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  1. He had a big body as a h.s. player - he must be very strong by now. I guess I did not notice it with him in practice sweats sitting on the bench.
  2. So had Tatum come here and Crews was still fired you would say that Tatum should not have gotten big minutes this last year because he was not a Ford recruit? Ford if he is smart will play the best players he has to win regardless how they got here.
  3. I have read several posts in this thread about how great it is that Ford says he is not afraid of Missouri and there is enough talent to go around. Well talk about the ultimate coach speak. What do you expect him to say - I am scared $hitless about other coaches getting all the players I want? Every coach has confidence in their ability to recruit - if they did not they would not even be in the profession - even Crews thought he was a good recruiter if you asked him. All coaches are concerned about competition regarding recruiting even Coach K or Coach Cal. They would be crazy not to be. Like I said even Crews knew he had to recruit against top coaches but what could he do but simply try. The same is true with Ford - he would be tickled pink if all the other coaches stayed away from StL in recruiting and all the other kids he has extended offers. My point is simply don't read too much into the coach speak but keep in mind that he knows he will be given a run for his money from coaches all over the country.
  4. Well the other Ricky was an issue also now that you mention it but honestly if you have a problem a couple of times you probably have had problems that never got caught.
  5. It was simply an example. Given that he was the only player that left SLU to go to Missouri who had a poor academic record it was easy for me to use it. Since I am not a fan of the Missouri BB team I really did not keep up with all the other potential academic slight of hands that may have taken place there.
  6. Yes and when Frazier left SLU due to grades Stewart said he had no eligibility problems for Missouri. Go figure
  7. I understand but technically was RM listed as head coach in the fall - good point about Reggie signing in the spring.
  8. Was RM still a live and technically the coach at the time they signed LOIs? JC was only the interim when RM had to take a medical leave.
  9. StL is in the swath - maybe not dead center but close enough.
  10. Do you think they know that this is the total eclipse?
  11. Actually I agree with this. I have people who say to me why can you not be happy that Missouri is getting better - easy, at some level it will be at SLU's expense and vice versa. There is no way you can be happy if a player choose one over the other. You are either a fan of SLU or Missouri - you might watch both teams but you have to be one or the other.
  12. Yep - thanks
  13. About time people start seeing this point of view - ever since we got Larry Hughes and he went #6 I think after his freshman year I came around to the idea that if you are good they will find you.
  14. I agree - don't sell him short. We know what we have in him and how he developed over the year - the rest of these transfers are still unknown quantities to us.
  15. Does anybody else wonder if Tilmon could be like that kid from Hazelwood East a few years ago - sorry I can not remember his name now - who was a monster but never could figure out how to reach his potential. I think he was eventually involved in a hold up or gun thing where he might have gone to jail before he graduated. I am not comparing that to Tilmon but the under achieving part.