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  1. lol.. do these WR threads ever change?
  2. *obligatory our officiating cannot get any worse comment*
  3. Pistol, Wondolowski's name makes me want to puke also. Truly unforgivable
  4. Best finish US has ever had at Copa America, and one of our best tournament finishes ever, when considering World Cups, Confederatios Cups, etc. We could have lost 7-0 (see: Mexico-Chile), and this would have still been nothing but a success. Agree with everything Nark pointed out on the strategy side, but some people just love to complain. Would any of our guys ever see the pitch for Argentina?
  5. New TVs wouldn't hurt
  6. Anyone have the scoop on this?
  7. Wow apparently I need to rewatch the 6th man. Been awhile. Emotional movie
  8. Yea he mentioned ZM as well and I forgot to throw him a blurb. I think one of the phrases was, "he can put the ball in the basket from anywhere."
  9. Coach Ford was on with Frank for about 5-10 mins. Here's a brief synopsis -- Ford on incoming recruits: D.J. Foreman - "We don't have a player like him on the current roster, 6'9", led Rutgers in boards and blocks, and can put it on the floor also." Adonys Henriquez - "A premier shooter, who could average 18-19 ppg in our system." Jalen Johnson - "A left-handed Tayshaun Prince. Could lead the team in scoring this season." Frank then insinuated that Ford could not talk about another incoming recruit due to pending paperwork (Javon Bess). After Ford got off Frank mentioned him and dropped a Draymond Green comp. He framed it very loosely. In regards to recruiting locally, Coach Ford also mentioned that he will try and catch every STL Eagles game, and that we will always have at least one assistant at each game. "We're going to do everything in our power to keep the local kids home." Aside from STL, we will recruit the A-10 footprint (northeast), and nationally. Mentioned FLA, OH, KY by name. Finally, Frank asked about a home-and-home with Mizzou: "Popular question, we've been in contact with them, and can hopefully be worked out in the near future."
  10. Zips board. Has some Bess videos. One poster seems to think someone named Melvin Clark is coming here from MSU also?
  11. Tease tease tease. Another transfer?
  12. All the dunks
  13. 1, 6, 5, 2, 4, 3