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  1. Someone should send him video of SLU's Game against NC State
  2. not looking good for allen i guess.
  3. didn't x just get a big man commit for 17? think that has any impact with stockard?
  4. Purely from Twitter it appears Allen's visit was uneventful. As we all know, everything can be deciphered based on a recruit's tweets
  5. You're probably right, but Florida was ranked 22nd last year with 3 4* recruits. Goodwin is a Top 50 recruit so that helps. Of course, only Goodwin is committed, and rankings don't mean wins, but it's a fun thought exercise.
  6. Goodwin, French, and Allen would be a fringe Top 25 class, right?
  7. French cut Minnesota and VCU. SLU in final 4 l
  8. TL:DR: Answer is yes.
  9. I always love the "SLU is disrepecting the local players" posts. Never good enough, it seems.
  10. Who is at Bellville West?
  11. 1) welcome back 2) any further info on Watson?
  12. if it helps, twitter shows Corey Tate meeting with Watson is 2015 (while a coach at Mizzou)
  13. Literally since Ramey was in 8th grade all we heard was that he had no interest in SLU. As to Watson, Twitter says that SLU visited with Watson on August 15th.
  14. Keep him away from your wives and significant others.