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  1. Bess will play a lot because he will be one of the most athletic players in the A10. I hope we don't take for granted how talented we are going to be. Jalen Johnson will probably come off the bench and he's a guy who I expect to be all-conference by the end of his career at SLU. Buckle up, boys.
  2. Good post. I imagine the lineup at the beginning of the season will be different than the one at the end of the season. With that being said, I would bet Foreman will start and be a huge piece of the puzzle.
  3. It's typically a good idea to play a school that will have to retrospectively forfeit all of their wins from a season. Automatic W.
  4. +1. The deadline does not mean much.
  5. Coach Macon has been recruiting the east coast hard. He has some great connections out there.
  6. The field for the 2018 Maui Invitational was already announced.
  7. I generally agree with you. The main issue is that all of these kids believe they will be good enough to get minutes for Duke, Kentucky, etc.
  8. This seems like a major exaggeration. Dwight Howard has 2-3 inches and 40+ pounds on Bolden. If Bolden was anywhere good enough to be a top 10 pick in this year's draft he would've played for Duke.
  9. My responses to this thread have very little to do with the financial implications of the Bentley, although you brushing off how your "numbers might not be perfect" is comical since the whole premise of your argument is about the numbers. You were off by 6% on the sports agent's fee. Surely a financial stickler like yourself would consider 6% to be a significant figure. Beyond the financial decisions, I do question what you get out of putting our recruits, players, and former players lives under the microscope to judge them. It's very bizarre. Just recently you even went so far as to PM an internet stranger (me) to ask if a certain SLU basketball player has a kid. By the way, the answer is no, not that it would matter (or be any of your business) either way.
  10. No earning prospects if he gets injured? You clearly have no idea how any of this works. Willie, like other professional athletes in similar situations, has a loss of value insurance policy. He is getting paid regardless of whether he suffers a devastating injury in the coming months.
  11. My advice for you is to never buy a Lexus when public transportation will do. See how big of a prick I sound like? You all will be happy to hear that Willie is doing quite well. He is living within his means (whether you want to believe it or not), has a beautiful family, and is set to make a ton of cash over the next few years.
  12. I find it very humorous that you (and others) are telling us all about Willie's earnings, expenses, and poor decisions without being able to get basic facts correct. The NBA caps agent fees at 4% for playing contracts. Please tell us more about how an NBA player should live though.
  13. He is choosing Illinois.
  14. +1. It still amazes me that people act like players stop getting better at like 22. In reality most people hit their athletic peak around 27-28.
  15. I will eat crow when one of our Moderators (you) is no longer a prick to legitimate posters supporting SLU, because I do not think you are capable of stopping. Your smug, better than thou attitude is ridiculous. You are singlehandedly the reason many quality posters do not post here very often, myself included.