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  1. If suddenly the SLU administration declared the Billiken offensive what new mascot would you pick?
  2. I thought Linssen was the best person on the 2016-17 Valpo team. He brought a lot of energy. He was really raw and had a lot about NCAA basketball to learn. He was behind Rik Smits kid Derrik Smits and thought he wouldn't get any playing time. So he transferred to UNCW. There were very few games he played in where he didn't get 3 or 4 fouls in a half.
  3. I was going to help you out with your analysis of Valpo but it's obvious my contributions to this board aren't appreciated. See ya.
  4. Just not worth it anymore. No matter what I say or do the reaction is always the same.
  5. I think I see the urine stains. It says "I'm doing this with my big pistol"
  6. Believe it or not outside of Chicago, St Louis has the largest amount of Valpo alumni and the Crusaders have two games, the other being SIUE on Nov. 12, in the SL area. FYI, last time you played at Valpo most of your fans called Valparaiso the worst podunk town they had ever played in. Not my words, right from this board.
  7. I'd thought you would never ask. Did you not get the memo? Nov. 9 in St Lou.
  8. Ream is back in the line-up for Fulham. They drew 1-1 against Cardiff just before the international break in the EFL championship.
  9. Because Some Day Let's Be Brave Together.
  10. Here's to the Bills pulling this game out. I truly wish SLU luck and another great comeback. EDIT: Oh Crap! Now you're doomed.
  11. To be eligible to hold the office of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller or Treasurer, a person must be a United States citizen, at least 25 years old, and a resident of Oklahoma for the three years preceding his election. Oklahoma elects governors in the midterm elections, that is, even years that are not presidential election years. For Oklahoma, 2018, 2022, 2026, 2030 and 2034 are all gubernatorial election years. So Barry could move back to Oklahoma before November 2019 since he quit as SIU's head coach and become governor of Oklahoma.
  12. Northern KY has won 2 of the last 3 Horizon League tournaments and is truly up and coming. If you really read my comments you'll see that the MVC expansion committee is looking at Murray State and another solid program. The MVC is not inviting NKU at this time. Look, I'm convinced that SLU will never go back to the Valley. I just needed the solid reasoning behind the non-move for Valpo fans who think you are foolish for not wanting an invite. All I got was mostly a bunch of unintelligent backlash from what I remember were fans that just love to overreact. Show me that your an intelligent fanbase.
  13. I know it has been stated here before but I wanted to get a list of the reasons why the MVC is such a bad fit for SLU. I'm trying to explain to Valpo fans why SLU wouldn't accept an invite from the MVC when expansion to 12 is being looked at by an MVC expansion committee with Murray State and another very solid program (Northern KY, Belmont, etc) as the main programs that are talked about.
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