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  1. I bet he sticks with NC State, especially with a decent new hire. He's a Raleigh kid.
  2. A post player would be nice, given that we have two 6-11 guys combining for low-single-digit minutes on a roster with minimal depth.
  3. On paper, I can see the argument to keep Bishop around. He's a combo guard with a knack for scoring and you'd think he'd be a good fit, especially before Graves can play. I do think there are some other questions around him, particularly regarding attitude and work ethic. Ford has been vocal about getting rid of the losing attitude left over from the Crews era. Players who aren't all-in are going to have a tougher time staying around. So I figure I'll just wait and see how it shakes out with him. As for other potential transfers, just look at distribution of minutes lately.
  4. This is an excellent point. The temptation of adding new TV markets has lessened. That was a big factor for us. There's another factor: The Big East as it stands right now is pretty awesome. I love a good 10-team conference. 18 games, 9 opponents, 1 home-and-home series apiece. It's so clean. It also helps when the conference is really strong, yet again. Yes, I'd absolutely be willing to tarnish what a great conference it is if it meant adding SLU to the mix, but I know that Big East fans really love what it is right now.
  5. That's great stuff. Rick Majerus would be proud.
  6. Except there's no factor given to the conference situation. The A10 is wide open again next year. Even if Groce stays and maintains the same incoming class and returners, they've gotta climb up a much tougher ladder.
  7. ^Bang, he got it. I'll add to #1 that I expect at least one to leave and possibly 2 or 3. That would mean that the 0 left in #2 could become anywhere from 1 to 3. I've said I expect 2 to 4 for most of the season, but as the season has progressed, I think certain players are showing more of a commitment than I expected.
  8. Lathon is a really nice player but I've never seen anything connecting him to SLU. He's a KC area kid, Grandview HS. Tons of high-level interest and a few Big East and Big XII offers.
  9. I think Gottfried's hot seat at NC State is the one really firing up the Miller-might-leave chatter. UD will be down a little bit next year, no question. They lose a lot of veteran experience. The incoming class is good but not special. The biggest loss, honestly, was Steve McElvene. If he hadn't died last year, UD would be top 25 right now and a real threat to go deep in March, and would be more solid next year, too. He was only going to be a sophomore.
  10. "The Flyers have held SLU to 46, 49, 37, 44 and 45 points in the last five meetings." - From Stu's write-up today. Woof. As for Miller, I hope he stays. I like him, and I think he's a good coach. A good Dayton is good for the A10, and a good Dayton is good for the closest thing we have to a rivalry these days. We're about to be good again, and I'd hate to see them fall off suddenly. Yes, this is all hard to admit, but it's true.
  11. Nice update. Thanks.
  12. Here's a funny thought: the bottom four seeds (11-14) play in the first day of the A10 Tournament. The next 8 (5-12) start the second day, and the top 4 get a double bye. After this win, we're tied with Fordham (each 4-8) on that 10-11 line in the league standings and we haven't played each other yet. If we beat Fordham next week, there's actually a chance we'd avoid the first day of the A10 Tournament, a feat that would've seemed impossible to us heading into league play. Things would have to break just right and we'd probably need that Fordham win for the tiebreaker, but given where we know this team's talent level is and given how short the bench is, I'd say we're outperforming our very modest expectations.
  13. Good win here. It was our best shot at a win on the remainder of the schedule and we got it. Well done. Now let's steal another.
  14. No. To be fair, he was kind of a tough one to project at the next level. Undersized 2-guard, really. Then he committed to DU, grew a couple inches his senior year, and sure appears to have done a lot of work in terms of strength and conditioning. He's always been a good shooter; I think it was just hard to tell how good he was on a team with Tatum, Cook, etc.
  15. It's hard not to be impressed by JJ's development this season. Couple nice plays in a row from Moore, too.