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GDT: avoid a low point

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Yes, by one consenting person, with contract in hand, no phones and no spectators.

Maybe Bonner can come to a few practices like last year and give Bell some advice/tips/encouragement.

For the Height vs Rebounding Discussion. Everyone, other than Bell* and Jimmer, rebound at a good rate given their height, problem is we are just a pretty short team   Reb

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2 minutes ago, Quality Is Job 1 said:

This is the kind of game one can afford to conserve guys who need it.  We'll want all hands on deck for Belmont Saturday!

Lets hope Thatch’s illness isn’t contagious and the rest of the team gets sick for Saturday. 

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1 minute ago, Westy03 said:

I wouldn’t be shocked if this is the worst crowd ever at Chaifetz for a regular season game. This place is empty. 

I give Andre tons of credit he’s trying his best to get the students hyped. 

I figured it was going to be horrible, was hoping to be wrong 

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2 minutes ago, dlarry said:

Over under at 127.

Take the over...easy money.


The Bills will score 80 no way they hold Them under 50.

If we’re scoring 80 then correct, the end of the bench will be in long enough for them to break 50

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