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Yesterday, 01:51 PM

Maybe I should re-frame the question. There are less than 10 programs in the country that can just recruit big, athletic, strong, skilled, and versatile players. Everyone else has to determine what type of player they want to fit their system. Programs like Davidson and Butler emphasized superior skill and shooting over strength and raw athleticism. VCU was built with speed, quickness, and raw athleticism. Izzo built his system around being stronger and tougher than most with good athleticism. Wisconsin likes size and strength with skill. Majerus recruited undersized but quick and athletic guards paired with very skilled big men. I don't think their is a "right" system and ideal player, but programs fail when they don't have an identity and/or don't bring in good players that fit their identity. If you are hiring the next coach, what kind of system and identity would you target?

In Topic: Nuggets from Stu's most recent article

Yesterday, 10:14 AM

No big surprise, but I have heard from several sources that a coaching change will take place as soon as the season is over. What direction should we take with the next coaching staff?


I may be an outlier, but I would like to see us move to an athletic, offense-driven style like VCU. Winning is most important, but I am tired of 3 decades of half-court defense-focused teams. I think it is going to be a struggle for a few years no matter what, but it would be nice to struggle with an exciting, athletic team. I would like to move past the days of "buy" teams bringing in superior athletes.

In Topic: GDT: Davidson vs. Goliath

20 January 2016 - 09:08 PM

I give Roby, Reynolds, and Bartley credit. When they showed shots of them on the bench they appeared genuinely supportive and happy, not bitter about losing playing time.

In Topic: GDT: Davidson vs. Goliath

20 January 2016 - 09:04 PM

My take away is that you shouldn't chase big men stiffs or tall guards and should instead should find guys who can hoop regardless of height. Speed, quickness, and shooting still rule the day.

In Topic: Season-Ticket-Holder Assessment

05 January 2016 - 10:04 AM

We have 7 season tickets in my name. No one has been since UT-Martin, and with busy kids' and work schedules I am not sure we will make it a priority to go to more than a few games the balance of the season. The tickets are a sunk cost at this point, but there is just no interest in spending the time and any more money to watch the putrid product Crews has produced. I fear that I am the rule, not the exception. It is very sad.