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  1. Roby looks a lot bigger.
  2. SLU senior Mike Crawford (hamstring) has yet to participate in live drills in practice. Injury was more than a month ago. Durando tweet
  3. Very enjoyable evening. Nothing regarding specific recruiting items, but a real positive sense of the process. Look for the women to sign two players. They also have a commitment for 2018. A great opportunity to talk to the players, coaches and other fans. About 300 in attendance. Greenberg spoke about 30 minutes and was entertaining and interesting. I would expect it will be repeated next year, and more of you should attend. It was well worth the money and time!
  4. Erin Mcmahan a soph transfer from Akron. Paige Rakers a Jr. transfer from Michigan.
  5. She was smart enough to know she was going to have a tough time playing. From my observation, a step slow. Nice lady, wish her well.
  6. I'm going
  7. I'll pass your comment on, but it probably cost more than $50 for the food, room and speaker. Drink one last beer a week and you'll have it covered. 😀
  8. thanks, it was announced this morning that Greenberg is going to be the guest speaker. Hopefully, some of you will sign up.
  9. In case you haven't heard, the Athletic Department is having a season opening dinner on October 8th at Chaifetz. There will be an auction, along with the dinner and cocktails. Attached is a link to the SLU website for information on the event. I hope you can make it, this is a relatively inexpensive way to support our AD and our student athletes. If you have any questions, contact Margo, Shannon or Matt at the AD.
  10. I don't think these are new positions.
  11. She is recognized annually at a woman's games.
  12. Coaches are about ready to hit the AU circuit. You might want to try and contact Chris May's office.
  13. It was a buy game