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  1. Exactly. Doesn't matter if Strauss is an idiot. The quotes from the kid's dad are alarming. If the kid's father doesn't feel SLU is showing enough interest, whether SLU feels they are "all in" or not is irrelevant. The fact that Justin is going public and point blank saying that he wants his kid at SLU is encouraging. He's saying we still have a chance. SLU needs to be "all in" plus some.
  2. Tulsa?! Wow. That's not meant as an insult to Tulsa. But leaving a big-name school and the SEC for a 13-loss team in CUSA? Cue the "rat leaving sinking ship" metaphor.
  3. Goosebumps. GIVE ME THE DAMN BALL, COACH!
  4. +1. Lost to Cincy (almost twice).
  5. One hour 'til gametime, ladies! Bring your goddam "A" game! GO BILLS!!!!
  6. Saturday games underway with Florida and Pitt in a tight contest at halftime. Oregon cheerleaders welcome you to the Round of 32. Go BILLS!
  7. 16 seed CCU has an 8 pt lead on 1 seed UVA
  8. And now they 're not...VCU's lead down to 3
  9. VCU up by 10...seems to be in control.
  10. North Carolina pulls it out despite Cotton's 36 points. VCU tied up.
  11. GW falls, so now we look to VCU. Providence leads NC by 5.
  12. Providence within 2 of NC....GW cuts their deficit to 4
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