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  1. Nice to hear that there are other Billikens fans here with me in Philly. We will have to get together sometime and watch a game.
  2. Sad part is, that it is extremely accurate. Also, hysterically funny.
  3. >The scene prior to that at the end, he wasn't over his >ex-fiance yet....the next seen fast forwards time on a sunny >day far from there delivering the package where he was ready >to move forward with his life, he had grieved enough. Also of note in the scene where he is talking to his friend after he visits Kelly in the middle of the night it is raining very hard and constantly. Then when he is out on the road in the next scene he has the sunroof open and is enjoying a sunny day. Yet another light/dark contrast. Another point of intrest is that when the girl gets out of the truck and is pointing down her road she states "And this way is pretty much nothing all the way to Canada", you can see Chuck smile regarding, in my opinion, nothing do worry about but her. Just one man's interpretation. Easily one of my favorite all time movies.
  4. If the Bills can manage to pull this one off tonight, then I will do my best to make it over there to see them play tommorrow. Will have to go have a beer with ya at the Borgota.
  5. "Once upon a time, Lowery would have been a great choice for the coaching job at St. Louis University, but SLU has a coach, and Lowery has clearly outgrown the SLU job. Lowery isn't looking to leave, but if he did go, he'd be crazy to bolt SIUC for SLU's chronically mediocre and lethargic program. Lowery is too smart for that." From the Bits section today. What an ######, why doesn't he just get over himself once and a while? This is nothing against CL, as I feel he is a fine coach, but why the shot?
  6. Nothing like a little "big fish in the small pond" syndrome.
  7. I will probably be in attendance now that I have moved to Philly. A.C. is just a short 45 min. drive away for me.
  8. for those of us that knew her personally and worked with her, it is a loss indeed. No one showed more passion for winning and more competitive drive than Maria did. What she helped to do to turn around a program mired in mediocrity with limited funds and resources was commendable and amazing. She was a bright, intelligent, funny, beautiful person and she will be missed.
  9. Humphrey's may not be enough, but right now, if this info it true, then they are going to be laughing all the way to the bank.
  10. I too saw the clip on the side of the page...kinda funny really.
  11. This is the best news i have heard in a month. Irons was scum, dirty as they come. Anyone who pulls their team off the court should be fired just for that, let alone all of this mess. Here is my favorite part: Problems with the Vashon program emerged when the internal district audit found that the school's administrators had, without authorization, spent tens of thousands of dollars in basketball receipts on, among other items, a $50,000 scoreboard, about $100,000 for new uniforms and $5,900 on a gymnasium floor. All told, the audit reported 73 "questionable" expenses incurred by the Vashon program. Irons was an assistant Vashon principal during the 2003-04 academic year when the records were audited. He has blamed the accounting discrepancies on a deceased former principal and the district's former athletics director. 73!!!! That is not making a minor mistake here and there. That is knowing you can do whatever you want and no one will care about it. Glad to see that someone stepped up and had the balls to can his ass. The only bad thing about this situation is that he is not going to do time for his actions. Goodbye and good riddance.
  12. agreed. at this point, i truly believe that powell is an afterthought.
  13. it doesn't. like you said, just passing along information much the same as anyone else would from a recruiting site or otherwords.
  14. yeah, it is interesting to see what columbia people are starting to think now that they have been taken down a notch by several years of lackluster perfomances
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