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  1. Starting 5 All-Time Billiken Killers

    Completely agree on Byron Larkin. My first Billiken game I attended ever was spoiled by the 20+ points he put up. It was Roland Gray/Monroe Douglass sophomore years I think. We could just never beat Xavier those years until the very end.
  2. I'm A Season Ticket Holder Again

    Sounds like a plan.
  3. I'm A Season Ticket Holder Again

    Good job man!
  4. Coaching Candidates

    I've got one for you... Matt Driscoll at North Florida. He just wrapped up his second consecutive Atlantic Sun title at a school that could barely compete at the Division II level 15 years ago. His is the most enthusiastic coach I've seen since Bruce Pearl. He has completely turned the entire athletic program around with his excitement and personality. His team has led NCAA Division I in 3 point shooting all year with only two talented players on his roster. If you are looking for unbridled positive enthusiasm, he is your guy. He is the anti-Crews.
  5. The Gray Seasons

    Shimmy is actually now a very popular assistant coach here at the University of Florida, who is having one of their best seasons in years. Every time I see her I cringe a little.
  6. GDT: 12/2/15 — Morehead, less tail; wait, what?!

    The Lady Bills are beating the hell out of Memphis on the road. So we've got that going for us.
  7. GDT: 12/2/15 — Morehead, less tail; wait, what?!

    Meanwhile UNF is leading LSU 66-62 in the 2nd half in Baton Rouge. Where is that SLU team???
  8. 2015-2016 Prediction Thread

    Agreed. UNF is a very solid basketball team. I saw them play a lot last year here in Jacksonville. They lost one significant player from their conference championship run and can really shoot lights out. They are very well coached and they took out Purdue on the road last year. Still we have way more talent and should beat them.
  9. Soderberg to assist at UVa

    On other Former Billiken Coaches news..... I heard this on the radio in Jacksonville yesterday morning and was somewhat amused... http://www.gatorzone.com/story.php?id=30414 Nothing will break Florida's string of mediocrity more than this move.
  10. ESPN article on Vedad Ibisevic

    In 2003, I was living in Florida and drove up to Furman to watch the Bills play in a tournament. In the championship game Vedad found Will John in the box who scored in overtime to beat Clint Dempsey's Furman 1-0. It was the best, most intense regular season soccer match I've ever seen. Still have that program. Wonder if its worth something with 2 world cup stars 11 years later? Probably not.
  11. Marquette Hires Wojo

    Jeff Capel is a nice guy but as dirty as they come. He left OU basketball in shambles. Lon Kruger has done a decent job of putting the pieces back together but they are a shell of what they used to be. Capel also couldnt coach his way out of a paper bag. Horrible at xs and os. I'll bet he put together the Mercer game plan for Coach K.
  12. Willie Reed on NBA network right now

    http://espn.go.com/nba/player/_/id/2326015/willie-reed Hey, Willie is playing here in OKC tonight. With any luck the Kings will be down by about 30 in the 4th Quarter and he can log some serious minutes.
  13. Dayton to Elite Eight

    ??? I always found it easier to meet expectations than exceed them. A talented experienced team that is unselfish is almost impossible to beat. Again thats why it hasnt happened since November. Dayton is going to have a huge difficutly scoring points tomorrow and Florida will get enough. Kyle Anderson today joined a tremendous list of former UCLA players (Westbrook, Aflallo, Farmar) that turned pro after losing to Florida in the NCAA Tournament.
  14. Dayton to Elite Eight

    Florida is way too deep, they defend very well, they are experienced, they dont panic, and they havent lost since we were working on our Thanksgiving plans. If you are fan of the Billikens half court shut you down defense, I dont know how you couldn't be impressed with Florida's deeper and taller version. Billy Donovan is still the most underrated coach in America. Four straight Elite Eights after back to back NCs but they still dont put him in the class if Pitino, Calipari, Coach K. And he's done it a football first school with a crappy ass arena.
  15. Dayton to Elite Eight

    Florida is going to abliterate Dayton. Bet the neighborhood.