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  2. Crazy if AD with his desire to make big $$ playing the game he loves, doesn't quite have enough to do the NBA but instead retires on the $$ made suing the rosaries off SLU for this travesty.
  3. Karraker On Ford

    How much money would it take for another school to convince Travis to abandon what he's building at SLU (even in spite of situations slowing down the process) only to start another rebuilding process from scratch at another school? I don't think it's especially likely.
  4. Karraker On Ford

    For Travis' sake, I hope he does win it. He deserves it for keeping the Titanic afloat with the gash the SLU iceberg delivered. That said, I worry winning the award may bring him more into the spotlight and a better opportunity from a P5 school job. A job where he'll likely make more $$ and have way more support from the Admin. It wouldn't take much for the latter to be a vast improvement. Even without winning you have to think Travis' efforts this year will not go unnoticed when the annual coaching carousel starts rolling in March. Despite being canned at OKSU, he was pretty much deemed to be a successful HC at all his stops. He took on a major rebuild here and w/in one year against all odds has SLU sitting in the top tier of the A10. Just think how far he would have brought us back had S2 never happened. I really think we had the talent to be challenging RI and ST B's for the top spot. As for our OOC record, at most I'd give us 3 losses. That would have put us squarely in consideration come selection Sunday. The NIT would have been a lock. All of this will not go unnoticed by AD's looking for a quick fix to a troubled hoops program. The coaching profession's just like any other business you make contacts and friends who keep your name, cell #, and email address on their laptops. It should come as no surprise in March if we see Travis' name mentioned for programs that will give him a better shot at success than the funny farm where he currently toils. I agree that Dr. C is our best bet to keep him. Hopefully, they have bonded and become best buddies. Dr. C knows better than any of us the obstacles he's had to overcome this year and can convince him that he can still achieve his goals here at SLU.
  5. OT: Who's yer hero?

    For the greater good?
  6. Signed Recruit Thread

    Hardin has an enrollment of 1,000, so it's not a small school. Kentucky is one of the few states left, that only has a one class state tournament. Here is an article from 2016 which I found interesting. http://www.kentucky.com/sports/high-school/article117355618.html
  7. This is just the beginning: https://www.insidehighered.com/quicktakes/2018/02/13/student-accused-sexual-assault-wins-big-court
  8. Karraker On Ford

    I saw that: http://reason.com/blog/2018/02/19/ruth-bader-ginsburg-due-process-me-too
  9. This brought back to my mind a couple of things that had been on my mind. First, will they bring Austin Gilman in on Senior Day, to honor him for his three years of participation? I think if he's continued attending SLU academically, he should be recognized with his class (just Roby left from the original group, though Hines and Anthony are also in line to be recognized) on the court before or after the game against St. Bonaventure (whenever they choose to have the ceremony — if I had a vote [and I know I don't], I'd do it before the game, to prevent a possible loss from dampening the moment). Second, if you're Coach Ford, do you push this year's team post-season banquet or event back to May, after Goodwin is permitted again to participate in team activities and be on campus? Or is there some way of holding the event (prior to that time) where Goodwin could still be there? I just suspect it would have to be unofficial, then, and no one from the athletics department would be able to attend.
  10. Karraker On Ford

    I think the worm is turning on this issue. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is now saying she is concerned about the lack of due process on college campuses
  11. Karraker On Ford

    Even though I believe Ford could be successful right now at a larger program, it will take several years of success for another schools athletic director to have that conviction. He was fired from a Big 12 school less than 2 years ago. He will have likely zero ncaa/nit tourneys since then. He has dealt with off the court issues. Unless Travis simply decides SLU is not the place for him, he will be around for a while longer.
  12. Karraker On Ford

  13. Karraker On Ford

    Oh. I was hoping we joined the Big East
  14. Karraker On Ford

    Had an idea for the student section to recognize the players effort. I’d love to see Chaifetz give the players a standing ovation while the clock runs during the last minute of the season. Had nothing to do with the thread
  15. OT: Who's yer hero?

    I was never good at riddles either... Just rest in knowing that there are those that work behind the scenes to make life better for Billiken fans.
  16. Karraker On Ford

    Spill it
  17. Karraker On Ford

    Check yo PMs.
  18. Karraker On Ford

    If we can somehow get successful enough to move into the big east or AAC, then there would be little reason for him to leave if we keep our success alive
  19. Coach’s Radio Show Monday 7 pm

    I would expect Ford to call in.
  20. Karraker On Ford

    Though I really don't want to prop up the subject, I do wonder if the apparent reversal of decision on sanctions for Goodwin might make the hearing officer feel undermined such that she would resign — at least from those particular duties.
  21. Today
  22. Karraker On Ford

    It doesn’t have to be a basketball player. Technically this is S3. Poor overnight bag guy.
  23. Karraker On Ford

    If it doesn't cost them their jobs, then S3 cannot be too far away. I do not say that to be negative, but I think we should have our eyes opened pretty widely to how things work currently (both the landscape , the processes, and the entrenched personnel).
  24. Signed Recruit Thread

    Vote for Michey Pearson as Kentucky.com boys’ basketball Player of the Week: http://www.kentucky.com/sports/high-school/prep-basketball/article200893474.html
  25. OT: Who's yer hero?

    More the former than the latter (but mostly just trying to help our hero along).
  26. Karraker On Ford

    S2 just may end up costing those people their jobs here at SLU.
  27. Karraker On Ford

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