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  1. I think we’ll be surprised how good we are next year. As much as French and Goodwin were needed to revitalize the culture of the program and overall competitiveness, there were significant gaps, particularly on offense that both of them caused. Neither had a true position which caused confusion for opponents when we were on or when we had a matchup advantage but when we faced a good defense or shooting was off, we had no offensive structure to fall back to. Bully ball was needed after the time but I think we saw that it had it’s ceiling. We have a lot of experience coming back, I’m looking
  2. Sometimes seems our team tries to get too fancy or quick and in doing so forget how to dribble
  3. His son buying some drinks at a bar with some friends using dad’s credit card would be irrelevant. Actively planning and paying the bill for a maskless spreader event during a pandemic does show lack of judgement and is relevant. Again, not saying it’s anything more than a bad look, but is a bad look.
  4. Questions that will determine whether this is just an optic issue or an absolutely idiotic lapse of judgement that deserves true backlash. 1. Does the son live with or did he come into contact with TFord (or other family members that would come into contact with TFord) after this? 2. Was TFord or other family living with or in contact with TFord at this? yes on either of these and this is bad news for us and should lead to backlash 3. No for the above but did he fund this? I’m assuming this is a yes. This is bad optics that may effect trust from players and the schoo
  5. do we lead the nation in threes against with under 5 seconds on the shot clock?
  6. sorry, my time was in mountain time
  7. looks like actual start time is 4:05 so should be good
  8. Am I blind or does it seem like there has been about 6 times the ball should have gone the opposite way on an out of bounds?
  9. refs come out and call 15 fouls in 5 minutes to hit quota like last game?
  10. we are a headcase team. great when we get momentum but b-holes get super tight when we get behind.
  11. panic. its. no. longer. early...
  12. hasahn and linssen coming in together. like it.
  13. I'd rather they call a block than not anything. that's embarassing no call
  14. Why aren’t we rebounding nearly as well offensively as we’re used to?
  15. My guess is a significant other of a player or coach got COVID and is a gray area for contact tracing.
  16. At this point we need to be cognizant that due to current policies another, contact tracing pauses, or worse a positive test in the program, will likely decimate the rest of our regular season leaving us in a terrible spot. If we’re at risk due to an iffy scenario, it’s much better to bite the bullet on one game then potentially lose another 4-8.
  17. Although insignificant in win/loss, I think our fight to not lose by double digits to Minnesota may be an underrated/under discussed reason for how we got to 12. If we stop fouling/fighting and lose by 10+ like it looked like was going to happen and I don’t think the algorithms get us this high. And obviously the big win margin as opposed to the to close for comfort wins we’re used to.
  18. Question. Who do we want to win, LSU or VCU?
  19. Good thing NC state gave us some practice against heavy pressure. Loyola against Richmonds pressure looks like us in the first half yesterday.
  20. Nice part is we pretty much now control our destiny to get ranked next week. If we beat NC State and Minnesota on top of already beating Indiana State, it’ll be almost impossible to keep us out.
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