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  1. You can reserve flights on Southwest Airlines starting today. Some decent fares, I purchased round trip for $315.
  2. Yes in both locker rooms
  3. Not likely, I think one less home game.
  4. A cookie?
  5. This is correct
  6. It was e-mailed to all season ticket holders and members of the Billiken Club
  7. In 2013, it cost $10,000,000. I'm sure everyone at SLU would love something like this. Please start the fundraising with a small donation. This is not complicated, it's all about money. The AD doesn't have enough and we are beginning to lose the NCAA money. The golf tournament is coming up, please participate! The on-line auction opened today, please bid. Have kids or young relatives? Buy them membership to the Billiken Kids Club. I haven't done the math, but the free tickets probably saves money. Plus, you get points for your Billiken point standing. Sure the AD would like a $5,000,000 donation, like UIC received, to start their fundraising, but that's probably not going to happen.
  8. New infield. Get another million and they can do the outfield.
  9. He's a really good guy, you don't know jack. By the way, they just built a track and field facility and dropped a .5 million into the baseball field. As I've said many times before, quit your complaining and write a check.
  10. Or maybe he thinks the kid is not a fit for his program.
  11. In order to become a hub, the host city needs to fill 60% of the seats going through the airport. That will never happen here, so a hub is never coming to StL. We don't have enough population or business activity.
  12. The only time I see or experience a crowded MetroLink train is on the way to or from Cardinal games. Most of the time they're basically empty. The buses in the county are always nearly empty. Just out of curiosity, do you consider MetroLink a subsidy to the rich business owners that don't pay their people enough to purchase cars?
  13. Private schools used to be bumped up a class in some sports. I think that's still the case.