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Missouri or SLU


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I am student teaching right now at a school and got in a discussion with one of the basketball coaches, who happens to be a huge Mizzou fan. My question is, who would win, SLU or Mizzou?

I said SLU and he said Mizzou because of their athleticism.

What do you guys think?

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from this board but I will give you the argument for SLU.

Assuming a neutral court.

The only times Mizzou has played well this year was when Gardner got hot and basically carried them to some decent wins in the Big 12. Lately, the smarter coaches in Big 12 have figured this out and basically focused their defense on shutting him down. The rest of that team really doesn't have the offensive ability to create their own scoring. Since Brad designed a strategy to limit Morrison for a good while and since Brad has Lisch at his service, I think we could shut down Gardner.

Mizzou would have decent advantage at the PF spot and 2G but SLU would have the advantage at the C, PG and SF (Tommie) spots. SLU's coach is just better. Add in that SLU continues to play its best games against "big-name" competition while Mizzou is fading quickly I think we'd get them.

I'd have a different answer if you had asked me a month ago after the Kansas/Oklahoma games as it appeared MU was finally playing well but the three ugly losses to mediocre teams like K-State, Neb and Iowa St. show how poorly they play when Gardner isn't dropping 40. Nobody will drop 40 on us.

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i dont know what he is talking about. i guess brown might be more athletic than luke meyer and the same with gardiner over drejaj, but other than that, i would take lisch, liddell and vouyoukas to fill out my lineup by far.

and even with the athleticism that gardiner and brown bring to the table, i question whether the intangibles that meyer and drejaj would bring to the table vs gardiner and brown.

i personally think if they played 10 times, slu would win at least 7 times.

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I agree with all of those sentiments. Jason Horton has been a momumental bust at the point and Quin's inability to get a true point guard will lead to his demise. Mizzou's athleticism is highly overrated. While I think Gardner and Brown are elite athletes, that's it. Unfortunately, Brown is playing out of position at the 4.

SLU on the other hand have elite athletes in Liddell, Lisch and Brown. Brad has dramatically improved the athleticism the last two years.

It also looks likes my preseason pick for SLU of finishing 10-6 is looking pretty good right now. Wish I could say the same for my pick for Mizzou... Oh well, Chris Lowery...please come over to Columbia...QUICKLY...

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4 of 5 MU starters would start for SLU.

Ian better than Young

Brown better than Meyer

Gardner McKinney, Horton better than Liddell, Lisch, Drejaj.

Dandridge, Grimes, Lyons, better than Polk, Brown, Newborne, JJ.

Snyder coached many NCAA tourneys, Soderberg has gotten SLU past the first round on the NIT once and missed the postseason altogether last year.

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VTIME said:

>Snyder coached many NCAA tourneys, Soderberg has gotten SLU

>past the first round on the NIT once and missed the

>postseason altogether last year.

Are you actually saying that Snyder is a better coach than Brad? How little credibility can you have left after this type of comment?

I watched SLU win on the road last night in a well coached game. Good substitutions down the line. Players made a few mistakes which caused it to get close.

Then flipped over to watch Mizzou get blasted at home by 21 at home. They got the game down to 10 points with 1:30 to go. MU time out. Snyder obviously told them to give up because Mizzou let Texas run 30 seconds off the clock and hit a wide open 3. No fouls, no full court pressure, no defense, no urgency to get a shot off.

Then flipped over to the BC/Duke game which was down to about the same with the same time. Night and day compared to MU/Texas.

VTIME: are you serious?

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Just tune in on his show to get them. Please do not act like I'm somehow saddened to see SLU rise above Mizzou. I did find it comical how you and other panicked after one bad game from SLU. I'm like Thicks in that it is my hope to see SLU and Mizzou in the Final Four.

Granted, it hasn't been a great year so far with Missouri State struggling in conference play, SLU defining mediocrity most of the year and Mizzou going through a tailspin. However as a loyal fan of ALL or many Missouri teams (I find it hard to root for KC teams), I have hope that all three will prosper in the near future.

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Tough times for the Mizlosers. Here's some of that great press coverage that they've earned. From the KC Star...

COLUMBIA — The place was dead. That was shocking. There was nothing at all surprising about the actual game Wednesday night. Texas battered Missouri by 13 points, as expected. Missouri had trouble scoring, as expected. The Tigers had trouble playing interior defense (expected).

Fans started to leave in bunches midway through the second half, with Texas’ lead approaching 20. That was to be expected, too.

Still, I could not believe how dead Mizzou Arena was for the entire game. Empty seats. Empty passions. The Longhorns came into this game ranked seventh in America. And these were Mizzou fans, some of the most intense in the Big 12, those fiery, fixated fans who send hundreds and hundreds of e-mails calling our newspaper The KU Star whenever they sense our coverage skewing toward that other team in blue.

Missouri fans care. This is the hallmark of the school. The Hearnes Center shook for big games. And yet before this game, when they blacked out the arena and blasted music and spun lights — a stupid NBA trick they should stop immediately, by the way — the place still sounded like a morgue. Nobody seemed to cheer. Nobody seemed to clap.

The game began. And it got even quieter. Tiger Woods could have putted in the silence. It was quiet enough to think. And here’s what I thought: Man, it will be hard to watch these last few games as the Quin Snyder era grinds to its bitter finish.

“Be merciless,†a passing Missouri fan commanded the press corps as he walked dejectedly to the exit after Texas’ 66-53 victory. But, really, who has the heart to be merciless as Quin Snyder coaches what will surely be his last few games at Missouri? The man has had popcorn dumped on his head. He has had his name attached to every bad thing that has happened in the last 125 years — one rumor linked him with the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. He has been beaten to a bloody emoticon on Internet chat boards.

Nobody who listened to Snyder’s radio show this week — “Tiger Talk with Quin Snyder†— could think of being merciless. The man sounded at his breaking point. Coaches’ shows, even in the best of circumstances, tend to be dreary and depressing with a lot of talk about good practices and senior leadership. But Snyder’s show was something else. It was like eavesdropping on a condemned man’s last meal.

For 50-some minutes, Snyder sounded as if the firing squad were lined up outside. His voice croaked. He could not finish sentences. There were only three calls all night — none of them of any particular use — and Snyder spent the free minutes talking about how people hammered him. He admitted he wasn’t “all together†in the Iowa State game. He talked about being caught in the middle. The crescendo clanged when host Mike Kelly asked Snyder how he can keep up everyone’s spirits.

“(Expletive), I’m down,†Snyder said.

It sounded that way, anyway. The expletive might have sent a few of the more delicate Missouri fans scurrying to their stationery, but by then — as Bob Uecker said in the movie “Major League†— nobody was listening anyway.

And that’s why these final few games have that terrible smell of despair. Missouri fans (and they know about heartache) have checked out. It isn’t that they stopped caring — even Wednesday the fans cheered like mad when the promising Missouri baseball team was introduced — but many of them have lost their passion for the basketball team, at least as long as Snyder is coaching. Sure, there are a few holdouts (they are sending angry e-mails right now), but only a few. There were 5,000 empty seats Wednesday for a game against a top-10 team. By game’s end, there were more than 10,000 empty seats. Many of the leftovers booed and muttered.

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Speaking of thicks, I think his comments on AJ's rating sums him up pretty well.

"He's constantly critical of the Billikens, even when the criticism is unjustified. He also paints every Billiken player in the most negative light possible."

It's amusing to see AJ singing a different tune now.

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>are you insane....Horton would not ever see time on SLU's

>team. I will give you Gardner. Out of the ten people

>mentioned the starters would be Gardner, Lisch, Liddell,

>Brown, Ian. Those are the best five out of the bunch.

That'd be a helluva starting five.

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>That pathetic story is ALMOST enough to make one feel sorry

>for MU fans. If they weren't such arrogant cods or if they

>hadn't brought this on themselves, I would.

There's little wonder why the Mizlosers are so disliked on this board. Gorilla, Phan, Cheese, Fluegel, and co. are constant reminders.

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