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This Day In Billikens History

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This will forever be one of my favorite sports plays of all time.

It ranks right up there with Ozzie’s go crazy home run and the Rams smacking the 49ers in week 5 on their way to the super bowl.

It wasn’t just the sequence of what happened but the meaning of it all. Dominating a P5 team, a perfect half of basketball, a perfect call by Rammer, Earl giddy as a school girl. 
The combination of everything that happened in those few minutes made it a defining moment in Billiken basketball history. 
It’s a moment I will never forget and every time I hear the call I will get goose bumps. 

Sometime sports provide moments that are special. Moments that you will never forget. This play and this game were special moments!

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I will never, ever get tired of watching this clip.  Others who aren't Billiken fans or just don't understand the circumstances (DLarry described them very well above) would probably get annoyed that we keep reposting it again and again.  For me, though, whenever someone reposts it, I get giddy, drop whatever I'm doing, and watch is 4 or 5 times.

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