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  1. I think most of you are right. Let the City's asset continue to fall in disrepair, lose outside events, and eventually the Blues. Knock it down, build another parking lot and complain when the region doesn't have job growth, because employers are going to other regions that do offer the things their employees desire. Its not about the economics, it's not about rewarding rich people with subsidies. The City chose to be in this business. You either are or you fall further behind. As long as other cities are willing to do the things they need to develop their regions, you do the same or you lose. Doesn't matter to me, I'm too old.
  2. Apparently, she used to be behind the bar. They need to send her back there. I had a big run in with her before the last home game. A real piece of work!
  3. Actually, she got a scholarship second semester of her freshman year.
  4. Olivia does so much more. She's the best defender, takes the charge, makes the extra pass. She is going to be very hard to replace. Obviously, Sadie is, also, but don't underestimate Olivia's loss. What a great walk on she was!
  5. 5'8" guard Tasia Jeffries. Louisville 5'9" guard Ellie Taylor Midland, Michigan
  6. If you want to be a big league city that recruits companies ( to increase jobs and population), you need these things, too. Whether they should be tax payer funded is an honest debate, but StL needs these things to stop the decline of jobs not being created Young people are big on living downtown until they have kids and want good schools. Then, many of them head west or south of the city limits.
  7. Is it possible that the player you see as a senior has shown dramatic improvement from their frosh year?
  8. While officially not a turnover, the out of control forced layups that barely touch the backboard or rim are effectively the same thing as a turnover. Hines has 5 or 6 a game.
  9. Larkin nobody compares. 3 straight years he put a dagger in our hearts with the key play, be it a steal, assist, rebound or basket. I hate the thought of the guy.
  10. Agreed, but their band is pretty darn good.
  11. Aliyah injured her back, and may be out a bit, so her Mom says. Good home games coming up against Wash. State on 12/18 and Mizzou on 12/21. Please come, the women have earned the support.
  12. Saturday will be challenging and Washington State will be very difficult.
  13. Looked like we ran out of gas. The Dayton librero was amazing, and, in my opinion, was their best player.
  14. That was Thatch with his parents. Saw them with Peewee and Tate talking.
  15. I watched the game Ball State stunk, the announcers were surprised by the open shots they missed. As well as they shot against us, is how poorly they shot last night. Barnes played well, but is not playing the point for Indiana State. I think it's a kid from a juco playing point. Barnes made a couple of 3's and was 4-4 from the line as I recall.