawk eyes. Not a great article, but this is the best I could find, would be awesome to find a replay to watch.. here is a cool article about that season: I remember being at the OT win when Phillip Hunt (who was 5 foot something from what I remember) tipped in a bucket to win over Houston. This was the season after Perry graduated and Reggie Bryant had an impressive year. Josh Fisher had a solid senior year. In recent years.. I was at the double OT win over Dayton. Think it was on Mardi Gras. Can't remember the year, but I think it was already mentioned. Mitchell banked in a 3 at one of the key moments. Place was packed! Good thread, nice thinking about the past and being hopeful for the future. If I can think of any other games I'll add to the thread.
  14. Yes he is. Leading this team in anything doesn't constitute a reason to keep them in the game. He's missed 5 3's this half.. inexcusable.