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  1. I want talented players. Thatch is talented. I'm good.
  2. We need him and Larry hanging around chaifetz
  3. I didn't watch the game. How was Ford's coaching? Could you decipher anything good or bad? Didn't really expect this one to be close.
  4. For all the Mark Smith talk, he is still rated lower than Goodwin. I'm okay with Smith not coming to SLU. Plus, when we get Tilmon we won't have any spots for him.
  5. Lol brah. Where you been? Ford has already secured the top class in the A10 for 2017 and two monsters for 2018. 2019 will another huge year, for sure.
  6. Holy . 7?
  7. There is a metro stop at Union Station
  8. Gordon is so good.
  9. I'm guessing Leech is not like the guy you played with at the Rec
  10. There is probably a lot of truth to 3_Star's comments that Watson likely does not want to play with Thatch. Could also explain why Thatch committed so early (i.e. there was only one spot). I hope Watson picks SLU, but can definitely see why he would not.
  11. As long it's after we make the final 4 I'm good
  12. If Travis Ford lands back to back 5* recruits I will die.
  13. True. The bigger issue is that mizzou sucks.
  14. I saw a tweet (can't find it anymore) that made reference to Gordon possibly reclassifying to 2017. That doesn't seem likely or feasible to me, and I haven't heard anything else about it, but is that something that has been discussed?
  15. That would be dumb and would not scare me. Romar has the best player in the country and he can't even get too 500 in league play. Mizzou is going to hire him for 1 year of Michael Porter? Jontay is good but not on the same level.