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  1. Wow, didn't realize he had the outside touch to go along with his inside game.
  2. Thanks for all you do, Steve. Sent a donation on venmo.
  3. Watched at your behest, old guy. I'm just not that impressed. If he's a legit 7'1", that obviously has his benefits in terms of just getting in the way. Still, he doesn't look particularly skilled, doesn't shoot the ball, and appears to be pretty unathletic (although at 7'1" it can admittedly be difficult to appear athletic.) I will trust Ford's judgement on this one, but the thought of this guy going up against a Mo Alie Cox type is scary.
  4. Without even watching the highlight video, these posts are making me think Bryce Husak. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. maybe I should watch the highlights
  5. Sounds like a tool.
  6. They are not changing the logo, just the mascot.
  7. Oh dear Jesus. Old guy, you are a posting legend.
  8. Just curious, wasn't there a quote from Ford right when he was hired saying something along the lines of "We won't finish in that position in the A10 again." ?? I could swear I heard something like that. Anyway, it seems like he's already backing off of that statement. Which is fine. There's a lot of work to do.
  9. I'd rather see Neufeld and Welmer get most of the minutes at 5 than Gillmann. Neufeld wasn't great last year, but there's potential there. And before he got hurt last year, we were hearing good things about Welmer. We know what we have in Gillmann, and it isn't an A10 quality starter. He can be useful as a three point threat off the bench in a very limited role. But that's about it in my opinion.
  10. Either option is so much better than the new mascot. I even don't mind the top one with the open mouth. I can't even fathom how anyone thought the stupid two-toned thing looked good, unless it's some sort of diversity thing. In which case, make the entire Billiken gray. It seems blasphemous, but it's a better option than the current two faced freak.
  11. Hey, it worked for Grandy Glaze... dude got NBA workouts for real
  12. That's good to hear, thanks. Any info on when we might see some of these other commitments that are being talked about?
  13. Right. In basketball terms, just being a spot up shooter isn't that difficult. Bartley didn't really offer a lot besides that. I imagine Zeke can fill the Bartley role pretty effectively.
  14. I love it. Make it happen Ford.
  15. Getting good playing time early. Hit a 3. 27-16 Australia in the 2nd quarter.