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  1. I'm pumped. Well worth a vacation day. Now just win the next 8 (9 if we get a play-in game). OK....I've had a few. Go Bills!
  2. This one is crazy. Enjoying the drama, but man, I was really was looking forward to watching that game this evening. Would have been such a fun match up.
  3. Mr. And Mrs. Iggy will be in section 107 row 5.
  4. It would just be nice to have at least one other conference member in our time zone.
  5. We are on the Friday morning train as well. See you there. Coming back Sunday morning.
  6. We're taking Amtrak and making a weekend of it. Should be fun.
  7. I got my tickets through K-State's athletic department.
  8. Non conference 8 - 5 Conference 11-7 19 - 12 heading to Brooklyn No clue after that but cautiously optimistic that we will dance
  9. How long is the offer good for? Only the next day? Next week?
  10. Earl summed it up...We still get to raise two new banners next year!
  11. I really enjoyed that Drejaj 3 since it was right in front of me. Fun win.
  12. Mrs. Iggy and I will be there. Can't wait.
  13. I was getting a couple beers from the vendor on the concourse at halftime. This guy standing next to me says, "I'm from Oregon State. I got these." He bought my two, a couple for the next guy and the next guy. Oregon State fans are alright in my book.
  14. We have 4 losses heading into the NCAA tournament.
  15. Where to watch high school basketball online? Your mom's basement.
  16. Next year could be rough. We just lost 6 seniors.
  17. If it means I get to watch one more game, I say we do it.
  18. I locked in the Cardinals to win the World Series at 16-1 at the Golden Nugget back on December 3.
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