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  1. I would expect Johnson to start and finish top 3 in minutes with Bishop and Roby. Guessing Agbeko and Crawford will both be slowed by injuries at some point.
  2. Pretty minimalist. Jerseys aren't bad, not sure about that striping on the shorts though. B-
  3. You better be out there every night if he's in your own backyard
  4. some conspiracy theories floating around the Illini board with this one
  5. I wasn't (see above). Calling the folks here jerks because I spent 5 mins creeping on the kid and now have hopes he'll come to SLU
  6. Likewise
  7. Gordon retweeted this a couple weeks ago (thanks for getting my hopes up, jerks):
  8. Sounds like you're on top of it
  9. Personally I don't find them to be remotely condescending and/or lecturing in tone. Big, bad? Lol
  10. Big weekend for the U #frenchconnection
  11. At least we just made PTI...
  12. The comments are fantastic A+++