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  1. http://chicagoredstars.com/chicago-signs-two-players-as-national-team-replacements/
  2. All of the homes last season were actually played at St. Clair Tennis Club, O'Fallon, IL
  3. Ream's team Fulham now play in the Championship, they were relegated last season.
  4. Has anyone seen him play. There was a lot of hype surrounding him joining the team. He showed moments of brilliance but was not really a team player. McGinty was constantly screaming at him for not being in position. Kalish probably felt he would not fit into his system.
  5. https://www.goal.com/en-us/news/mls-expansion-ranking-the-remaining-potential-markets/1r8xo6ok3s4ee1p5ob31e779pf
  6. Lost 3-4. Walked in winning run, bottom of 10th. Mizzou had the bases loaded multiple times but could not do much damage.
  7. All the more impressive was that coming into the game VCU were ranked second in the nation in scoring defense, allowing 49.8 pts per game.
  8. Atlantic 10 Women's Basketball rookie of week awards: 12 Harris (XU) 2006-07, Phillips (XU) 2007-08 11 Boothe (XU) 2002-03 9 Raterman (UD) 2008-09 8 Moran (SJU) 1998-99, Kilmowicz (SJU) 2005-06
  9. Both of those games were Education Day games.
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