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  1. From The Athletic: Nesbitt's HS coach: "He's not super concerned with the hometown angle. ... They've done a 'pretty good job' of recruiting the program. Jordan's been to some games there, and they've been building a relationship. But as far as (SLU) being a favorite, I wouldn't say that." Not exactly encouraging.
  2. Let's say the Billikens' starting 5 is as follows: Yuri, Goodwin, French, Bell Jr. & DJ Now take those 5 away from the Billikens. Where does the team rank in the A-10 this year with: Perkins, Thatch, Jimerson, Linssen, THJ, Strickland, Russell, Hightower & Lorentsson as the main contributors?
  3. If you don't like the new home unis with black included in the billikens lettering then you have a big ol dump in your pants. remember when we only had blue and white? the next big idea needs to be bringing back the Larry Legend unis and re-make the schedule poster from that year.
  4. The best spot on the island is The Sand Bar - then waddle on over to Hurricane Hanks for a postgame barley pop.
  5. What defines a "wing" in your opinion? Because this team is ultra flexible in terms of virtually every position, and they can run athlete after athlete out on that court and they would all jive in a reasonable manner. There is no set formula or "wing" requirement. This team's greatest strength is that it has a massive amount of players who can match up at multiple positions. They can go big. They can go small. They can go rough. They can go lean & mean. The A-10 won't have an answer.
  6. I would argue Pearson is a prime RS candidate - because where does he automatically slot in the rotation? Let him get acclimated to the speed/athleticism of college ball, let Bess graduate. JJ will produce. Welmer might be able to dribble once or twice. Santos/Gordon/French/Foreman will lock up most of the minutes on the bigs. Bess isn't coming off the court except in limited circumstances; same with Goodwin.
  7. If you want to really make an impact, everyone should message the managing editors and voice your complaints - and do so in an eloquent and factually based way, which most of you have expressed in posts above. This is obviously a terrible take from JJO, but one that should battled on a unified front. Email these two people: [email protected] [email protected]
  8. The band is the only consistent presence we have had over the past decade. If you are complaining about the band, then you are probably one of the ******-tards sitting down in the student section. GET THE FRAT/SORORITIES INVOLVED! i'm sorry, but when I was a student, the kids who headed up the blue crew were the rejects on campus. Nobody liked them, but they felt important because they had pizza before a game and wore a viking hat. Get the rowdy gentleman and ladies involved!
  9. sports betting tip #1 Don't blow your load all at once.
  10. My predictions rest on the first two games.. We play two good teams, home and away...If we can come out and handle these two "good" teams and win the games we are supposed to win, I like our chances.. We are going to beat WU...That is our hype game and getting Wash early in the season will help..but we have to win the tough games against less formidable opponents
  11. typical freak out from people who know little about the situation except what they read on billikens.com. good work guys.
  12. ESPN.com has the UIS game switched to Murray State...they must be getting their info from this site
  13. 05's comments are about as useful as a poopy flavored lollipop
  14. Agree. But from the interview w/ RickMa it made him sound like he just paid for it..which per the article: Teams can take overseas trips every four years and raise money through fundraisers, games or donors. They cannot be paid for directly by a coach. I'm sure it happened like you said
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