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  1. I don't think these are new positions.
  2. She is recognized annually at a woman's games.
  3. Coaches are about ready to hit the AU circuit. You might want to try and contact Chris May's office.
  4. It was a buy game
  5. It's a quiet period now.
  6. Last year's Indiana State game was a buy game.
  7. I never said Foreman was, but that's who he was talking about.
  8. Foreman
  9. Class of 2017 La Lumiere HS La Porte, Ind. 6' PG Offer from Creighton
  10. CC has a couple ofhighly regarded JUCO forwards he's very close to.
  11. The final game of a 4 year series is played next year at WSU
  12. Open to the public. Doors open at 11:00. Conference at noon.
  13. Didn't quote you
  14. The article said SLU did not agree with his information.
  15. His own article said SLU did not agree with the premise.