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  1. Skimming Twitter now. Still no update on when Hasahn French will make a decision. Anthony Mack "loved" his Mizzou visit and is visiting Georgia this weekend. Felipe Haase is visiting Mizzou this weekend and will visit Pitt next weekend. As ACE said, UK assistant Joel Justus came out to visit Taveion Hollingsworth. UAB and WKU were also in the house to watch him. UAB got an official visit from him earlier this month and is pushing hard; WKU just offered. He seems like a bit of a reach for UK so I'm not quite sure what their view of him is. Elijah Joiner is visiting Tulsa this weekend. Antwan Walker officially trimmed his list to two: Virginia Tech and Georgetown. Georgetown has been his leader from day one and VT has come on strong; no one else ever appeared to seriously be in the mix.
  2. Still deciding. Retweeted a SLU fan yesterday.
  3. I had the same though re: Gus. There is indeed an official approved name registry in Iceland. The good news is that there are close to 2,000 approved names for men and women (each), and in a country whose population is roughly the same as the City of St. Louis, that's not too bad in terms of overlap. So we'll just have Gus memorize the list and whoever the recruit turns out to be, he's ready.
  4. I was poking around on these sites in late April, when he went up there. (Confirmation here: https://twitter.com/JauntingSisters/status/723308010056069122) There's a kid on the U-20 national team named Tryggi (Tryggvi) Hlinason who's just over 7 feet; you can find him in your second link. He's the only one on any of the lower national teams with that size. But I can't find any live recruiting info on him. Iceland's Domino League was in playoff mode when he was there. There are some former NCAA players in the league, but no big names. If you go here - http://www.eurobasket.com/Iceland/basketball-Players.asp - and sort by NCAA Eligible, it cuts down to 50 names. Then you can sort by stats. Some of them don't have numbers and heights listed, but Johannesson Sveinbjorn was the second-leading scorer and tallest player listed last season. Aevarsson Brynjar wass the leading scorer of NCAA-eligible players. Jon Axel Gudmundsson is the leading scorer and rebounder for the U-20 team, but he's only 6-5. No one on the U-18 team strikes me as tall enough, if we were looking for a big man. So yeah, I have no idea who it is.
  5. Loyola-Chicago just got a commitment from one-time SLU recruit Christian Negron. That's a huge get for Moser. He should be an instant impact player in the Valley. Noah Frederking got his first offer, from Evansville. I don't think there's any interest from SLU, but good for him.
  6. No. Just looked this morning, actually, and I can't get a sense of that. Not sure why he's taking his time now after having compressed his visit schedule at the end. I'd think it has to be soon, but I really don't know.
  7. Marquette missed out on Jordan Nwora, who just committed to Louisville. Might turn up the heat on French, although they've got 1 scholarship to give and Jacob Epperson, an Australian big who plays at La Lumiere, is still in play.
  8. @cheeseman - To answer your question in that stray thread, I know Ford took a recruiting trip to Iceland a few months ago but have not been able to pin down the names of the players he was seeing there. If one or more Icelandic recruits were on campus recently, that makes sense based on this trip that I haven't been able to extract any information out of.
  9. The math is harder when the revenue isn't as great as in other sports. There are smaller crowds than the NFL or MLB draws, there are fewer dates than any sport but the NFL, and downtown real estate is expensive. Houston is an odd case in that it's so big and spread out and they managed to grab some downtown land when it was relatively cheap; that's changing quickly. So there are definitely some high-level basic challenges in getting a downtown MLS stadium built. MLS knows it has to shift in this direction to be seen as big-time. It's just going to take time. I understand why the suburban/exurban model may have been attractive in the league's infancy, but they're realizing that driving out to, say, Frisco for an MLS game is a hard sell for the generation of soccer fans they're trying to attract.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that every stadium 100% has to be downtown. It's impossible in a place like NYC, and it might make more sense to have it just outside of downtown in other places. Midtown is an intriguing choice for STL, for sure, and is probably more easily accessible to most of the region than a north riverfront location, for example.
  11. At least our dance team is marginally better.
  12. Portland's stadium has been totally renovated. It was awesome before and it's awesome now. Seattle makes the best of a huge stadium, still managing to fill a good amount of it and get really loud. I'm sure Vancouver is a more challenging atmosphere but there's nowhere to put a new stadium there without going well outside the city.
  13. It's a shift in policy, really. The first couple decades of MLS saw the league emphasizing youth engagement, so they liked venues out in the suburbs where they could have nearby youth fields and attract families with soccer-playing kids. Then they finally realized suburban venues are terrible. KC is kind of an outlier, time-wise. I have no idea why they'd put that stadium where they did, regardless of how nice it is. I'm assuming it had to do with financing. Chicago (although that's a more industrial area), Dallas, Colorado, Philadelphia, NY Red Bulls, Salt Lake, KC, and Orlando all play in suburban areas. Columbus plays in the city limits, but several miles from downtown; I think the same is true of San Jose, Toronto, and Montreal. DC, NYCFC, and New England play in existing stadiums that were around for other sports and aren't downtown. Seattle, Houston, Portland, and Vancouver play downtown.
  14. Maybe not. But we also won't be Bonnie & Clyde good next season, which would be like Final Four lock with a legit shot at a title good. Original metaphor dramaticized for effect.
  15. I hope so. It's like going to the theater to see Manos: Hands of Fate and seeing a trailer for Bonnie & Clyde. Things will be much better next year. Stick with us.