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In Topic: McBroom gone

24 March 2015 - 03:59 PM

Who has improved under Crews?  Jett? 



Rob Loe, Jordair Jett, Dwayne Evans, Mike Crawford, Reggie Agbecko to name a few.  


I know that everyone really appreciates the education you and Pistol are providing the posters and readers of this board. Maybe you two can move on to sharing out of bounds plays.

In Topic: Reality -- trolling and nonsense free thread

22 March 2015 - 09:07 PM

Good post...I agree with most of what you say, except for the Dayton part. They've had 3 losing seasons in the last 20 years and been to 7 NITs and 6 NCAAs over that span. That's far from 'awful'.


We were undoubtedly spoiled for the past 3 seasons, which is what I think fuels a lot of this negativity. However, the fact that this was the worst season in ~25 years is certainly cause for a little concern. Next year is going to be a litmus test measuring the progression of this team.


Before last year, Dayton had made one NCAA tournament since 2004 and had won one game. By the standards of the current trolls on this board, they should have considered disbanding their program.

In Topic: Remaining Scholarships

20 March 2015 - 05:55 PM

Conklin was a two time first team all state player and broke Danny Ainge's school record for points.

Ellis was a member of Australia's u-18 national team.

Loe was a member of New Zealand's national team and considered the best player his age in the Oceania region.

Evans made all state teams and all Chicago teams.

Heck, even Remekun was an all region player in Texas.

Outside of the Oceania players, our current recruits have similar accolades. Crawford practically owned Indiana high school ball. Malik was the top scorer in his region and was first team all-state.  Bartley received all-state recognition in Illinois. Gillmann was 4 times all conference. 


I don't understand your point. High school accolades are meaningless because there is such a dramatic variance in competition and levels. For years, Vashon produced kids with accolade after accolade who couldn't cut it in D1.

In Topic: Remaining Scholarships

20 March 2015 - 02:43 PM

Frank Kaminsky, arguably the best big man in college basketball this year, was a 3 star recruit. Here is a write-up on him, which reads a lot like the write-ups for "fill in the blank" SLU big man:


Said Bo Ryan in a release upon signing Kaminsky: “Frank’s development has sky-rocketed over the past six months. He went from having a hard time getting on the floor in AAU the summer before his junior year, to having a large contingent of suitors by the following spring. He’s long, skilled and has a knack for finding the basket. His dad was a former college player and coach so he’s been taught the right way from day one. A very good student at a very challenging school – he fits the profile of what a student-athlete has to be at Wisconsin in order to be successful. Our staff is really excited about what the future could hold as Frank continues to grow and develop. I know he is excited to have a great senior season at Benet and then move on to what’s next for him. Badger fans will enjoy watching him mature in Cardinal and White.”
Kaminsky’s rivals.com profile lists him at 6-10, 220 pounds. He had offers from Wisconsin, Bradley, DePaul, Northern Illinois, Northwestern and Southern Illinois. 


In Topic: Remaining Scholarships

20 March 2015 - 02:33 PM



Wisconsin collects big white guys that were McDonald All-Americans and Gatorade POY in their state.  That is a little bit different than the ones we have been collecting,


If you are referring to McDonald All-American nominees that would include John Manning.


Wisc's last McDonald's AA was Brian Butch in 2003. Wisconsin had only 1 top 50 recruit and 1 other top 100 recruit in the last 4 years. http://statsheet.com...iting#mcdonalds


I actually believe our core 5 or 6 returning players are among the most talented young nucleus I have seen at SLU. We are still 2 years away, but we are going to be really good again if these guys stick it out.