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  1. As someone who didn't start following the program until 2006, I would say the defining moment as it stands, for me, is unfortunately Coach Majerus' death
  2. I would take this even further -- JT picking Dook could be one of the defining moments in our program's history, if not THE defining moment, should Ford guide us to the S16 or beyond I would've sent him over to Coach K 100/100 times if I knew this is how things would eventually play out for us This post brought to you by
  3. This kid was billed as one of the best shooters in the country, and I believe had prior connections to one of our assistants. Would be a huge get and compliment to our roster 🙏🏻
  4. Yawn. If we're going to be as good as we think I would love the chance to battle BE squads during conference play. Chaifetz would be lit
  5. Yea buddy
  6. Crawford is listed at +550 to reach 1,000 points in my book
  7. NBA

    a playoff series between #2 Boston and #3 Washington would be all kinds of fun
  8. Freshman forward Jalen Johnson continued his growth with a remarkable all-around game (15 points, seven rebounds, four blocked shots, three assists) in the victory over Duquesne. He went the distance with senior Reggie Agbeko in foul trouble, playing all 40 minutes.
  9. I would go bananas if it wasn't
  10. I would love to be really good next year. That sounds delightful
  11. Florida up 51-21 on Mizzou right now, with 18 mins to go, on ESPN 2
  12. Wooooooooooow game of year for MC!