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  1. Anyone know how an out-of-towner could get their hands on a magnet schedule?
  2. 5 SEC School's...Are we sure this isn't for football?
  3. How can one hate the great Larry Bird???
  4. I'm going to get this back on the subject of golf...Greatest golfer who ever lived...Jeff SLUman!
  5. Forgive me if this has been rehashed...Are they cousins?
  6. If you ever find yourself in the southeast sportsbooks are now open in Biloxi.
  7. I am embarrassed that I know this...She was on Celebrity Big Brother fairly recently.
  8. I have a nephew that is a current student at Jesuit...I'll see what he knows about him.
  9. I know he attended my alma mater Thomas More Prep in Hays, KS.
  10. Low energy means something to me. In this case it means that he didn't get the students or graduates involved or excited.
  11. People here were excited when Grant was hired. He had an enormous budget, he was surrounded by national champions in other sports, he didn't produce. He didn't seem to have any excitement, he was low energy. Avery Johnson already has the program headed in the right direction.
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