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Recruit Twitters

21 March 2014 - 02:01 PM

Has anybody seen any of the recruits tweets about last nights win?

StL Post Coverage of 1/22 Game

23 January 2014 - 11:43 AM

I believe when you blast somebody or some group you have the obligation to praise them when they do well.  The story in today was outstanding - 2 nice pix and a very long and complete article.  Now I know nothing else was happening last night so does this mean a change - probably not but what I will say is they have first start doing a good job once in a while before they can do a good job all the time.


By the, when will our flagship station - 101.1 - get on board.  None of their shows ever talk about us and I heard an ad today with Mike Greenberg from Mike and Mike saying how happy they are to be on the air in StL and remember when 101.1 will always have all the stories about the Cards, Rams and Missouri - no mention of Blues or us.  I just don't get it - Greenie was simply reading something I am sure 101.1 gave him.

From My Recliner in StL

08 January 2014 - 08:52 AM

The game last night was hard to watch.  We had the game in tow but then it all slips away in a 4-5 minute dry spell along with some rather stupid play.  I did not want to bury all the post game thoughts in the GDT so I started a new post.


1. MM - 0-8, he not only can not hit from outside but he can not make a lay up anymore.  Not sure what the problem is other than confidence but he has to figure a way to hit a perimeter shot.  He does not have to score 15 just consistently put down 8-10.  His defense is still there along with his ball handling but he has to do more as a senior.


2. JB - 0-6 - how many were air balls?  This guy is killing me and the team.  He was suppose to be a shooter - boy did RM miss that one.  He hits 3 or so 3ptrs one game and then he goes AWOL for the next 3-5 games.  People finally realize he is not helping us at all and then he has that one game like against Yale and everybody gets hopeful.  When will we all learn that he is just not good against any decent team.  He can score against the dregs but who can't. That foul on the missed 3 pt shot by RI was horrific - what was he thinking? - that was a critical play and almost let them put a nail in our coffin.  I do appreciate his rebounding but that is not nearly enough to warrant the playing time he is getting.   By the way JC - stop being fooled by what you see in practice with him in regards to his shooting! 


3. FT shooting - sorry we have to do better on the road (.571%) - unacceptable especially for a team that is scoring challenged.  Thankfully JJ has found his stoke from the line after that one bad game.  Even RL is missing FTs and that never happened before.  You can not win on the road very often shooting FTs like we did last night.


4. Rebounding - we out rebounded them 41-36 and that is probably why we won the game.  Had they out rebounded us we would have lost - they would have gotten too many second and third chances to score.


5. Announcers - I share everybody's pain.  They started out just fine and were doing OK when we had the lead but as soon as RI started their run they flipped a switch and I thought we were listening to RI's radio group.  That guy from TTU who kept saying that JJ should have been called for the foul at the end was way off base - in his playing days he would have had a cow if that foul was called against him.  I have one other beef  and it is more general than specific to only last night - why do announcers assume that a team that plays defense is one that wants to slow the game down?  Hell if we could shoot in the 45% range for a game and hit 75% of our FTs which both are not unrealistic the score would have been a blow out.


6. Referees - while they were head scratching calls at times - they called the game somewhat equally.  They did not lean backwards one way or the other in my opinion.  I did not think they were a great group  but they did not favor the home team - look at the total FTs shot 21 for us and 24 for them - not a bad road split.


7. DE - he at least scored 11 and had 6 rebounds but he has to play smarter on defense and that last drive at the end was a freshmanish - he has to be smarter about that.  Yes I know he gets hacked a lot but he has to deal with it by not getting frustrated.  That 4th foul on him was a bad call but like I said before the refs were doing it for both teams.


8.  That final possession of the first half - who would have thought that that scoring play would determine who won the game.  Who ever drew that play up get a big shout out as do the players who pulled it off.