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  1. Here's a link to his stats I believe. http://stats.njcaa.org/sports/mbkb/2013-14/div2/players/aaronhines4z29
  2. From doing a basic search, it appears Hines is a JUCO transfer from John Wood Community College. I could be wrong but here are two links: one is for his Hudl recruiting site and the other is the roster from JWCC last year. You can find the stats if you browse. http://johnwoodblazers.com/mens-basketball/rosters/2013-2014/ http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1157790/aaron-hines
  3. Any word on where Welmer will be attending prep school? Following him at the Adidas Gauntlet in Dallas, Indy, and Orlando, it appears he preformed really well. Excited to see he consistently hits the three.
  4. When I was at the game it was clear the coach played a particular rotation. The rotation from game 2 was opposite of game 1 undoubtedly for the scouts and agents. Jett also tweaked his knee in game 1 and was noticeably limping.
  5. I noticed Yarbrough played against Evan Boudreaux at Lake Forest twice this year. Can anyone find box scores to those games?
  6. Good for the stream. Made a signature left hand layup and missed last second shot clock shot from the elbow. Can still get to the hoop with ease.
  7. Chazz williams just did a warmup windmill with ease. Jett with the start.
  8. At the PIT to watch Jordair. Made first two warm up shots. Bricked five shots in a row and now decided to practice layups. Probably a good idea. Place is swarming with agents from everywhere.
  9. Liberty is where Tre Lee just signed to go to next year. SLU offered him awhile ago. http://www.dailypress.com/sports/highschoo...0,5043108.story
  10. Just to update some information on Tre Lee, the small forward from Hampton, VA. He's actually more of a slashing 2 guard. Stands 6'5" and has muscle. He was the MVP of a very difficult tournament over the holidays. Here's an exerpt from the news article from the paper. "Bethel owed its victory to sharp 3-point shooting from Tre Lee, the most valuable player of Bethel’s bracket.....Lee knocked down 4 of 5 shots from beyond the arc and added two thunderous dunks en route to a 22-point night." After watching him in person, I'd say he's a stronger Tommie but likes to take over when his team needs him. He'd be a good pickup for SLU. Here's the link of the article. http://hrvarsity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4139
  11. Found this reading about the high school I teach at in Virginia. We happen to play Bethel High School......Iverson's high school from Hampton, Virginia. The recruit's name is Tre Lee. He has three teamates on the team going to Clemson, Duquesne, and LaSalle respectively. Those three are all 6'7" or taller from the country of Chad. http://hrvarsity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3876 "Also, Bruins' forward Tre Lee tells me that he's receiving strong interest from Saint Louis and Old Dominion. While Bill Weaver gets his most heavy interest from Brown."
  12. 4 threes equal four more points 15 more free throws = 15 more points for a grand total of 19 points there. Both teams have 21 field goals made
  13. Good to see Lisch has 20, JJ has 12 and Danny has 5 assists. About time Kevin has found his shot.
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