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  1. OP I am a lurker here, but have posted some throughout the years. I wouldn’t consider this site toxic or to have any impact on free thought. It’s actually probably the best space online to find the most accurate and updated billiken info you can. It has its flaws.. but it’s a FAN site. You just don’t like the ideology of the majority of the posters here. Or maybe they don’t like yours. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong. It just means most people here view the team and program differently than you do. but I would say it’s far from free thought oppression or toxic.. if you don’t like it, I would recommend finding a new site or even start a new site if you don’t like the culture. Personally, I don’t disagree with talking MVC. I think it’s a fun topic. But some of the heavy posters here aren’t going to listen to it because it’s been discussed here 1000 times... I do think somebody telling you to kill yourself is stupid. Even if jest or intended as a bar scene insult.. (Which it was.. and you know it..) But for liability reasons in today’s environment, it should be deleted. And shouldn’t be said. Unfortunately there are people who might take it serious, that might be struggling with mental illness and suggesting this to anyone you don’t know even as a joke is pretty ignorant. But you seem intelligent enough to realize he was just being an ass hole and didn’t want you to kill yourself over a suggestion on which conference a basketball team should play in.
  2. Did a google search. Apparently it exists. And SLU is a 3 or 4 seed in nearly everyone of them. One of them had 5 A10 teams in the NIT....
  3. Did Ford finally learn to put Bell in for French to close out the game?
  4. Not close? Dayton.. Duquesne.. ?? I’ll give us a 3 seed.
  5. Thanks for calling out the 5 minutes per game comment. I could see him starting.. not sure if he starts all season though. Could Perkins Hargrove or Jimmerson Bump him?
  6. You never know how things play out, but I respectfully disagree. Perkins minutes were going to be here regardless. You probably see more balance throughout. I don’t necessarily think anyone gets buried. Maybe Hargrove and Weaver see less time. But not Perkins. He had minutes and results prior the Gibson’s injury and plays a different role.
  7. Perkins* shot VCU out of its press. Amazing first half.
  8. Mizzou would not decline an NIT invite to avoid playing SLU...
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