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  1. research +1
  2. He's always tweeting Marcus after a big game (especially playoffs). Certainly deserved it last night
  3. Idk what's happening in this thread, but nothing I've seen from Roby indicates he plays anything like a PG
  4. Goodwin Henriquez Bess French Foreman Roby, 6th man, 1st team all-glue guy
  5. That was a great interview. Did not realize he was as good of a shooter as insinuated. We've obviously told MU we'd agree to a home and home series and they've declined. Pretty weak but what can you do. Love how he mentioned how many interchangeable parts there are on the roster, guys who are versatile, etc. He'll figure out how to have the best players on the court. Also sounds like there will be another pleasant surprise to the schedule
  6. Bingoooo. Ford is going to have these guys running rampant up and down the court. We might see more dunks next season than in the previous 5 combined
  7. Would be a great fit in PHX at 4
  8. Welmer projects as the homeless man's Kelly Olynyk. If he can come in and hit a couple threes over a 4-5 minute stretch, great. If not, please remain seated
  9. $omeone need$ attention
  10. I know if Goodwin, French, Thatch, and Gordon play together for 3 years they are going to break some serious records 👀 edit: a little ahead of myself
  11. Yea put me down for Bess over Foreman in the starting lineup, and also swap Welmer/Johnson minutes