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  1. This is exactly right. When Goodwin and French shoot almost all of your FTs, the percentage isn't going to be good. It's quite simple.
  2. All Toppin does is throw these stupid one hand passes out of the post. Must think he’s Mahomes or something
  3. Dayton fans don’t deserve to be in the jewel of midtown
  4. I disagree. Dayton would have a field day from 3. We already struggle to cover the 3 point shot, so zoning up Dayton would only make it easier for them.
  5. If someone has already said this, I apologize, but Jimmy Bell played well again today. He has impressed me defensively, hedging on screens, walling up, etc. And he made his free throws, and seems to be growing more and more each game overall
  6. Eastern Wash is 112 according to Stu Durando. So only slightly behind Belmont
  7. Jacobs is just a good all-around basketball player, and has shown it this year. He hasn't been flashy but he has been a great contributor
  8. I think you tried to be clever here but it didn't work. Maybe next time sparky
  9. A free throw coach sounds like a well paying job. I wonder if Duke or Kentucky has a free throw coach?
  10. I really don't want to speculate because I'm just going off of what he said to me, but I will say it involves arms (and not the body part)
  11. A friend of mine's mother works for the court system in the Webster Groves area. Let's just say there is ALOT of pretty bad stuff that Carteare did that has not even been made public....
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