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  1. Do you have a list of who is going where? I started looking up their seniors out of curiosity and can't find any information on this. For what it's worth, I think Stockard is offer-worthy for SLU. I wish he (and Goodwin, and others) wouldn't play football, but I guess there's no changing their minds if they're willing to risk their basketball careers to keep playing.
  2. He sure would have. He loved Romar, too. If anyone could've gotten his potential out of him, it was Romar. He just would've had to sit a year. And if he had to leave, his scholarship would've gone to Taj Gray. What could've been... Here's a thread from 2006 asking your question, but I can't find anything newer than that regarding his status. He just kind of disappeared.
  3. I think it's a bit of both. Tracking recruiting information is getting easier every year. Social media has exploded the availability of information (and garbage; you just have to know what to look for and where). Coaches can text players now; that's been around for a shorter time than people realize. There are way more AAU events. And I think the overall environment is more competitive as coaches' contracts get bigger and fans' patience gets shorter. Over-offering was not done to the extent it is today. Think of how Grawer or Spoon would have to recruit a player from outside the STL region. Either the HC or one of his assistants would have to see a player in person or via videotape sent to them. If a coach didn't see a player in person, he'd have to rely on the word of an assistant completely, and coaches would also rely on tips from other coaches and observers. They were exposed to way, way fewer players, no matter how much time they could put in. I mean, even in my era (2001-2005), we were sending letters to recruits by the hundreds and faxing their HS coaches; there were just big lists, put together in various ways. I have no idea what the response rate was on that kind of stuff, but it had to be a low single digit percentage. So while I'm sure they'd offer more than 4 guys at a time for 4 scholarships, there's no way it would be as many as we're seeing today. But there's also no way each player would have as many offers, either. There are players on our lists with 30+ offers; that probably was unthinkable in the Grawer/Spoon eras.
  4. Hey, we've upgraded from trash cans to trash talk. I'll take it.
  5. Polk was eligible immediately. He left his jump shot back in high school, though.
  6. I guess I should add him to the interest list. I don't see an offer yet. The main issue here would be dealing with his dad, who's a real head case.
  7. Terrell Ramey is what, 5'6" in shoes? If that guy has been grooming his son to be an NBA lottery pick since birth, he's truly insane. If he were a 7-foot NBA veteran, that's one thing. But he's not, and the fact that Courtney is 6'2" and might have another inch or two is as good as he could possibly hope for. This article says a lot: "I think it's unfair personally, because I'm going to criticize everything he does -- from blinking, breathing, not running hard enough...every little thing that some coaches probably wouldn't be as passionate about because I can because that's my son." The article is titled "Father-son moments numerous for Arkansas recruit" and tries to be a heartwarming personal story, but all I see is an insanely overbearing parent who has put all his chips on his son cashing an NBA paycheck someday, and who knows what will fill the void if that doesn't work out. Crazy sports parents are the worst.
  8. Stockard has 3 Big East offers. I don't think any A10 program can turn their nose up at him. I have no idea why there's so little buzz about him. A guy I know here in Cincy who went to Marquette asked me about him a few months ago: "Hey, what do you know about that Stockard kid from Vashon? Apparently we're making him a big priority. I haven't heard anything about him." Which is the crazy part- how does a kid with a state championship title and that much size go so unnoticed? I hope at the very least Ford has been out to see him and been in touch. What year is Ford's kid? 2018?
  9. In summary: I was hoping more of those players had either trimmed their lists or committed. That was only the case with a couple of them. I doubt more than a few are still in the picture. Most are reaches, and the better players have bloated offer lists and we'd be getting in the mix way late in the game. Anyway, I won't be revisiting most of these names unless they pop up. There are guys like Stockard, Sloan, Verge, Negron, Reuvers, Nunge, O'Connell, Kpedi, St. Pierre, McKissic, Atenken, and maybe a few other locals who I'll revisit out of curiosity, but the rest I'll let go.
  10. Checking in with our massive 2017 Interest list: Nana Akenten has added offers from Nebraska, Duquesne, UTEP, Bradley, and Valpo in the past couple months. He's gaining more interest, as well - Iowa, Wisconsin, K-State, Iowa State, SMU, Colorado State, and others. He won a dunk contest at a recent event. Ford has been in contact since taking the SLU job, so I'm leaving him on the interest list as his stock continues to rise. Marvin Bateman, despite his fans on this board, hasn't seen a jump in stock. His sole offer is from Maryville, although he has interest from some D-I schools. Scouts have said he remains a low-D-I or lower-division prospect. I doubt there's any SLU interest here. Daniel Farris added an offer from UMKC. He's been hearing from other D-I schools since the spring and his state title with Vashon, but his only other offer at this point is Eastern Illinois. Hard to gauge if SLU is involved at all, but it seems unlikely. Noah Frederking has filled it up for the Illinois Bears on the AAU circuit this summer, and has added Ivy League interest (Dartmouth, Cornell). He's been to see Evansville and Indiana State, and SIUC is also said to be interested but still no offers at this point. Lenell Henry has had a solid AAU season but I'm not seeing much of any recruiting activity. He visited SLU last summer but I don't see any indication of interest left here from the new staff. Willie Herenton, like Lenell Henry, is one of the many Chicago kids we showed interest in under Crews, but who seems to be getting lost in the shuffle this AAU season. Chris Knight has added offers from Brown, Dartmouth, Columbia, BU, Army, and Elon. No sign SLU is still interested. Ra Kpedi was a kid that Crews' staff liked a lot. He hasn't added any new offers this summer - Ball State in April was the last - but he visited DePaul this month. He has a long list of power conference schools interested, but his offer list is a notch below at this point. He's young for his class; prep school candidate. Brandon McKissic has had a solid season for the Eagles, but not a whole lot of new recruiting activity. He still likes DePaul, although they do have a commitment from 2017 PG Justin Roberts. Skyler Nash is having a quiet summer since announcing he'll be attending Gould Academy for a prep year. Christian Negron said that mostly the same schools are involved as he plays for Puerto Rico's U18 team in the FIBA Championships this summer. Butler, Illinois, Iowa, and DePaul are four of his seven offers, and are the most involved. TCU, Tulane, and Loyola-Chicago have all been in contact this summer, as well. Bradley, UAB, and Virginia Tech are his other offers. He's one of the better players on the interest list, but I can't find that SLU has been involved since the Ford hire. Jamal Nixon is having a solid summer with the Illinois Wolves, but he's still not getting offers. He visited Drake in June. He's got other Valley and Horizon-level interest, but I think SLU is probably out of the picture at this point. Jack Nunge picked up offers from Creighton and Princeton this month. Vandy offered before Bryce Drew was the head coach, but he refreshed the offer and watched him play against the St. Louis Eagles recently. He has a ton of Big Ten interest, along with ACC, SEC, Big 12, and Pac 12. No sign that SLU is in the picture. Alex O'Connell has a crowded recruiting pool, as well. His offer list - which was already bloated - has absolutely exploded: Louisville, Syracuse, Pitt, Butler, Xavier, Iowa, Miami, NC State, Texas A&M, UConn, and Cincinnati have all entered the fray. Even if SLU still showed interest, I don't think there's a chance here. He's about to visit Louisville, one of the frontrunners. Manny Patterson is playing well for the horribly named AAU team All In/Young & Reckless, picking up offers from Bowling Green and Central Connecticut. No sign of any SLU involvement remains, as far as I can tell. Charles Payton plays for the same AAU team as Patterson. He visited Valpo this month. He's bounced around schools and AAU programs a ton. UIC, SIUC, and supposedly Nebraska have offered, but I can't find current interest for SLU. P.J. Pipes had a good summer with the Illinois Stars, but his offer list includes a lot of lower-division schools - Central Missouri State, Wisconsin-Parkside, UMSL, Lewis, Winona State, Minnesota State, and - his lone D-I offer - Denver. However, UTEP, UMKC, and UWGB have all been in touch recently and are tracking him, so it's possible more D-I offers could come. SLU won't be one of them. Nathan Reuvers committed to Wisconsin. David Sloan has had a quiet summer after his transfer to Louisville Ballard was announced. With his offers (Louisville, Butler, Tennessee, Mizzou, Iowa, Memphis), he'll have no issues once the fall rolls around. T.J. Smith transfered from Marian Catholic in Matteson, IL to Wesley Christian in KY, a school trying to build a national program. He reclassified to 2018. He's grown to 6-8. Alec Spence is having a decent summer with Ramey. SEMO, his only D-I offer, still seems the most interested. Indiana State, Evansville, and Cleveland State (and Maryville) have also reached out. SLU probably isn't interested here. Joey St. Pierre transferred back to Burton HS in his hometown of Richmond, IL from La Lumiere. His most recent offer is UTEP, joining New Mexico and UIC. He still has a lot of high-level interest, although I'm struggling to confirm if Ford's staff has reached out. He's also going to be playing football this fall. Collin Stallworth is playing AAU ball with Ramey this summer. Central Michigan and Jacksonville State have offered for basketball, but he also has a few football offers, like Toledo and Illinois State. No sign of any SLU interest still. Ryan Stipanovich picked up offers from Bradley and Oral Roberts. I'm not sure if SLU has reached out since Ford took over, but it looks like a stretch at this point. Levi Stockard is a local kid I'm surprised we haven't heard more about and talked more about here, given what's happened to his offer list. DePaul, Marquette, Cincinnati, K-State, New Mexico, and others are all on board. And now Xavier has just offered. I'm not sure if Ford has been in contact. Alonzo Verge seems to be primarily targeted by Illinois at the moment. I'm honestly not sure where he's attending HS in the fall yet, but his talent is undeniable and the high-level interest remains. SLU is certainly aware but if Illinois has the inside track and the dust from his transferring hasn't settled, they may just wait it out.
  11. Courtney Ramey has "trimmed" his list to the following 20 schools: Cal, Arkansas, Mizzou, K-State, SLU, Florida, Rhode Island, Wake Forest, Ole Miss, Creighton, Marquette, DePaul, Northwestern, Illinois, Ohio State, Iowa, Texas, Cincinnati, Iowa State, Texas A&M. I'd put our odds at 5% for the time being.
  12. Isn't Texas in the picture more lately, too?
  13. Yeah, Brad Redford. Believe it or not, he beat out Draymond Green for Mr. Basketball in Michigan when they were both HS seniors. "Redford put up video-game numbers as a senior. He still holds the Michigan high school record with 143 3-pointers in the season and with 102 consecutive free throws. Redford owns three of the four most successful free-throw seasons in Michigan history, including a .967 percentage as a senior to follow seasons of .931 and .914. He still holds the Michigan record for career free-throw percentage with .933. He is second in points in a quarter (27) and points in a season (953). He is third in state history with 12 3-pointers in a game, a mark he reached twice." His stats at Xavier are crazy, too, in how singularly focused they are. 59 2-point field goals attempted in his career vs. 457 3-point FGA. He shot 70 FT in his career there, never getting to the line enough to establish a rhythm and show off that skill. He runs basketball camps now. I'm assuming they have a shooting-heavy focus. If Zeke is a one-dimensional player but truly elite in that skill (perimeter shooting), I'd probably be fine with that.
  14. Not sure when and if he'll trim his list before making a decision, but he's saying September for that.
  15. Staying home, interesting. SLU offered back in April. Milwaukee and Duquesne offered after us; Marquette wasn't going to come through. He could end up being a nice player, but was defintely one of the 2 or 3 biggest reaches on our offer list.