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  1. 2017-2018 Season Prediction thread

    40-0 (including Rockhurst)
  2. Recruiting to Optimal Vision (c/o 2020)

    Lamontay Daughtery - SF, 6-6, 190 - DuQuoin, IL (DuQuoin) - Twitter: @IAMONTAY2 Offers: SIUC. Interest: SLU, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa State, Evansville, North Texas. Latest News: SLU, SIUC, and UNT have all been out to see Daughtery in September. He will visit SLU in October. (9/19/17) Scouting Report: Daughtery is a long, lanky, athletic wing forward with a broad skill set for his age. He runs the floor extremely well, can handle it a bit in the open floor, and finishes in transition. He can play a little post at this stage, he's good out of the pick and roll, especially in the high post, and he rebounds and blocks shots. He needs to add to his frame and work on his jump shot, defensive effort, and all-around consistency, but definitely has a high ceiling. -Daughtery is going to be one to watch. He's been on campus at Illinois, Indiana, and Evansville so far and will see Iowa State and SLU soon. Started to draw some serious attention this spring and summer with Bradley Beal Elite.
  3. Recruiting to Optimal Vision (c/o 2020)

    Lamontay Daugherty (DuQuoin) is the player in question. Bio coming soon.
  4. NBCSN A10 Games Announced

    Cool. We're gonna get a lot of commercials like "Buy Gold Now!" and "Stock your home fallout shelter!" and for mobility scooters and whatnot.
  5. Recruiting - 2018 class

    Nate Hinton is off the board to Houston and Kyler Edwards committed to Texas Tech after his visit this past weekend.
  6. Recruiting to Optimal Vision (c/o 2020)

    Worked for DePaul: http://thebiglead.com/2017/08/12/8th-grader-commits-to-depaul-definitely-wont-change-mind-over-next-5-years/ I have to think we're the frontrunner for LHJ right now.
  7. Recruiting to Optimal Vision (c/o 2020)

    Great stuff. I thought Vashon might dip after Stockard and Farris and Gilbert graduated but man, they might be even better in another year.
  8. Recruiting to Optimal Vision (c/o 2020)

    What do you think of these two, in terms of their games? There isn't much video or scouting material on the 2020 kids yet, so I haven't seen either of them.
  9. Message from Dr. P regarding STL community

    Biondi wore the same thing every day.
  10. Message from Dr. P regarding STL community

    I know the things you've said here - one page before this, no less - and the things you've said to me and around me in person. If there's anything for me to agree with, it's hidden pretty deep.
  11. Message from Dr. P regarding STL community

    I'm well aware of that. You haven't shown that at all. I have no more patience for your behavior or (the majority of) your beliefs.
  12. Message from Dr. P regarding STL community

    Not at all. My opinion of you has been formed based on a long pattern of behavior over many years.
  13. Message from Dr. P regarding STL community

    I read through Pestello's statement twice, and I can't imagine anything more neutral, cautious, and well-considered. He's inherited a lot of unwinnable situations and on the whole has handled them in a reasonable, gracious way, keeping in mind Jesuit principles and the needs of the thousands of students and staff he's managing. The internal issues are enough to be well beyond a full time job; I can't imagine having to deal with these particular external issues on top of that. If Pestello triggers the alt right snowflake trolls like 05, then so be it. Some people are never going to be happy and need their safe spaces, like the worst corners of Reddit and 4chan. To call the guy a cuck and insult his wife on top of it is low, pathetic behavior and shows your true colors.
  14. Recruiting - 2018 class

    If memory serves, that was his most recent offer (he had a few in August), and he was pinning earlier ones, too, until more came through. WSU, Wyoming, and Santa Clara all offered in late July/early August. I wouldn't sweat it. More concerning to me is that he was supposed to meet Seton Hall next week and their in-home visit happened Monday, a week before they were scheduled. They seem to be coming on strong.