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  1. Semi-OT: Gus rumor

    Redo this thread but say that he might not be our PA announcer anymore
  2. NBCSN A10 Games Announced

    You? $100. Tuesdays only
  3. Off topic: Moderation

  4. NBCSN A10 Games Announced

    I don't know why anyone would ever feel guilty, or cheap, about stealing a few hours from BIG CABLE, and I don't doubt that you have never successfully argued your stance, ha. I also don't think those that pay for cable (I pay for cable) are stupid, and am sure this is not a 'general' opinion, as well
  5. Off topic: Moderation

    Guessing some posters will start finding their way back as the wins begin to pile up
  6. Lindy's

    I truly love VCU fans
  7. OT: GGG v. Canelo

    aaand that's why boxing is dead
  8. OT: Finally Some Good STL News

    Is going down to Purdue 28-3 at half good? (Thread title seemed decent enough)
  9. Off topic: Moderation

    What on Earth
  10. NBCSN A10 Games Announced

    Go_Bills >>>> NBCSN
  11. Message from Dr. P regarding STL community

    Yep. Didn't even realize people could take issue with these types of statements, which seem like PR 101 in 2017, and make the U look very aware/prepared if nothing else. I don't understand what he's been 'weak' on exactly, am I missing something?
  12. The case for JJ

    I loved everything about JJ's freshman year. Valuable rotation player this season, and a real problem for the rest of the league by his senior year.
  13. Great idea, great picture for it also Smart move by MU to include the arch in stuff like this, something our marketing dept would never come up with (pot shot)
  14. Recruiting - 2018 class

    What is a Sam Snelling
  15. Recruiting - 2018 class

    I think a lot of the Rhoden talk has been lost in the non-sense here. Dead-eye, top 150 shooter you say? 👀