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  1. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I'm exhausted. I'm taking 18 hours including an internship, and 3 part-time jobs. One of those jobs is a labor of love and will result in me returning to the board under a new name. I consulted with Steve about it a few weeks ago and he said it was okay. If all goes well this semester, I graduate in December. Being the first one in the family to graduate college is going to be such an honor. Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions for me and I'll try to answer them when I have time. I have some inside info, but I dont want to post it on the board, at least not yet.
  2. okay, I didnt think it was steal. I know you used to do article for stltoday.com, so I thought on connections alone you would allowed to use a picture no problem. And yes, I will send you a pm next time.
  3. I made some of these picks against my better judgement because of the experts seeming so sure and most of the others were based on pure team need. 1. Portland- Greg Oden 7'0 C Durant is the better fit for the team, but Portland's GM wants to keep his job and doesnt want to be the guy that passed on Greg Oden. Portland has one solid defensive center in Prybilla, and a center on the rise in Aldridge, but they take Oden anyway. 2. Seattle- Kevin Durant 6'10 F Durant is the guy here, although they want Oden. He can play with Rashard Lewis or replace him if he bolts via free agency. 3. Atlanta- Mike Conley 6'1 PG I want Conley here, but the experts seem convinced that Atlanta will take a pg with the #11 pick or trade that pick for Luke Ridnour, a deal that's been on the table for a couple days. I'm going against the experts on this one, if nothing else, I dont think Atlanta would be inept enough to pass on the top pg in the draft like they did in 2005 with Chris Paul and 2006 with Randy Foye. 4. Memphis- Al Horford 6'10 PF They need a banger next to Gasol. Enough said. Good fit. 5. Boston- Brandan Wright 6'10 PF The explosive forward teams with Al Jefferson to form one of the NBA's youngest and most promising frontcourts. Peirce wants to be traded if a rookie is drafted here instead of the pick being traded. This could mean " The Celtics cant handle the TRUTH." 6 Milwaukee- Corey Brewer 6'9 SF/SG Milwaukee is terrible on defense and Bobby Simmons gets hurt every year. Brewer gives them a defensive small forward and he gets to play on a team that is one year removed from the playoffs and likely would've made it last year if not for a ton of injuries to every key player. 7. Minnesota- Yi Jianlian 7'0 PF/C They are actively shopping Garnett and they can forget keeping him, the relationship cannot be prepared. In Yi, they get forward/center combo who if nothing else will put Minnesota back on the map because of the Asian following, The Asian vote has put Yao Ming as a starter in the All-Star every year, even his rookie year when he started over Shaq who was coming off of a 3peat. 8. Charlotte- Jeff Green 6'9 F He can play with Gerald Wallace or replace him should he bolt. He's a team player, a winner as the Bobcats have made a habit of drafting, and he is a better defender than Morrison 9. Chicago- Spencer Hawes 7'0 C The Bulls need a player who can score in the low-post. Hawes has an advanced low-post game. I'm sure most think Noah should go here, but his offensive game, just isnt that strong and the Bulls need a guy who they can throw the ball into and can score. Hawes will have the ability to play the pf with Ben Wallace already on the roster. 10. Sacramento- Joakin Noah 6'11 PF/C He can bring some passion to an otherwise subdued team. Outside of the emergence of Kevin Martin, there was nothing to talk about in Sacramento. This passionate kid should at the very least get a chance to play right away and hopefully pick up a few crafty moves from Brad Miller 11. Atlanta- Sean Williams 6'10 PF/C The only reason he isnt a top 10 pick is his off the court issues with marijuana. He fills a dire need for the Hawks which is shotblocking and he has the upside to be the second best center in this draft. 12. Philly- Al Thornton 6'8 SF/PF Big time scorer who is NBA ready and can contribute in so many ways. Philly's glaring weakness is a scoring pf, and although undersized, he is physically mature and can definitely put the ball in the basket. 13. New Orleans- Nick Young 6'6 SG/SF The Hornets need a wing next to Peja. Nick Young has shot up the charts in predraft workouts, has an NBA body and a very good midrange game. He's underrated athletically too. With Mason out the door via free agency, and no other starting caliber wings on the team, young should start from day one. 14. LAC- Acie Law 6'4 PG Clippers need a pg, matter of fact, they need 2. Cassell is over the hill and Livingston is out for the year. Obvious choice for a team one-year removed from the playoffs is Mr. Law 15. Detroit- Rodney Stuckey 6'5 G Rumor is that Detroit has made him a promise here. He was the top returning scorer in the nation and he also averaged 5.5 apg. He's the best player no one has heard of. Big Sky MVP both years in college. 16. Washington- Jason Smith 7'0 PF/C A big guy that can score and finally move Jamison back to SF. They've needed this for years. Now they have it. Smith is a perfect fit. He's athletic and can shoot. 17. New Jersey- Thaddeus Young 6'8 SF Because of the lack of depth on the wings, Carter and Jefferson have to play practically the entire game. It wears them out. Young is a weapon that would benefit from being eased in to the rotation and playing with a pg that makes everyone better. Nenad Krstic's return should help them on the interior. 18. Golden State- Javaris Crittendon 6'5 PG He can play either guard position and can score and pass. He is incredibly athletic and can shoot. His versatility would be a great fit in the backcourt, especially with 6'3 Ellis being the sg of the future, the team needs a big pg to pair him with. 19. LA Lakers Derrick Byars 6'7 SG/SF Big-time scorer could help take the load of some of the burden of replacing Kobe Bryant. Byars has an NBA body and can score in every way. 20. Miami- Julian Wright 6'8 SF The Heat have a weakness at SF. Julian Wright is athletic, a good defender and an excellent passer, all good traits to add to a playoff team. He should blend in nicely. 21. Philly- Philly still needs help on the interior and they take a low-risk, high-reward pick in Aaron Gray. He could be franchise center or he could just be a space eater, either way, he fills a need for them and in most drafts a guy like Gray wouldnt be around this late. 22. Charlotte- 6'11 PF Nick Fazekas They dont have a big outside of Brezec that can stretch the floor. Brezec's time has been limited due to Okafor being a better C than PF. Fazekas can really stroke it and was one of the nation's top rebounders. He's a good fit here. Most experts think he might be a 2nd rounder, but he has been one of the best college players the last couple years and has produced as opposed to some of the guys who will go ahead of him based on potential. 23. New York- Wilson Chandler 6'7 Sf Rumor is the Knicks gave him a promise to get him out of school. It makes sense because most people have never heard of the kid. I have seen him play for Depaul, and the kid can definitely shoot the ball from the perimeter and that was a HUGE weakness for the Knicks last season. 24. Phoenix- 6'7 SG/SF Marcus Williams He played at nearby Arizona and he fills a need. The Suns dont have any big guard. Barbosa is often paired on the wing with Nash and Bell to form a very small lineup. Williams would allow Nash and Barbosa to play together and the wings to still have some size and he can stroke it from the outside, is a very good passer and is athltic. He played in a run and gun style. He fits them perfectly. 25. Utah- Morris Almond 6'6 SG/SF Utah needs a scoring sg. Another perfect fit. Almond is a big-time scorer and is the best shooter in the draft. He is not very athletic, but in the Jazz precision offense, that should not be a detriment to his game at all. He definitely could start as a rookie, Derek Fisher is not a shooting guard and started their out of necessity last year, but wont again. 26. Houston- 6'9 PF Glen Davis He is a load in the post, but can also space the floor so Ming has room to operate. He also can guard the low post and should be able to play some center. His stock dropped as his team fell off the map. Would've been a lottery pick in the 2006. He's a steal this late in the draft. 27. Detroit- Jared Dudley 6'7 SF Shades of 2003 when then ACC POY Josh Howard fell to the end of the first round. Dudley was POY in the nations top conference and lead the conference in scoring and rebounding, shot over 40% from 3 and around 50% from the field. He doesnt have that next level athleticism and that's the only reason he's around this late. His former BC teammate Craig Smith proved a lot of teams wrong last year. He and Sean Williams will attempt to do the same this year. 28 San Antonio- Alando Tucker 6'5 SF San Antonio needs to get younger and more athletic, specifically on the perimeter. In comes the Big Ten POY Alando Tucker. Tucker doesnt really have a position, but is a ball player, athletic, and plays defense. San Antonio will find a place for him. 29. Phoenix- Aaron Afflalo 6'5 SG/SF Another scoring guard that add size to the backcourt. He is experienced going to back-to-back final fours and knows how to play the right way. Another solid pick 30. Philly- 6'5 SG/SF Dequan Cook Mr. Cook lands in 1st round and doesnt look like a fool for coming out early. He's young, can score, has an NBA body and loads of potential. Philly has nothing to lose this late in the 1st round and they take a chance on a kid with superstar potential. He can score and they have had trouble doing so. Andre Miller should make things easy for him.
  4. He plays for one of the top AAU teams in the country. Underrated prospect. Has about, a half of a dozen offers including Montana, Creighton and UW Milwaukee. He averaged over 20ppg last season and his team went to the state championship game in Minnesota.
  5. why no picture Nate, there are pictures on stltoday you could use?
  6. Its the same kid. He's 2 stars on scout. He has a 3.9 GPA.
  7. Larue Martin, Sam Bowie. Portland has been told that the guy was surefire cant miss big guy and twice they've let a great guy get away. Will it happen a third time, hopefully not. I remember Detroit passed on Carmelo for Darko. Durant fits the current team better, but if Oden's wrist is healthy, I dont have a problem with you taking Oden as long as you trade either Aldridge or Randolph because both are too good to sit, and Aldridge can be a franchise big man for somebody at either position and going to the bench would stunt his growth.
  8. Why didnt he get it done in March when the season ended instead of waiting until almost July?
  9. Nah, last year, people kept asking what it had to do with Billiken basketball, so I saved myself the trouble this year. I'll post my own mock draft tomorrow prior to the draft.
  10. If you get can get 2 guys that will really contribute, then you have to say its 2 scholarships. I hope 1 goes to Suggs and the other in the spring to the JUCO product Harrellson, because you do need a JUCO big man to transition the 2 freshman and join the Eckerle, Relphorde, Mitchell class or the Maguire, Knollmeyer class.
  11. But Cheryl resigned on the 26th, Femi committed on the 24th. I can see what you are saying, but they had 2 days to add a blurb.
  12. http://saintlouis.scout.com/2/654680.html Sorry if posted already. If posted already please delete. Not sure if it is free.
  13. Beaumont has 6'8 225 PF/C Richard Anderson. He's class of 2009 and lots of D1 coaches are looking at him, but I dont think he currently has any offers, but no doubt will have some by the end of the summer. Top 2 player in St. Louis in his class, probably the #2 player in his class in the state of Missouri behind Griffey, but Michael Dixon is getting a lot of praise lately and might be higher rated and is already on scout and had a good jamboree. They might have a sleeper in Lawrence Baker. Big time athletic guard at about 6'2. He's a freak athlete and can shoot, but he has had trouble staying eligible. He should be a pretty good player after JUCO. He's class of 2008.
  14. I agree and have no problem with that. I would be there. BTW how is SLU's grad program for Business Administration?
  15. i think Pearson is going to be a very good small college player at Tennessee-Martin. He has a very good stroke from deep and he's quick. I'd like him to be a better passer, but if his team is looking for a scoring pg, he definitely fits the bill.
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