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  1. Not to be agreeing with Kshoe but I think this conversation is very premature. This board is elevating Kevin to a very high level and he is yet to play a college game. Saying that a high school player is better than or a good as an All American candidate is kind of silly. Julian Winfield was suppose to be the next coming. Don't get me wrong I hope Kevin is the greatest Billiken player, ever but we just don't know that. We do know that Travis is and will be one of the best player in college basketball. I just think we need to keed our expectations to a reasonable level and hope they get exceeded.
  2. I can probably do any of them. My only caveot would be a home baseball game starting early.
  3. You can count me in for both but please don't pair me with UNCA. 99 at Ruth Park. I really think I could do that with a putter. I know I could do that with a wedge and putter.
  4. I think we should start a campaign to have JC become our PA announcer. Oh" I forgot this board thinks Mike Owen should have that job.
  5. How does the Billiken Roy urinal sound??? Just kidding Roy... Seriously I think they will be making a big mistake if they don't include a practice facility and offices in the new building. To me the greatest need in the new building are those two. I could live with playing games at Savis but we must have a first class practice facility and new offices.
  6. The Stanford Band is great but you can have their tree. How can a tree be a mascot????????
  7. It's easy for me to spend Jan's money but I don't understand why she doen't put in cable so she can show Billiken games. I would think she could pay for a whole year with a coule of games.Big spenders like Roy would make it worth her doing.
  8. I hate to admit this but I think Cheesy is right.Polk is the key. While I'm convinced he is a really goood player who will have a really good career we just don't know if he can do it as a freshman. If Anthony has to play the point, we become a much slower team who will not be able to push the ball and get easier baskets. For us to be good I think we will need to push the ball more than we've done in he past. Thus Polk is the key.
  9. I listen to Slaten almost every afternoon on my way home from work. Almost every day he takes a shot at Q and his program. It's great. Let's hope Snyder remains his wipping boy and not Brad. We all know Slaten is a jerk but you don't need anybody saying bad things about your program. I hate to say this but I think Claiborne and Slaten are working well together.
  10. Thats a good idea. Not only might they bring in a few more dollars but it might help attendance at other events. I might be tempted to go to a few more soccer games.
  11. Don't kid yourself the new system is designed to bring in more money, and there is nothing wrong with that. Thats their job,the job of any booster group is to raise money to help fund operations. The way to raise more money is to get existing members to give more and to get more members. I think the new system is trying to do both.
  12. I agree with Bonwich that there should have been some kind or warning that the system was going to change. That said it appears to me that they are just doing their job. That is to raise more money. The new system encourages people to give more money by upping categories,going to more events,being a soccer ticket holder etc. The one area that I'm not quite sure I understand{and it benefits me greatly} is why they give points to season ticket holders. I would have assumed that being a season ticket holder and being a club member was a given. Maybe it affects a few soccer people.
  13. Thats cool. It's good to see a kid choose a school for the right reasons.
  14. Are you telling me that a Harvard Degree is worth more than my SLU Degree?
  15. Point 1 is why Dickie says you add 2 0r 3 players to the champs. You replace Tony Parker with Jason Kidd and Ginobli with Larry Hughes.
  16. You may be right in that NBA Champs would never play, but that is Dickie V's solution per his ESPN column. Take the NBA Champs and add 2 0r 3 players to fill gaps or replace foreign players and thats your team. Makes sense to me.
  17. Maybe they should make Jill head of the honors program. Seriously I doubt if our facilities are any worse than DePaul or Marq. or Tulane or some of our soon to be ex CUSA schools. If I was Ms. Levick I would expect improvement this year or I would be looking for a new coach. But as I said earlier I don't really care.
  18. I am certainly not a Jill hater,in fact I've spoken to her many times and have found her rather charming. That said I do wonder if this board would be so supportive if the mens coach had her record. I know she took over a very poor program and made it better,but she has not been able to get over the hump. How many years should she have? Or does anyone care?
  19. Roy I think you are being guilty of stereotyping American style basketball. If your big you need to play inside and don't shoot the ball from more than 10 feet. The rest of the world doen't put those restraints on their players. Just maybe the kids father is doing whats best for him.
  20. Joe I have lunch at Anthony's every now and then and find it very good. Only problem is that it's hard to find a table or spot at the bar. You need to go very early or very late.
  21. I don't think there is any question that Brad wants to build his teams in the Wisconsin- Minn. type mold. Lots of big tall players who will be around for 4 or 5 years. Lets face it Brad's a big ten type guy and thats how he will coach. The key is getting the right players to play your style.
  22. That is the week before school starts. It wouldn't surprise me that a lot of players will be home and not here.
  23. I agree with Roy. I believe there is behind the scene negotiating between the schools and NCAA to guide the schools in their self penalizing.
  24. Jimmie I watched you make the shot the other night on ESPN Classic. Best sport movie of all time.
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