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  1. No sh!t brainiac. I thought he'd just give up because he hasn't lived there for awhile.
  2. I surmise they're talking about Tillmon's mom.
  3. Worst. Thread. Ever.
  4. Willie finished the season with 16 points and six rebounds in 14 minutes in the season finale. He really proved himself to be a solid NBA player this year, after years of paying some really tough dues in the d-league. Congratulations Willie; you might as well tear up that player option and triple or quadruple your salary.
  5. You just love to argue, don't you? 40% is only 24 more points, but a 40% 3 shooter is definitely looked on as truly dangerous. You know if you can keep your defender honest because he's worried about you as a three point shooter it's much easier to take it to the hole. Quit being disingenuous; you are a basketball coach, aren't you?
  7. Do you want to get off your ass and Google when Mr show-me basketball is given out? Do your own research.
  8. I've started watching a lot of heat games because of Willie; their rise from 11-30 to playoff contender has been amazing, but they're blowing it right now (they need dion waiters back badly). Willie is having a great year and he's making himself some serious money. His per 48 minute stats are fantastic.
  9. Oh for Christ's sake, give it a rest. It's OK if people don't share your hatred of all things mizzou. You can be a fan of both teams without being a traitor. My sister graduated from slu, got her masters at mizzou, and now she works at Kansas. She rooted for the Jayhawks during the tournament because it was fun. Everyone has a hierarchy of teams they root for- I bleed BilliKen blue, and I mildly root for Missouri. Does that make me a bad person? I don't need the fan police coming after me because my heart is not pure enough.
  10. Don't jump on Old guy too hard; after all, he is old. However, he is dead wrong on this issue, especially his worry that the MLS won't be supported. It is the league of the future in this country, just not much of a league for old guys who were never soccer fans to begin with.
  11. You can't foul them and let them tie the game from the line. If they're down by three then go for it.
  12. Alford satisfies the people who still haven't gotten over Bob Knight being forced out. He will also pay lip service to their hero.
  13. Your topic title is much better than your post.
  14. Gotta keep getting it in the middle
  15. I have to say I thought our defensive game plan for the first half was excellent, with guards swiping low when the ball went inside. No open threes either.