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  1. The airing of Grievances about this year's team might last until next festivus.
  2. Awesome win for the women tonight- down 15 going into the fourth quarter and winning by 11. That's finishing, I'd say.
  3. All I'm feeling is dread, but I guess miracles can happen (we can keep it respectable)
  4. They are exponentially better coached, that's for sure. You could see their buy-in kicking in last night. They also run inbounds plays-amazing! Maybe the largest part of coaching is having players that want to run through a wall for you; Crew's players did not want to run through a paper bag for him. Ford is obviously willing to put in the effort to be great.
  5. Let's get back to school talk! I think it's all about value and not starting your working life with hundreds of thousands in debt. Both of my daughters are going to Truman because they have full rides and will leave college with zero debt. From there they can make their own way. As much as I would have loved for them to go to SLU, it just didn't make cost sense.
  6. Willie was with the team until the last two weeks of the season. He missed at most two paychecks- as a matter of fact I wouldn't be surprised if he collected all his money. Additionally, his leaving the team has been way overblown- it's not a big deal to anyone in the NBA, so I have a hard time figuring why your panties are in a bunch over it.
  7. What a pile of crap! Maybe Willie was a young kid who got screwed by his friend's behavior. Maybe he was really bad at school. Obviously his biggest sin was letting Billikens Roy down. Really, people on this board have made fun of his intellect and maturity level for years, but you're still set on holding him to the same standards you would hold yourself to at his age. Unlike you, he has moved on and worked incredibly hard to get to this point. He's worked for peanuts in the d-league for years and grown up. He is the only Billiken the NBA and I am incredibly happy for him. He doesn't owe any of us anything.
  8. Willie's NBA stock has never been higher- he'll end up with a nice contract somewhere.
  9. Old Guy has way stepped up his game- poster of the year so far. Taj, you should go to Loyola Chicago because you're a rambler.
  10. Great times at 20 North! However, my favorite departed place at SLU is not a bar, it is the fabulous Flaco's Tacos. It wasn't there when I was going to school (it was the sketchy Steak and Egg Kitchen then) but man I had me many a pescado ultimo burrito there. I can still taste them now- so good.
  11. WHA WHA WHA WHAT? I'm a dude who likes old style Hollywood musicals; when I was in high school I acted in them, song and dance and the whole nine yards. There was still no fancy gentleman who was going to make me play for the other team. If you have a daughter who loves basketball, and is heterosexual, I think you're safe to let her play.
  12. There were a lot of free tickets given away to get the crowd to 7000 something on a Saturday night. Money talks louder than anything, and I'm not even sure I can go to any more games and be tortured. It's getting tough to give away tickets; the only reason I'm subjecting myself to this is that they're already paid for.
  13. I was there; he is incapable of shooting, at all times. I've been uncomfortable with the criticism of Jolly on this board, but last night he crossed the line from marginal player to clown. He is obviously trying to cover for his lack of talent by being "tough", but he ends up just being cheap. And then when he does bait their player into retaliating, he completely bricks both free throws when we desperately need to score. If he could guard at all he could get some minutes, but he can't do that either.