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Conversation with SLU New President about Basketball

12 January 2015 - 08:52 AM

My son lives in San Diego and went to an alumni gathering the other day where our new president attended.  It was small gathering so everyone there got to have a fair amount of one on one with him and his wife if you were so inclined.  Among the many questions my son asked him were a couple about Billiken Basketball - its current situation and future as our president sees it.  First my son thought he was a pretty sharp guy for what that is worth.  On the topic of the current season - he said he has been to every home game  and his wife has attend half with him.  He said he likes Crews.  He said he understands that this is a rebuilding year but he is not interested in every year being a rebuilding year.  He expects long term success.  He sees the value of a strong athletic program for enhancing the schools image locally and nationally as well as recruiting students and keeping pride and morale high among students and alumni.  He likes the A10 and has no reason to consider moving unless a better option comes up such as the Big East but right now that is not something on anybody's immediate radar.  He believes that the athletic program has to be appropriately financially supported but not at the expense of the school's other programs - it is his job to see that the entire University is properly funded.  He and his wife are looking forward to the Dayton game since they were there for many years.  I know some of his responses sound a bit political but I think if you read between the lines he seems to be someone who values the athletic program or else he would not be going to all the home games - do as I do not as I say.  I believe from what he said about Crews that Crews has a some rope but he is expected to get results - how long a rope he has who knows but anybody who is going to the games has to be suffering the same pain we all are who are watching this year unfold on the floor.