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  1. Off topic: Moderation

    LOL. Except he should be partial! This board is not intended to be for area high school and AAU coaches to come pimp their players and Mizzou agenda.
  2. Off topic: Moderation

    You really don't think anyone has left? Multiple insiders have stopped posting here over the years because of this crap. And you are correct, I have not stopped posting, but I don't post nearly as often as I used to because of it. At the end of the day, if you cared about keeping conversation focused on what the board is intended for, we wouldn't need to have this debate.
  3. Off topic: Moderation

    Your decision to completely avoid addressing the legitimate point I made says it all.
  4. Off topic: Moderation

    You act like there is some sort of free speech requirement. We aren't dealing with the constitution, Thicks. The website is literally called Billikens.com. If individuals posting with anti-SLU agendas are allowed to post freely and clog up threads, legitimate SLU fans with good information will stop coming here, myself included. With that being said, I'm glad this thread allowed you to get the pat on the back you so desperately desired.
  5. OT: GGG v. Canelo

    GGG by KO in the 7th. I don't expect it to be all that close.
  6. Recruiting - 2018 class

    Thicks would rather defend his favorite school than think logically. It is quite obviously something the school provided to him, likely as part of their recruiting pitch. It even has a program slogan/logo on it that they use for promotional videos.
  7. Recruiting - 2018 class

    Seriously, please stop re-engaging these fools. You are a big part of the problem.
  8. Torrence Watson

    You are correct, Glorydays.
  9. Torrence Watson

    Are you really this stupid?
  10. Recruiting - 2018 class

    Watson was never coming here. His decision is no surprise.
  11. Recruiting - 2018 class

    He claims to have birthed a Billiken and Tiger. Unfortunately, he left them for a swarm of Hornets.
  12. Recruiting - 2018 class

    It didn't take you very long to go from knowing McKinney was at Mizzou to asking whether he was at K State. Maybe you need some sources other than an internet message board?
  13. Recruiting - 2017

    Not if they are using the same internet connection.
  14. 2017-2018 Schedule

    +1. It amazes me that people still struggle with this.
  15. 2017-2018 Schedule

    So you're saying 615 should buy a Bentley?