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  1. Yes.
  2. Why doesn't SLU have more local players?
  3. Yesterday on Twitter, Brian Snow said that Allen was a better shooter than Trae Young. After Jeff goodman said trae young was the best shooter he'd seen in high school since JJ Reddick. I hope SLU gets Allen.
  4. looks like allen is just outside the top 100 in scout's rankings. a 4* though. French also in the top 150, but a 3* http://www.scout.com/college/basketball/recruiting/2017-basketball-prospects?start=120
  5. This ignoring thing is going well
  6. Or, he could just be banned. Everyone seems to acknowledge he's up to no good. 99% of posters could ignore him but as long as some folks respond he sticks around. It doesn't make sense.
  7. This guy is annoying. Please ban. He's not even clever.
  8. New rules: 1) Anything from Mr Tilkowsky should be ignored 2) We should only be discussing what awesome recruit will commit next.
  9. Funny, He did remind me of McCall
  10. looks like he would be a good fit with goodwin. would be cool if he jumped into the top 100 after a big summer.
  11. my bad
  12. I'm hearing Frazier landed $325,000 to go to Illinois. WOW. Illinoi$. Someone call Bruce Pearl.
  13. Dang. Rhode Island and VCU must be devastated.