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  1. Round 2: Monday 11/13-Sunday 11/19

    VCU Saint Louis Richmond Fordham LaSalle St. Joseph’s Rhode Island Florida State Duquesne Davidson St. Bonaventure George Mason Virginia Tech LaSalle Hofstra VCU Florida State University George Washington Northwestern St. Bonaventure George Mason Princeton Duquesne Massachusetts Rhode Island Tulane
  2. Signed Recruit Thread

    I hear that will be the sanctions applied to Louisville for 1 full year.
  3. Signed Recruit Thread

    The Kentucky roots may help, and Corey Tate if I recall correctly was the coach at mineral area Juco, I wonder if he had any recruits there from sikeston?
  4. Davidson Dayton GW SLU UMass Fordham George Mason VCU Richmond Rhode Island St. Bonaventure Duquesne La Salle Toledo Louisville Harvard
  5. Season Tickets

    Got the season tickets Monday.
  6. RIP bonwich

    So sad. Enjoyed his commentary and insite on the PD sports department.
  7. This story does not read well anyway you try to tell it or spin it. Best to let the investigation come to its conclusion and deal with it then.
  8. OT: Finally Some Good STL News

    The other thing to take advantage of is the Shakespeare Festival in June. This coming year it will be Romeo and Juliet.
  9. OT: Cue Pitbull

    Had not been to the first one, but I enjoyed lunch at the new one Thursday. Want to go back.
  10. Ty Graves Standing Vertical

    Are you saying that he did the "Flop" or if he did the flop he would have been an Olympic caliber?
  11. Recruiting - 2018 class

    I saw the the WG - Parkway West game...not competitive. For those who have seen not Gordon in person, he is a man among boys on the court, big, strong, quick and athletic. It is going to be fun to see him play and develop. As for Ramey, I understand why those might say he is rated to high, but I suspect his talent just does not show up in some of these high school games. During this one he was covering Yess, and was disadvantaged due to height, still caused him problems but Yess got his points. Ramey seems to have more turnovers than he should but, WG was up be 25 most of the game. HE is fast, and can clearly play at a faster pace than most on the court. Can turn it on the speed at will, but did not need to most of the time. West had a few injuries so they never really had a chance to make it close. I think some of his errant passes were due to some of his teammates being a step or two slower than he is use to. He did not shoot much during the portion I saw. Yess is a good player, not to compare his skill set to Baniak but he is that level of player. I would expect him to have a good career at Yale.
  12. Bishop was guarding Johnston in the second half. Ford apparently talked about what was not being done, and Roby commented that Bishop took it to heart and went to work in the second half. Johnston clearly seemed quicker than Bishop, but I thought he did a decent job on him in the second half.
  13. Ford and Assistants

    Kinda nice some east coast MBM liked the guy.....so we have that.
  14. McBroom did not have decent numbers when he played A-10 games. I can still see the Rhode Island player flying across the court and swatting his 3 pt attempt into the seats. Unfortunately he was 5' 6" or so and slow release...