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  1. Yes, yes, yes. Your first sentence is SO true. I also agree with Willie 100%.
  2. Thank you and you too, Pistol.
  3. Who are the two Louisville freshmen? What positions do they play?
  4. If that is true, then the kind of talent she likes will have a hard time qualifying for or going far in, the NCAA Tournament.
  5. `Stone needs to start recruiting bigger, stronger, more athletic players who are strong rebounders. They are similar to MU in that they have good outside players but not strong inside players. If Stipanovich had a teammate who was also strong inside she may have been even better than she is. However, with no one else as a threat inside, she got dominated today by the other team's center. She stopped Stepanovich's inside moves. Stone's front line is like the one the men had with Crews, soft and slow.
  6. The schedule has GOT to get stronger or it won't make a difference how good her team is. I was really disappointed when I saw the schedule before the season started. Also, she needs to start recruiting quicker, more athletic players to compete with teams like Dayton. I know they beat MU but, they need to play other teams of that quality in their OOC schedule. It will pay off at NCAA Tournament time.
  7. Thank you, billikens747.
  8. Does anyone know the name of the new recruit?
  9. The NBA uses it also. That is where the women got it from.
  10. You used to talk about Goodwin when he was a sophomore. Now, you are not a college coach and you don't get paid to evaluate high school talent. Yet, you were 100% correct about Goodwin. Seeing how you could see the talent he has (and you have a good eye for high school talent) why could not Crews? He failed SLU BIG TIME.
  11. Not so this year. At least eight to ten teams could win it this season. However, for the next two seasons, with the class they have coming in next season, UCONN will be favored to win the NCAA Championship again.
  12. Tilmon was not better as a freshman than Gordon is now. He may be better than he is now but not as a freshman.
  13. Riverview plays in the Suburban North Conference. That is not lower level competition and they usually play in a tough Christmas Tourney. Even so, Cardinal Ritter plays in a lower class conference and look at the quality of players it has turned out.
  14. Thank you, slu72 fan,