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  1. yes - he never really made to the Bills not being hurt.
  2. I guess I am being a bit of homer but since he committed to SLU I have a vested interest in keeping him from getting hurt unnecessarily so playing football is not something I am interested in hearing - of course it is his choice. Now I guess if he had chosen Illini then I wouldn't care. One thing that did cross my mind and I know this is not exactly the same but the kid from Effingham that Grawer got was a very highly regarded recruit - he kept hurting his knee and finally it killed his career ( yes I know he hurt it playing BB not football).
  3. My only point is if you decide to change your branding then you better be all in. Unlike the example of the pro golf shop, SLU has complete control over whether they change their brand or not. If you are SLU and you make this conscience choice you should have slowed the manufacturing of items with the old brand even to the point of not having any available. You should also have started a campaign advertising the new brand that is coming and building a pent up buying situation. Also, since you control the entire process you should be able to dictate the best time of the year for rolling the new branding out. As far as what you have left - Old guy is right you should have been willing to simply write off what little is left for the long term gain and be satisfied with the profit made to date on the old stuff. The problem to those on the outside is there never seems to be a plan to control all the related aspects.
  4. I don't know if they still do this but in the past, they would call long time season tix holders who did not renew and try to give them another chance to change their minds. I guess one could say why do this those people had a chance but I also see that a mistake could have been made, change of heart, impressed with getting a personal call, whatever could have them change their minds about renewing. If they have been buying tix for awhile why not go this extra mile. This calling I am sure takes a bit of a time and they have to wait until the deadline passes to start the calling. This may be the reason for the delay.
  5. Since it is damn near impossible to win the B12 then I guess everybody should just go home. I get your point about how tough the B12 can be but any coach who goes and takes the money knows what he is getting in to so no violins for him. While Ford's recruits at OSU would do very well in the A10 there is no assurances that he could have recruited them to an A10 school either. How will Ford do here - who knows but I agree he is off to a good start. One thing he has going for him that he has not had any place else is that he is now located in a metro area that has some pretty good local players. Using the angle that you can stay home and play in a good conference and your family and friends can still come easily to all your games just like before carries some weight with some players. He won't get them all but he is a good enough recruiter to get some to stay home. He apparently has a way with transfers so he can continue to make them a mainstay if he chooses. I have little concern that Ford can do well here if he works it right - the real question is does he want to stay here or use it as another stepping stone? From what he said at his intro press conference he wants to be here a while but who really knows.
  6. I wonder if there was a grade thing - just asking. If he was going to leave then now is when he has to do it - he may already have a place reserved somewhere. I agree a graduate senior guard would be a huge help for this year.
  7. No, if he will not go anywhere but IL how can that be good news for us - for IL yes.
  8. Apparently you can have given out more schollies then you have as long as you are not using more than 13 at a time. So if you sign 3 in the Fall when you only have 2 to give then it is alright as long as you find the extra schollie before school starts the next year. KY did this a couple of years ago. So it is possible that we could end up doing the same thing. Wonder how that sits with the current players?
  9. 2 more - interesting - we only have one schollie left. I guess they clearly know something we don't know. Maybe somebody can graduate early after next year.
  10. Hopefully they all picked up on the joke. Nobody could have predicted Ford being this successful this quick. He has done an amazing job recruiting. Maybe his style will be a better fit in the A10 but we will just have wait and see how he coaches during the season. I was not a big fan of hiring him but I was willing to give him a chance when they did. So far I am impressed.
  11. Well if I understand the LOI situation correctly, once he signs it this Fall then IL would have to release him if he changes his mind and wants to go elsewhere. If they do not then he has two options go to IL or Junior College. This is what happened to Harrellson when he changed his mind about Western IL and wanted to come to SLU. They would not release him so he had to go to Junior College for a year and we lost him to KY after supposedly Brad had been told that he was going to KY just to party and would sign with us when he returned. Something happened in KY that changed his mind.
  12. If he is not solid with IL then why did he not simply wait to announce until Goodwin announced? If he really wants to be with Goodwin then they would have announced together - at that would seem to make sense.
  13. Perhaps but it could also be his undoing. Not my call his and his family and I am sure Ford agreed or at least Crews did and so Ford is stuck with it one way or the other. People can do whatever they want but not all have to agree with it.
  14. I understand that but for a freshman to miss the beginning of classes is not a good way to start off. I am sure they will give him plenty of help to get caught up but I wouldn't want a kid not playing sports to have to do this.
  15. If he sent it out on 8/6 and he is gone for a month then won't he be missing the start of SLU school?