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  2. OT: Porter out for the year

    So you got paid to try to get SLU to sign third rate local players... pretty well sums up why you've had a little credibility issue on the board.
  3. I agree - I wonder if they thought they had a better chance to let the ruling come down then go to court.
  4. Round 6: Monday December 11-Sunday December 17

    Fordham @ Rutgers Georgia Southern @ George Mason Murray State @ Saint Louis Mississippi Valley State @ Duquesne Miami (Fla.) @ George Washington Davidson @ Virginia Georgia @ Massachusetts Vermont @ St. Bonaventure Charleston @ Rhode Island Bucknell @ VCU Georgia State @ Dayton Saint Louis vs. Oregon State (in Portland) North Carolina A&T @ Duquesne Penn State @ George Mason Mercer @ La Salle Maine @ St. Joseph's
  5. OT: Porter out for the year

    yeah but vtime said he wants all the big recruits to "stay home". slu is the only "home" d1 program.
  6. Why not bring this injunction the eve of the first game of the season then? There would have been a good month and change of time elapsed in which I'm sure the players, coaching staff, attorneys would have at least be read into some of the possible outcomes.
  7. OT: Porter out for the year

    Because McKinney has no interest in SLU.
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  9. OT: Porter out for the year

    I think the coaches need to read this. Because McKinney and Liddell are receiving a lot more interest from other programs.
  10. Heck, seems like the NFL deals with this every week with some player/some issue.
  11. How this happens is that the lawyer goes to a court and asks for an injunction against them not playing ruling the school has made to date. In fact they could have done this at the beginning. The court issues the injunction and then the players and school go to court to hash it out but they would not be held out until the court rules. It happens all the time.
  12. OT: Porter out for the year

    So you want McKinney, Hargrove and Liddell at slu and slu only. And will campaign along with all of us for them to all be billikens right?
  13. OT: Porter out for the year

    I ant top local recruits to ONLY go to SLU and Mizzou, but when I ran a recruiting service I was working with the kids that weren’t high major and just needed help with recruiting. I haven’t run a service like they in almost a decade, so as a fan, I want the best to stay home.
  14. Situation 1 was followed up with an outstanding season, mainly with the addition of Mitchell to the current roster of holdovers. Bring back most of this roster full of experience and add Gordon and Santos and things are still in great shape for a run, likely not as dynamic as 2012, but who knows if lightning could strike twice.
  15. OT: Porter out for the year

    This would have made more sense if you wrote in blue font. His primary agenda is advocating SLU offer 3rd rate local recruits. He wants the top local recruits to go to Mizzou or other BCS programs. He conveniently disappeared from the board right when SLU was on the verge of signing its biggest local recruit since Larry Hughes. It was crickets from vtime.
  16. This would mean SLU has a great year next year. In that case, thanks Coach Ford!
  17. Being true and being a convenient excuse are rarely the same thing. Although needing an excuse to avoid making decisions is weak and the sign of poor leadership. So I am sure this is how it will play out.
  18. It sure looks that way and we will know soon at the semester break. Off topic from this post some posts back you think that it will hurt recruiting but I am hoping that coach Ford can spin this positive and also the players that remain can help out with the positive spin.
  19. 20 Point Watch 2017-2018

    After losing by 29 in that game, later in the year we turned around and beat GW by I believe 23.
  20. Technically, that would hold true for 99% of the student body, but not the basketball team. They play seven (7) games during the time period that falls under the University Academic Calendar "winter break"
  21. After this fiasco, Coach Ford will follow the players out the door in two years. It's almost like that's what the ladies on the student conduct board want.
  22. Plus, if you keep delaying the decision the players might decide to leave on their own. That way you don't have to deliver a decision that will piss people off.
  23. Winter Break gives everyone an excuse for being unavailable to the media once the final word is out.
  24. 20 Point Watch 2017-2018

    +1 and they had Barry Eberhadt and Danny Brown plus others who should have been able to combine to put up a few more points than they did.
  25. Imagine if we get welmer, graves, AD, and Bishop back for conference play. In the beginning teams will have no idea how to play against us since a third of our team is different from the first half of the year. Well be a lot better. Would be quite the comeback if we go like 15-3 in conference play after going like 6-7 in noncon
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