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  1. In the last hour you have encouraged one poster to not post here anymore and one to not go to games
  2. It looks like Alabama was over committed. They still need to lose one more player
  3. He committed to the Leathernecks
  4. I apologize. I should have known better
  5. Okoro is from Normal, IL and Fred is from Cape. It's a stretch saying an all STL lineup even though they did all play AAU here.
  6. Jalen Johnson is transferring again
  7. Didnt want to start a new thread but SLU offered Danny Carbuccia. Class of 25
  8. A friend of mine son played for him at Illinois State. He was known as a good guy but not a good coach. Some how his contract was never signed so it was easy to let him go.
  9. I've played a few 6 hr rounds in my life. All of them charity scrambles
  10. Not in any way knocking Ford but some high mid major is going to get a good one in Archie Miller.
  11. Richmond struggling without Francis and Golden
  12. Grubbs was a very highly rated player that left after a couple years because of some personal problems.
  13. So if someone tweets something about you that is not true and I go ahead and help spread it across social media without verifying it that is ok? Maybe I am just from a different time
  14. 05 that's the problem I have with how this was handled. Chapley should have asked Ford about it before he retweeted the original tweet. Obviously he didnt or he would have mentioned it. I have an daughter that is a journalist so I am sensitive to criticizing young journalists but he made a mistake here. Hopefully he learns from it.
  15. I doubt Ford is to happy with Chapley right now. Get the facts straight before smearing someone. Way to much of this going on
  16. 3 Big East and 2 ACC teams that probably would have been in opted out. Long term the big conferences might think they are to good for the NIT but who knows.
  17. A10 commissioner is good at lobbying for NIT teams but not so much for NCAA.
  18. 11 teams allow them to have a 20 game schedule. They aren't going to add teams. It's not worth debatimg.
  19. Same amount of teams in as MVC. Obviously no respect for A10. Need to get in AAC
  20. I'm with you Matty. I could care less what the bracketologists say.
  21. Shoot like we did before the covid and we are tough to beat. We hold a team in the 60s we should win.
  22. Yes she did. Their season turned around when she started playing more.
  23. Which is odd. Last year we played a better UD team even twice. This year, with the same players, UD clearly outplayed us twice.
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