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  1. Last season, the nonconference schedule was released on 8/22/15 and the full schedule was released on 9/3/15. Hopefully we hear soon.
  2. Some classes were at SLU, but the degree was actually through Wash U. I know, I know, I've got nothing on your PhD in Dildonics.
  3. Westy, we're not allowed to go anymore. I'm one year out. We're no longer young alums - or BOLD, in their terms. Sad day.
  4. Pretty much this. I virtually never pay attention to the interest level shown on those sites except in the circumstances TCO states. Otherwise, they just don't mean much and they're impossible to gauge in reality, anyway. For example, a guy may have just visited a school but mentally eliminated it because he didn't like it. On paper, it looks like there is high mutual interest but in reality it might be the opposite. You just can't tell. So I've found those to be mostly worthless. FWIW, in the most recent interview I could find with Douglas, he lists SLU among the dozen or so schools in his recruiting picture at the moment.
  5. It also matches the model of international leagues, stretching out the season like that. I like it.
  6. William Douglas SG, 6-5, 180 Memphis, TN (Christian Brothers) Offers: SLU, Marquette, Florida State, Alabama, Ole Miss, TCU, Oregon, Memphis, UNLV, Illinois State, Valpo, Tennessee State, South Alabama. Interest: Virginia, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Auburn, SMU. Latest News: As expected, new Memphis coach Tubby Smith offered Douglas over the summer. Scouting Report: Douglas is an unselfish leader and hard worker with the ability to score in a variety of ways. He plays the 1, 2, and 3 but expects to play more of a point role in college. He’s athletic and his size allows him to create mismatches on both ends. Twitter: @youngkid_will
  7. I think the offer from SLU might be an error (for now, anyway) and the VT offer is stale: A.J. Caldwell SG, 6-4, 180 Sarasota, FL (Riverview) Offers: FGCU, Bucknell, Iona, Lehigh, Vermont, William & Mary, North Florida, Jacksonville, South Alabama. Interest: SLU, Virginia Tech. Latest News: None. Scouting Report: Caldwell is a shooter with good size and deep range. He can shoot off the catch or the dribble with confidence and consistency. He’s a smart off-the-ball player who understands spacing at both ends. Twitter: @A_caldwell44
  8. A.J. Caldwell and William Douglas are new names to me. I'll get them on the interest list shortly.
  9. Here's the bio I have on Allen. VC shows us as having offered on 4/26/16. Thomas Allen SG, 6-2, 180 Garner, NC (Brewster Academy, NH) Offers: SLU, VCU, Rhode Island, George Mason, Xavier, Illinois, Nebraska, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, NC State, Texas A&M, Cincinnati, East Carolina, Murray State, Old Dominion, Monmouth, North Dakota, James Madison, High Point, Campbell, Longwood. Interest: Miami, USC, Charlotte, Tulsa. Latest News: Allen took an unofficial visit to SLU in August. Scouting Report: Allen is a scoring guard and shooter with range who wants to take the big shot. He’s an active, smart on- and off-ball defender who creates turnovers and racks up steals. Twitter: @TGABFY
  10. TRUF. Matt Turner (2017) SG, 6-4, 170 Trumbull, CT (Blair Academy) Offers: SLU, Duquesne, St. Joe’s, George Washington, La Salle, Seton Hall, Virginia Tech, Pitt, Rutgers, Rice, Santa Clara, Hofstra, Fairfield, Quinnipiac. Interest: Davidson, Fordham, Georgetown, Villanova, Pitt, Alabama, Oregon, SMU, San Diego State. Latest News: Turner landed a couple ACC offers in Pitt and Virginia Tech in August. Scouting Report: Turner is an excellent shooter whose ability to make plays off the dribble has improved. He’s got a good frame to build on, can play the point when called upon, and has speed up and down the floor. Turner is aggressive at both ends and plays like a veteran – smart, tough, and consistent. Twitter: @mattxturner
  11. To cut down on calls, texts, mail, etc., maybe?
  12. This was a mistake by Scott Burgess and a few others on Twitter. It looks like the lead-up to his announcement had everyone expecting a top 10, and he surprised them with 11. Seems like an honest mistake.
  13. Positive development. I think a lot had all but written him off. Homesickness and girlfriends certainly weigh in our favor, as well. Still a lot of work to do but this is good. No surprise with most of them, but SMU and St. John's strike me as two who I haven't seen mentioned a ton with him, and that I would've put behind a few others involved in his recruitment. The other 9 have all been involved for a long time and have popped up frequently alongside his name.
  14. You posted that he was playing the US a full week after the game happened. It doesn't take much time out from your life to realize that mistake. As for the political stuff, you brought it up out of nowhere and it has no relation whatsoever to this or any other topic on this board. Your initial sentence in this thread and the two statements I bolded are absolutely bonkers. They're hard to even interpret. Can you just drop the weird political stuff already? Lisch has dual citizenship. He lives and works in Australia, met and married an Australian woman, and had two children in Australia. He got his citizenship there this year. He does not give up his US citizenship in order to do this. You can have both. A lot of people do this. He can come back here and operate as a normal US citizen with absolutely no difference. He is not "forsaking" the nation of his birth. Dual citizenship is something that makes sense for him personally and professionally. It's a good, reasonable thing to do. I'm not sure why some posters here have a hard time understanding the concept of dual citizenship.
  15. Not necessarily. I'd personally rather see us have significant recruiting wins from multiple local AAU programs instead of just one pipeline. Love the Goodwin tweet, by the way. That'd be a formidable backcourt.