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  1. Do we know which other schools Allen has taken a visit to?
  2. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  3. I prefer the VCU trolls
  4. Looks like an undersized SG at 6'1"/155 lbs, but I'll take anyone under the best shooters in the country moniker. Offers from NCST, NEB, TA&M, and X. Appears the kid has some previous ties to Macon: About the Billikens, Allen said, β€œSt. Louis, I have known the coach since eighth grade. He was at Rutgers recruiting one of my teammates and we have stayed close ever since.”
  5. I think he was being facetious. It is pretty funny to cut your list 'down' to 11. That number goes up every year with some recruit
  6. Lol.. not one person said this
  7. Joe Dooley.. Lol. Looks like the media was really down on the hire, which fueled some of the reservations here. (Especially Meyer, geez.) Hard to be thrilled at the time when everyone is just piling on... Ford can prove a lot of folks wrong.
  8. I hadn't heard that Tilmon was transferring back to ESL, as is suggested there
  9. Pass the kool-aid
  10. .500 this season is a serious stretch
  11. I love that TheChosenOne and Pistol mention Goodwin on page one of this thread. And then further down the page MB chimes in lol. Great stuff guys
  12. Wasn't EW thought of more highly than MN heading into last season? An effective stretch 4 would really compliment these guys well.
  13. From ESPN Insider: Travis Ford began his first full recruiting class at Saint Louis with a bang on Friday as Jordan Goodwin, the 53rd ranked prospect in the ESPN 100, announced his commitment over social media. Here's a look at what he'll bring to the Billikens. Why he committed: Goodwin had racked up scholarship offers from some of the most well-known programs in college basketball before trimming his list to just seven schools a few weeks ago. Ultimately though, this ended up being a two-horse race as Saint Louis was able to overcome Illinois, who had long been perceived as the leader for Goodwin. The game changer for Ford was the recent addition of Corey Tate to his staff. Tate, the former Missouri assistant, has roots in the Saint Louis Eagles program with which Goodwin starred, and helped to deliver this pivotal pledge. What he brings: Goodwin is a scorer and playmaker on the perimeter, but what really differentiates him is his toughness. A "beast" in the absolute best sense of the word, Goodwin is physical and aggressive on both ends of the floor. He can overpower or overwhelm opposing defenders with raw force while also offering tremendous versatility and deceptive basketball I.Q. He's a multi-positional type of player whose passing instinct allows him to initiate offense at times, yet he has the power and mentality to be able to defend bigger players. How he fits: Goodwin is the ideal start for Ford at Saint Louis for a number of reasons. First and most obvious, his talent level is such that he is going to be able to come right in and make an immediate impact. Just as important for a first year head coach is the impact that a player like Goodwin has on a team's culture as he'll be able to assert himself as a leader and impose his toughness and tenacity on the rest of the team. How the class is shaping up:Goodwin is the first player to commit to Saint Louis in the class of 2017 and this is just the type of early splash that every first year head coach looks to make on the recruiting trail because it generates instantaneous momentum. When one ESPN 100 or similar caliber prospect breaks the ice, it opens the door for others to considering following suit. The new Billikens staff is looking to add an immediate impact frontcourt player and perhaps as many as two more perimeter pieces who can help to increase both the playmaking and perimeter shooting that Ford's best teams over the years have thrived with. Who he reminds us of: There games may be slightly different from a positional standpoint, but Goodwin brings the same type of powerful playmaking and ultra-tough type mentality that Ford saw when coaching Marcus Smart for two years at Oklahoma State and he's likely to utilize Goodwin in similar ways.
  14. You can just follow him and he will accept. Also wanted to check out the garbage