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  1. Thanks, Pistol.
  2. Do any of the transfers fit the roll Allen would play?
  3. Thank you, slu72 fan.
  4. Who are the two transfers?
  5. Thank you.
  6. Does anyone know what happened to Jasmin Samz? She was a freshman last season.
  7. The Athlone college basketball edition is out now and it is not kind to Travis Ford. They wonder what SLU saw in him.
  8. I can see Goodwin changing his mind about coming here before Tilmon changes his about going to Illinois.
  9. I do, wholeheartedly.
  10. He had more talent than that in HIGH SCHOOL and could not take his team to the championship game until his senior season. You should not make him out to be something he is not.
  11. How do you know they won't realize their potential?
  12. I hope we see more wins than we have seen in the eight years of the Chaifetz Arena's existence.
  13. Yes. UCONN's Morgan Tuck played eight games her sophomore year and got hurt. She redshirted the rest of that year. The rules are the same for women and men alike.
  14. Thank you and Brianstl. I did not think SLU would sign a player as good as the one I saw, this quickly.
  15. There must be another Jalen Johnson. The one I saw looked better than the one in that mix tape.