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  1. I sort of figured that out on my own - the problem is if the loss differential for each year causes another part of the program to suffer how will that go over. You can also bet that if salaries are frozen that will bring a hue and cry. I really do understand your point and I would probably have no trouble taking your route the problem is will the powers to be think the same way and all the others who would get impacted even for short term.
  2. You can look at two ways. Yours or we can not because what else would suffer to get there. Organizations don't always take the long view. I am not sure what SLU would do
  3. It was in another thread about a month ago. Search for the thread in past posts
  4. Your math adds up. The next question is can the school short term take the hit for the four years? I don't know the answer but it is intriguing given the report that in 10 years the school will be facing financial questions.
  5. I think it is good to dream but like all dreams you do eventually wake up. Will we be better next year no doubt. The real question is by how much. I am like Rich- lived long enough to have seen high hopes dashed by reality more often then not. I agree trying to predict won/lost records for next year is a fun activity but that is all. I plan to wait and see, enjoy the improvement that is certain whatever it is and hope for Ford's continued recruiting success.
  6. My point was that they are no better or worse then us at home. They don't get a big bump playing at home. I do agree that they have home court advantage
  7. I believe that Roy's statement is mostly true. I am sure there is fund raising going on by each sport that adds to their budgets but basically the revenue brought in my the BB program carries the AD for the most part.
  8. I thought until the Dayton game that we were also 7-7 at home
  9. The thinking goes - create match up imbalances and draw out of the paint their big man thus opening up the middle.
  10. Another factor is that UConn has spent big money to try to upgrade their football program. I know it has not panned out that way but I am not sure they are ready to scrap the plan just yet. I have a friend who is a big UConn supporter and he talks often of the need for the football program to get better so they have a big 2 revenue coming in. Finding a conf for their football team only would be the death of their football program. I also just saw that the NFL has invited more players to the Combine from the AAC then the Big 12 so that conf is not the worst place to be. Dayton has a big problem as far as the BE goes - location. You hit upon it but I am not sure you gave it as much credence as it deserves. Dayton adds nothing to the media package. I do agree that we have to get our act together if we have any hope.
  11. Watching Welmer last night it was easy to see that he was unable to get his shot off. Dayton would start to close on him and he gave up on the shot. That was the worst game I have seen him play for some time - not sure what was going on in his head. Maybe Ford was right - he built Dayton up so much that the team had the deer in the headlight look. I agree with Bonwich - nobody in their right mind should have expected us to win. Now could we have seen maybe a 12-15 pt loss - sure but a win was a very very long shot. We are no worse off then we were before the game and the Fordham game is key. Everybody needs to get focused on this team for Saturday. As far as Ford's coaching last night - there was nothing to coach. He tried lots of stuff but honestly nothing was going to work - the team was just over matched and it scared them sorry to say. As someone posts - how many weeks left?
  12. That is what I heard - I took it as his medical redshirt situation was undetermined. In other words, not sure if he will be a junior or RS.
  13. Thank you - that was the point I was trying to make.
  14. This has been a problem with 101.1 since they picked us up. When they do score reports they always mention us after the others. Apparently this is something that the station simply does not care to rectify. The guy did say that he was assuming that IL would be able to hold on to their in coming class but that can be a big if especially since Tilmon specifically said his relationship was with Walker and he would probably be gone if Groce goes. I am not so sure that IL has such a great team - the last 2 coaches there were unable to coach the players successfully that they each had - Weber is doing fine at Kst and who knows where Groce may land and perform. I just think that a coach who has the players he wants and will play the style that he recruited them for will be more successful then a new coach and players who may or may not want to be there.
  15. Heard this guy on Wheeler's show today. He was from ESPN and was asked about which of the 3 local teams would make the dance first - Wheeler already told him that SLU has a big recruiting class even better than what you would think of in the A10 and others coming. The guy says IL - they have the most going for them is basically what he said. My guess is this guy knows nothing about college BB unless it is about a Power 5 school. Looking at Big Bill's post with the rankings made be think how could anybody who calls themselves a college BB expert not know what is going on in recruiting. Wheeler actually said that about a third of his poll responses was for Missouri, IL, and SLU each for this question. Now I expect listeners to be bias and uninformed but this guy should do his homework.