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  1. Tilmon won't transfer... he'd have to sit out a year.
  2. Finally watched the interview. Ford just gets me too hyped up. Polar opposite of (Fire) Crews. I'd do a home and home with Mizzou. Probably doesn't benefit us as much as them but I want to see it happen. I was all of about 7 years old last time it happened.
  3. No doubt. Norfolk St.
  4. That makes me laugh. I still have friends who think SPUMAC is on another level from SLU. Literally the other day, one asked me, "Isn't SLU getting all these Mizzou rejects?" He was referencing Frankie Hughes... who hasn't been connected to us other than maybe one Frank C tweet. Now we see tweets like these just praying that they are able to steal a committed recruit from us and it makes me chuckle.
  5. He's basically a big body in case of foul trouble for French/Foreman. Still like the pickup since it's one year.
  6. Probably the ones of him playing next year in Europe or Asia. Then going to the Draft.
  7. Now half an hour later, Frank C tweets DePaul may be the leader for Tilmon.
  8. It's the coach from La Lumiere so I wonder if they'll take a run at tilmon too.
  9. Lol
  10. Wouldn't be surprised if Pickett received an offer that was conditioned on Tilmon coming as well. That's not rare these days.
  11. There is ridiculous money in the NBA these days. Willie is gonna get PAID this offseason. He can afford a Bentley.
  12. Then he should put in a better effort. Poor poor poor.
  13. These dudes are worthless for anything not P5.
  14. Only a rumor of him being on SLU's campus last week, but I think most on here agree that was likely Khalea Turner-Morris.