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  1. There's always something wrong with Crawford... always an excuse.
  2. what a joke of an effort
  3. reggie "hands of stone" agbeko
  4. This kid is going to dominate the A10 within probably two years. Maybe next year. He's that strong.
  5. BE ship has already sailed. Just gonna have to do it like VCU in the A10.
  6. That depends on what you mean about excited.... Excited about the possibility of making any sort of post season this year? No. Excited that Ford has a largely mediocre group performing well, which gives credence to his game coaching ability, in addition to the possibility that a few players in this group might actually be decent contributors next year? Sure, you could be excited about that.
  7. So you're telling me Tilmon is locked in after Groce gets the can? Or it's 50-50. Hehe
  8. Hasahn French is gonna show us dunks we haven't seen from a SLU player, maybe ever. Willie dunked a lot but didn't really posterize like Hasahn will.
  9. Names?
  10. You really think we will add another 2017?
  11. I don't know that I'd want him to. Save him for two years from now when we will be really really good.
  12. I will at least say at this point, I am glad we didn't land Tatum. Tatum doesn't make this year's team a tournament team. Probably makes us have a little bit more respectable record, but not a tournament team IMO. Additionally, CrewsPlatt probably retain their jobs, and a year later we are right back where we were before Tatum. I don't think Goodwin, French, Gordon, Thatch, etc are in the fold with Crews here. In summary: we are better off having not got Tatum.
  13. A couple of the transfers looked involved. A couple looked asleep, even in the second overtime. Couldn't tell who was who from where I was sitting.
  14. Wasabi throws it straight out of bounds... love to see that
  15. free throws 15-2.... only two free throws at this point in the game kinda blows... though we have been settling for jump shots so can't really complain