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  1. I'm pleased with how it's shaping up. We got big-timed out of the best 2k home game opponent (Belmont, and Houston Baptist was actually better than Detroit or Seattle), but that was to be expected. Hopefully the rest of our buy games aren't 300-level RPI killers.
  2. 11/10: Seattle 11/16: @2k Classic in NYC - Providence, Virginia Tech, Washington 11/17: @2k Classic in NYC - Providence, Virginia Tech, Washington 11/22: Detroit 12/2: @Butler 12/9: Houston SIUC?
  3. Watson is the all-around better player right now, and probably has a higher ceiling as well. He appears to be a good 2 inches taller than Thatch, maybe more. Watson is 6-4 or 6-5, Thatch is definitely not 6-3. They're much different players. That's one of the reasons I think they can coexist at SLU. Watson scores on all three levels. Thatch isn't much of a shooter. Watson is longer and more fluid. Thatch is more compact and strong, with deceptive explosiveness. I think Thatch is going to be one of those guys in college whose contributions might not be fully seen on a basic statsheet, at least in the scoring column, but who elevates the team and everyone around him. I like the way Thatch fits with what Ford is building in terms of the makeup of this roster. He's a gamer. Really tough, plays bigger than his size, very competitive. He fits in extremely well with the character of the core being assembled - namely Goodwin, French, and Gordon.
  4. I wouldn't read too much into it. That's just a snapshot, not indicative of the full evolution. I can say that the schools that have seemed to be most involved from the start are: Mizzou, Butler, Creighton, Iowa State, K-State, Marquette, and SLU. Every time he's been asked the question, it's some combination of those 7 - sometimes all 7, sometimes just a few. But those have been consistent. There's no doubt that Butler and Mizzou are two of his leaders. Just not the only ones. SLU's challenge here is that we've already got Thatch committed and I've heard that Watson is putting a lot of emphasis on playing big minutes right away. I think he's immediately one of our best players and there's no question he'd get big minutes at SLU from the start - he's just worried about a positional logjam. I get it. If memory serves, I think he was hoping to start taking official visits around this time and have a list of finalists in late spring. Looks like that might be pushed back a little bit. But he was hoping to commit before his senior HS season starts and sign on the first day of the signing period. I'd expect him to stick with that. Regardless of whether he ultimately signs with SLU or not, the 2018 class is loaded with talent and we're involved with a lot of exciting players. I'd absolutely love Watson to be a Billiken, but if he doesn't think this is the right place for him, we'll still be okay.
  5. Welmer won't even be fully recovered from surgery until around the time practice starts in October. I like him as a role player moving forward. He's just not going to get many minutes early in the season as he gets back up to speed.
  6. Kalen Grimes, who went to Hazelwood Central and Mizzou?
  7. We had one of these last year, a thread to collect any and all information we had about the upcoming season's schedule. Here's what I've got so far - what am I missing? 11/10: Seattle 11/16: @2k Classic in NYC - Providence, Virginia Tech, Washington 11/17: @2k Classic in NYC - Providence, Virginia Tech, Washington 11/22: Detroit 12/2: @Butler Houston SIUC?
  8. I like this move. There's no downside. He's a great fit on the roster, on paper. He'll finally have a chance to get some more minutes and show out a little more now that he's not facing a huge logjam at his position, not to mention being stuck behind one of the best big men in the Big East. He's a defensive player, gives us experience and size, and the scholarship opens up again for a 2018 player.
  9. To carry this over from the other thread: Rashed Anthony - PF, 6-9, 240 - Orangeburg, SC (Seton Hall, NJ) Offers: SLU, Richmond, George Mason, UMass, Memphis, East Carolina, Niagara, Long Island. Scouting Report: Anthony is a grad transfer from Seton Hall, eligible to play immediately. He took a redshirt in 2013-2014, played 8.8 minutes per game as a redshirt freshman the following season, and his minutes declined from there. His stats are too limited to draw much useful information from. Out of high school, he was scouted as "a bouncy forward with a crazy wingspan" who could dominate with rebounding and shot blocking at the defensive end and help with an offensive spark at the other end. He also reportedly had offers from Oklahoma, K-State, and BC out of high school. He grew 1-2 inches in college and added about 30 lbs. to his frame. There's no question we want a grad transfer big man for a one-year plug before doing some more work in the 2018 class. Anthony's lack of minutes at Seton Hall definitely raises some concerns, but he had the misfortune of starting his college career (after a redshirt season) the same time as Angel Delgado, who has been a monster for SHU for three seasons. The same class at Seton Hall has two other forwards, Ismael Sanogo and Desi Rodriguez, who round out the short 7-man rotation they use. So he's basically been stuck in Delgado's shadow, pushed to the end of the rotation by two other forwards with a more inside-out game, in a system that does not rely heavily on big men, coming off the bench for 4-10 minutes a game. He's a defensive player, primarily. Offensively, he's playing near the basket. I chalk up his lack of minutes to a combination of loaded class at his position, in particular one dominant big man in his way, and probably not the best fit. There's potential for a useful role player here. Don't expect 15 and 8, but he can be a useful contributor immediately.
  10. Yes. Don't be surprised if it doesn't get used, though. Ford and his staff love the 2018 class. Then again, given the transfers every season, they might find a good use for it this spring.
  11. Looks like he's going to go with football, or possibly somewhere where he can play both.
  12. Mladen Armus signed an LOI with ETSU.
  13. Tilmon to Mizzou.