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  1. Face with tears of joy, not sure about the shapes but SLU (unknown) > baby
  2. Prior to the news that Tilmon would not be signing right away; the Illinois message board was saying he was going to play for 2 years. I just wonder why they were thinking that. If he were to sign here and play for 2 years, I couldn't even imagine how good the front court would be.
  3. On 247, a recruiting analyst switched his prediction to SLU for Tilmon.
  4. Tay and J show was talking about Tilmon. Begins at 2:05:50.
  5. I know someone already mentioned this, but to me its really noticeable how much size Gillmann put on. Maybe Im just seeing things; but the kid looks like he really hit the gym hard since last season. Maybe the team photo is deceiving.....
  6. I wish we would get a solid PG. I thought there was a solid PG still undecided that played with DR at White Station.
  7. Its an old article but with the new hire,and the Rams leaving stl I think this is even more relevant. Im posting using my phone so hopefully the link works.
  8. MY has an incredible "physical" skill set, he just did not have the basketball IQ equal to that. I still like MR and DR and believe under better coaching they could really improve....just sucks that 2 years of their careers are already gone. BJ is another guy who just doesn't seem to click with the pace this level requires. I just really hope MN, and EW stay. Best of luck to anyone that leaves.
  9. I graduated in 2010 and different degrees had different requirements even for the "core" I know when I was in Parks College it required a lot less of the humanities. I thought the business school had different requirements than Arts and Sciences as well. Most of the intro classes for the humanities were very easy. Personally I just don't see SLU's academics as a deterrent for quality players. Look at schools that are equal or even better than SLU in academics and they still do well, Villanova, Xavier, Gonzaga, Georgetown, Marquette, Creighton, etc. I do agree that transfers from Juco or other schools have a disadvantage. Its hard for them to squeeze all the requirements in.....not sure how the other private institutions handle this. I know when I switched from Engineering to Chemistry I had to really cram a lot of the core requirements in. Oh and as someone posted earlier.....i think the average act for SLU is 28 with a minimum of 25 @64% acceptance rate.
  10. Almost every player has flashed their potential at some point. It's time for that all to culminate into a shocking Bills win. Forget the odds, let the kool-aid flow. We deserve this as fans for what we endured last season.
  11. I know some people are saying how Neufeld may be a year away, but so far he has only played 14 total minites. Fouls limited him last game. Unlike most freshman bigs, Neufeld has the size to contend in the paint. I think once he gets accustomed to the pace of D1, figures out how to play solid D without fouling, he will be a huge asset. Could be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if he comes up huge for us in a few conference games.
  12. I don't think Roby has regressed, just don't think we have seen any sign of improvement yet...but its only been 2 games. Bartley was pulled after he fouled a 3 point shooter...yet again. Miles seems to be the best improvement thus far. Aside from MY at FT last night, we improved our %. Seeing MN in person suprised me. He is a lot more filled out that I thought. His biggest issue seems to be getting accustomed to the NCAA rules on defense and getting into foul trouble. Especially this year, I wouldn't be suprised if most freshman have issues with this. But he does have a nice touch and I think he could be a huge contributer down the road. Jolly just looks so lost on defense, and doesn't handle the ball very well.
  13. Just started watching the second half. From what I have seen so far, AY and MR look pretty good actually. Jolly looks to contend in the paint much better so far.
  14. Im not reading much into the fact that Crawford and AY, or any other particular player is seeing more/less minutes. These are free bonus games the bills have. I really wouldn't doubt it if Crews uses these just to see what he has with different combos from the new players and with guys who developed over the summer. The one stat I do love to see is the 2nd chance points. Billikens with 12 points, bad guys with ZERO! Seems like last year our biggest problem was allowing teams to score ridiculous amounts of 3s and 2nd chance points. So the fact that the defense isn't allowing any and only allowed 3-3 pointers. Cant be all bad.
  15. Overall I was really impressed yesterday. For a number of reasons I believe our defense will be much improved overy last year. If we could just cut down on the amount of open look 3s I would be happy though. I really didn't get the feel that Hines was taking a leader role. I noticed almost every player at times being vocal. It seems everyone was communicating well. I felt like DR, MR, and AY were taking on more of the leadership role...imo. MN seems to have a ton of upside. While he didn't show a whole lot of flash on the offensive side during scrimmage; he did show well during 3 on 3 drills, and his defense seems like his biggest contribution. He really felt like a constant pressure down low and for rebounds. Definitely seems to be physical. JB looks great for a freashman. Quick step and great lateral movement. I felt like jolly at times was still being hesitant. There were several times during drills and scrimmage; he could have made a particular "move" but seemed to have this 1 second pause before doing it. The kid that impressed me the most was welmer. He was quicker than I expected, has a good shot and great touch in the paint. I know this season will probably have a lot of ups and downs; but I can't help but be optimistic and excited for this season!