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  1. Dana O'Neill, the author of the article in the Athletic, has a significant reputation as a national sports writer. This is not a case where we need "to be careful of sourcing" or "journalistic integrity". She is a senior writer with the Athletic, as is Ken Pomeroy. She was previously a writer for ESPN, and she wrote the book on Villanova's 2016 NCAA Championship run. The questions to be asking are not "Can we trust her?" or "Is this second-hand leaked information?", but "Why did Coach Ford wait to reveal the number of players who had the virus until now?" I have no special insight, but g
  2. Big boost from Hargrove ... leads all Bills in +/- for the half (+12)
  3. During Ford's post-game interview, he noted that he wanted to get more guys in during the second half, but when things started clicking, he stuck with what was working, and he praised the guys on the bench for their cheers and support. Notice the +/- in the 1st half: Thatch, Hargrove, Linssen led, Bell was neutral, everyone else minus The minutes put in by Thatch, Hargrove, and Bell in the first half not only helped the others have fresh legs, but the positively contributed during a really ugly stretch. Depth in the first half was an important but subtle element that helped supp
  4. http://stats.statbroadcast.com/statmonitr/?id=319623
  5. In a delayed season opener, Dayton was up by 10 with a few minutes left, then almost lost it several times in the final minute. Lots of missed FTs down the stretch for Dayton. On their fan board, there's some crying about Crutcher's lack of leadership. Final score: Dayton 66, EIU 63 Diarra: 2 points and a rebound in 9 minutes
  6. Should we be worried about Duquesne? It seemed we did not match up well against them last year (twice). Our home loss to them last February was ugly. The Post-Dispatch quoted Coach Ford: 'got outplayed beginning to end'. It seemed that Duquesne had both more hustle and more size inside, and they were one of the only teams that made it tough to play bully ball in the paint last year. Seems like a tough challenge to begin conference play (Dec 30).
  7. One thing that seems almost lost amidst all the focus on the Coronavirus is the amazing scouting report that has been issued by two of SLU's basketball managers. This has been referenced briefly in other threads, but it seems to warrant more focus. M&G Analytics has been formed by SLU basketball managers, @eddiemaruggi and @matt_godar. Perhaps what's best about their detailed 28-page scouting report is the way it provides links to videos of each A-10 team, focusing on offensive and defensive sets. These are now all available on the M&G Analytics Youtube channel! Behind t
  8. 2019-20 Atlantic 10 Men's Basktball Awards Player of the Year: Obi Toppin, Dayton Defensive Player of the Year: Jacob Gilyard, Richmond Rookie of the Year: Tre Mitchell, Massachusetts Chris Daniels Most Improved Player: AJ Wilson, George Mason Sixth Man of the Year: Javonte Perkins, Saint Louis Coach of the Year: Anthony Grant, Dayton All-Conference First Team Jalen Crutcher, Dayton Obi Toppin, Dayton Fatts Russell, Rhode Island Jacob Gilyard, Richmond Kyle Lofton, St. Bonaventure Jordan Goodwin, Saint Louis All-Conference Second Team Kellan Grad
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