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  1. I did not care for the new logo last year but in time it grew on me - familiarity breeds acceptance I guess. The first time I saw the new mascot I was not impressed but now after a few days of looking at it I am not as put off by it and perhaps when I see it in person I will actually start to be OK with it. I think part of the problem with how people feel about it is that we have always had this nice chubby looking mascot for years and people have just come to think about the Billiken in those terms. Adding a little toughness to the mascot is so radically different that people will need more time to adjust. At this point I am thinking maybe all of this is good - new attitude in the program, new coach breaking all the old ways we had gotten use to, now a new logo and mascot to go along. If the new mascot brings us better luck go forward - maybe it can actually make things be the way they should be as opposed just hoping that it is. Pestello has handled the situation well - the video was very well down as others have said - and I think all this publicity - including the Deadspin article while not flattering has brought attention to the school - any PR is good PR even bad PR kind of thinking. By the way, I am sure there were some focus group type work done - how much or how it was done who knows but today nobody simply sits down and dreams up something without some testing I would think.
  2. Sorry slu72 trying to justify bad behavior just is hard to do. By the way, at one time black players were not recruited to D1 schools - so just because it happened doesn't make it right. Things change for the better and coaches have to change also. I am sure you did not appreciate a boss that denigrated his/her employees. All we need is people to respect other people.
  3. Lets see how you feel about it if it happened to your kid or grandchild. What recourse does a player have - leave and sit a year, punch him out and go to jail, or report it. Clearly the latter is the best alternative and obviously the coach was found guilty. There is a big difference between being called a soft player or a push over but when you start making it just mean spirited then it is over the line.
  4. We were winning the game here at Scott Trade - it took a half court heave to beat us by 2 The two games we lost were by a total of 3 pts I believe. It scared the devil out of Missouri - they were so afraid that when they were offered a million dollars to play us again they still said no.
  5. I get the football point but some kids don't care about that. They would rather be at a school where the basketball program is king not a stepchild. If going to a big school with football was important then why would you look at smaller basketball only schools? I guess the kid could just covering all his bases but I would still think you still have a good shot at him.
  6. Same thing applies from weight loss if you get the flu - it comes back pretty quick unless you consciously try to keep it off. Where the issue comes is the lost stamina. Mono can hang on for months as far as you tiring more easily. If you play baseball or golf you can deal with it - basketball is another sport altogether because you have to go all out for longer periods of time.
  7. These so called local teams do not really raise enough fans to make them a revenue producer for SLU. If you schedule them over winter break perhaps but then you end up with the SMS situation a few years back where the SLU students are home on break and many season tix holders gave their seats away to others because they were asked by friends and relatives as well as companies seats also snapped up. At this point, I see little overall value to doing this. Now is Samford a big draw no but at this stage of the season we need wins not a couple of hundred fans who come to support or opponent, I really could care less if we play Missouri or not - it would better then SMS but it does not really matter to me - I am past all that.
  8. I have zero interest in playing MSU (SMS). Also, Missouri is still pissed off that they were to coop the "Missouri" without keeping the directional name first.
  9. I guess the landscape changing is fine but be prepared to pay for each game then. Maybe OK since you won't be paying for monthly cable. It is just that seldom does things like this change and not cost you more money ultimately.
  10. This ranking has to do with which venue is the toughest to play in not which is the best venue in general. Given our poor performances the last two years in home games I am surprised we were ranked 7th.
  11. SLU had done this for some games in the past but I am not sure that they are still doing it this way. Levick started this to make up for the lost TV time from the then new A10 package that gave some schools more exposure but for some schools like SLU got less. I also believe that this issue with the A10 contract had been rectified some time ago.
  12. Could not the same thing be said for Chicago with the Blackhawks and the Blue Demons. What about Marquette and the Bucks, New York with their 3 hockey teams, 2 bb teams and St. johns. You can see where I am going with this. Every city has the same problem with competing teams/sports. Fox sports only cares that people watch their networks and besides, the Blues and Bills don't cross over that much.
  13. I would disagree that it would be hard to show that the StL TV market is worth it to the network. If SLU was in the BE people in StL will watch. Say what you want about StL they do like their local teams. Heck the MU fans will watch just to see if we lose.
  14. I would disagree that it would be hard to show that the StL TV market is worth it to the network. If SLU was in the BE people in StL will watch. Say what you want about StL they do like their local teams. Heck the MU fans will watch just to see if we lose.
  15. This is what happens when you have a coach who actually can recruit high rated players. I would assume that Ford has a priority list and he has told the recruits that he really wants that waiting too long may be problematic. Oct visits can cut both ways - last to visit to make an impression or better players commit before then and leave you out. Of course we could not get any of these kids either - not likely but I guess possible.