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  1. Either option is so much better than the new mascot. I even don't mind the top one with the open mouth. I can't even fathom how anyone thought the stupid two-toned thing looked good, unless it's some sort of diversity thing. In which case, make the entire Billiken gray. It seems blasphemous, but it's a better option than the current two faced freak.
  2. Hey, it worked for Grandy Glaze... dude got NBA workouts for real
  3. That's good to hear, thanks. Any info on when we might see some of these other commitments that are being talked about?
  4. Right. In basketball terms, just being a spot up shooter isn't that difficult. Bartley didn't really offer a lot besides that. I imagine Zeke can fill the Bartley role pretty effectively.
  5. I love it. Make it happen Ford.
  6. Getting good playing time early. Hit a 3. 27-16 Australia in the 2nd quarter.
  7. Funnily enough, I read this topic as "Billikens.com Hall of Fame". That would be fun/potentially terrible.
  8. We've got to get at least some of these guys right? Right? I actually wonder if Ford thinks we have a chance on some of these guys, or if he just sees a benefit in having the SLU name out there when it comes to some of the higher ranked recruits. Then again, he can pitch the opportunity for immediate playing time on what we assume will be a competitive, NCAA-level team in '17-'18 with the three transfers becoming eligible.
  9. From that article: "[st. Louis] has a great coaching staff." How often have we heard that from recruits over the past three years? I'd guess not too often.
  10. Give us some more info! Beast= freak = Greek freak= Kostas Antetokoumnpo? 😬
  11. A less obvious benefit of all these transfers: our guys are going to be going against three high-level athletes every day in practice. Something we haven't had in a while.
  12. Assume you mean McCall rather than Mitchell. Otherwise, agreed, Ash seems like he would've been much more effective as a 4th/5th scoring option rather than a 1st or 2nd like he was his entire time here. He usually drew other teams' best defenders.
  13. For me, these are best and worst-case scenarios: Best: MC finally is healthy, and becomes the leader offensively we have been searching for the last two years. RA continues to improve, and becomes at least a 10 and 8 guy for us. MB shoots like he did in the conference tournament for the majority of the year. JB shows improvement and consistency. At least one of JJ or ZM shows they can compete at an A10 level. Two of AG, MN, EW, or BJ show significant improvement at the forward spots (or show they can be competitive in EW's case, as we haven't seen him yet). DR consistently looks like the player we saw at times his freshman year- can get to the hoop as well as shoot the three. Ford develops some semblance of a rotation, and actually draws up inbounds plays (somewhat joking about that last part.) I don't think any of these are super far fetched by themselves, but it is unlikely everything happens. If most of these things happen, though, I could see a mid-conference finish and maybe a CBI invite or something like that. We saw flashes of that team last year, however brief they were (GW and Davidson wins.) That is absolute best case. Worst case: MC has nagging injuries all year and shows no improvement/no willingness to be an offensive leader. RA regresses/does not improve and continues to make 2-3 boneheaded mistakes again. MB looks the same as he did for the whole regular season. JB remains frustratingly inconsistent. JJ/ZM have little to no impact. None of the bigs jumps out from the rest of the pack, and we get absolutely crushed in the paint and on the glass all year. DR remains as inconsistent as he was this past season. Ford shows signs of being exactly what OSU fans said he was: Good recruiter, mediocre in-game coach. In this case, a bottom of the league finish seems likely. While I don't think every one of these things will happen either, I would say I think this scenario is more likely than the best-case, but that may be the cynical Billiken fan inside me that has grown over the last two seasons. I think most likely scenario is somewhere in between: Many frustrations about inconsistency, but promising signs, especially from the younger players. Hopefully this will lead to hope for the next season, and show Goodwin and others that we can be competitive in '17-18, especially with the transfers becoming eligible.
  14. Why do people think that even if Crews offered Goodwin and he committed, he wouldn't have reopened his recruitment when he took off? A commitment is not binding. A LOI is, but Goodwin couldn't have signed one yet. I've been baffled by this for the longest time.
  15. Didn't we hire Ford because he's such a good recruiter? And he's been hyping up wanting to keep local kids here. He has a long time to pitch SLU to Goodwin. I don't think at this point we should be saying simply getting Goodwin to consider us is an achievement. This is the stuff we are paying Ford to do. He needs to get some of these guys to commit.