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  1. They had trouble landing one before they settled on Groce.
  2. Saw the same thing. He was just showboating - the problem with that is you play the way you practice. If he was just having fun then fine but we need to see him really develop as a player to help next year.
  3. He said "best skill is getting people to hire him" Nothing like I posted. Convincing someone to hire you does not require that you kiss their ass - two different things entirely..
  4. Or kissing ass
  5. I agree when Romar went to UW he did not leave a bare cupboard. The problem Brad had was that he could not evaluate talent - he had Ahearn who Romar wanted over Brad's objections. As it turned out, Romar was right - Ahearn would have helped his team. He got Lisch and Liddell but could not build around them. He was a poor recruiter and that will always get you fired. One thing about Grawer - he had Upchurch signed sealed and delivered but a narrow ass of a Jesuit administrator - I know from personal experience - cut his legs out from under him when he vetoed the summer work the kid had done. Grawer gets to keep him and he makes the NCAA more than once.
  6. Grawer gets as pass in my opinion given that the program had one foot in the grave in all areas. He had to resurrect it from the grave practically. Lets also not forget that when Grawer was coach I think only 32 teams went to the NCAA - is that correct? - I know it was not nearly as many as today.
  7. I am not fishing for anything in particular. It was simply a question that crossed my mind and the more people responded the more it occurred to me that for whatever the reason we don't hire good assistants since when we promote they don't flourish here or honest most other places either. Why can you not simply ask a question without having to have an agenda. If anything maybe we need to pay our assistants more so we get and keep good ones - the answer may be as simple as that.
  8. I wonder if since all the passports are now linked to the same site when you go through customs that it does not matter which passport you use?
  9. I never said an assistant could not be a successful coach anyway - I just was wondering if we just do not ever hire good enough assistants who could be that - might be a reason we are have such a short list of successful coaches period, we don't hire good enough people.
  10. Look, people change and sometimes they don't. I wish Willie all the luck and hope his family brings him much joy in his life. He had problems here but he has managed to stay out of real trouble and get a chance. Should he play overseas or here is his call but others can still have their own opinion. Willie had a lot of talent and I am glad he has at least putting it to use.
  11. Is Bradley where came from or where he went? He was not here very long was he - to be considered successful you would have to actually accomplish something here.
  12. I am not sure you can hold multiple passports that are all in effect. This would be a nightmare for Security Agencies around the world. You would have to pick one to use.
  13. Only name that came to my mind also.
  14. Coach Crews how are you doing. I did not figure you were still reading the board.
  15. I was thinking about this today - Has an assistant coach at SLU ever been successful at SLU when he was promoted to the head coach here? I can think of 4 who were promoted but all did not succeed. Coleman, Albrecht, Soderberg, and Crews come to mind. Now before somebody hijacks the thread by saying Crews was successful lets not go down that road - the consensus on this board has clearly been that he was a failure/mistake hire. Can anyone name an assistant who was promoted at SLU that was successful here?