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  1. No one.Let him go where he goes and we'll be fine.
  2. Stockard is obviously a player of interest due to his size and experience, but for a sit one, play one player who averages 3 ppg, it's a limited fit. I wonder if her would be interested in going to a good D2 school where he would play a lot of minutes and win a lot of games?
  3. Hope KC gets healthy and has a good two seasons.
  4. Coach Ford has shown me he's a good game/bench coach. In the last 3 seasons, he's got more out of his kids that perhaps he should have. He's dealt with situations (S2, Gordan, Fred and GJ this year) that have adversely effected the team but in each case by season's end had the team competing at a high level. I think his primary strengths are on the defensive end, and I also believe that this next season he will have the talent and depth where a couple of injuries will have little effect on the team's play.
  5. Seems like a very classy young man. I wish him well and hope SEMO coach Brad Korn is taking notice.
  6. 2nd weekend is Sweet 16, beyond would be Final 4. Xavier has yet to appear in a Final 4, but has appeared in 8 Sweet 16's.
  7. Labrum is in the shoulder; I think that's what JGood had in HS.
  8. Agreed. That one more back breaking 3 and one more finish at the rim and you have another double figure scorer.
  9. Your opinion does not represent my view nor the majority of Christians I know. Is that your way of justifying killing babies?
  10. Personally I think this thread is disgusting, but ventured back to it today because I wondered why it was still "hot." I've said nothing on here about who's President or anything like that, but I did wish people Happy Easter. Now, does a "Pro Life" anti abortion stance not mean anything to practicing Christians or the Catholic community any more? We're still slaughtering nearly 3k kids a day in the name of abortion. And the current President is doing his best to reduce that. More so than any President in my lifetime. So please, no lectures about morals and who votes for whom for President.
  11. Max preps stats are usually kept by high school kids acting as managers, then maybe doctored by coaches after the game. Certainly not gospel.
  12. Because of what we already know Jimerson, Perkins, and TJ can contribute at the wing, not much is said about Strickland. He was heavily recruited and may end up being a star.
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