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  1. I know the FT's aren't statistically the difference in the game, but I think the misses and the momentum swings and the choppy-style of play (all of which comes from the bad FT shooting) were the difference in the game
  2. Has could put up a double double with his eyes closed. He's gifted My main thing with Has is that he can't be our go-to guy if he struggles this mightily with free throws.
  3. I agree with this. Especially with French in this game. If he is gonna be the horse that this team needs to take over games, he just has to make free throws. The free throws as a whole are a HUGE liability. Just think, we fouled out their 2 big men, but it didn't make any difference because we can't make free throws. Good teams will force us to make free throws, and continue to make the game choppy which is not how this team would be successful
  4. Seton Hall has some absolute trees on the inside
  5. Highmark just mentioned Thatch's supposed 46.5 inch vertical again. No way that is actually it
  6. French's free throw form looks much worse than it did the prior 2 games
  7. South Alabama was picked to finish first in their Conference. So maybe a better win for Auburn than it seems
  8. The Seton Hall game is on ESPNU
  9. I think you might be missing the true benefit of starting Bell. Even if he only plays 3-4 minutes to start the game, he keeps Has out of foul trouble during that time because Has doesn't have to guard the 5.
  10. You can't honestly say that the NFL didn't have it in for St. Louis. I don't know about the NBA, but the NFL really screwed St. Louis
  11. My first guess is Perkins. He just looked lackadaisical tonight
  12. Just a little sloppy out of the half. Similar to FGCU game
  13. this is a very important and interesting question
  14. I guess this is where the vertical number is coming from. It may just be Ford pumping up his guys
  15. Agreed. If Hankton can bring offense from the 5 with Has on the bench, this team can take a major step forward
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