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  1. OT: Finally Some Good STL News

    You need to take advantage of seeing one of the great symphonies in the country for free. Obviously the acoustics are not like Powell, and it is largely a pops concert, but it's always well done, the combination of the setting and the weather was beyond picturesque, and the post concert fireworks were great. We enjoyed it with about 7000 other St. Louisans. Many folks make a big production of it with fine food and wine. I highly recommend going, although you might have a half mile or more hike back to your car afterwards.
  2. OT: Finally Some Good STL News

    If you were at the free stl symphony concert at one of the most beautiful park settings in America last night you would be bullish on St. Louis. It's not always just about sports.
  3. Recruiting - 2018 class

    I am sure that most high level recruits would have several sycophants that would do all kinds of crazy cap for them. Let's face it, there are plenty of MBM's on this board that are hanging on their every move.
  4. Recruiting - 2018 class

  5. Recruiting - 2018 class

    Man, I saw this that this topic was hot and thought some real news had been reported- hahaha the joke's on me and the rest of my fellow MBM's. Just another page of the same old baloney.
  6. Recruiting - 2018 class

    None of you dumbasses can hold basketball country's jock. HE was entertaining- vapid mizzou trolls are just annoying, and I am someone who has been given hell before for mildly rooting for mizzou.
  7. OT: Midtown Development

    Old Guy, sorry for your loss. That being said, you need to cut it out. If you and hsmith want to pm to continue hurling insults, that's fine. As far as knowledge and intelligent discussion on urban planning is concerned, hs is bringing way more to the table than you are. Quit being an old crank, or you'll have to change your name to Old Crank
  8. OT: Austin McBroom engaged

    Notice how the girl is shilling for some type of energy shake in a couple of the pix? I guess lemmings will be headed to go pick it up.
  9. Marketing department

    Who doesn't love Perry Comp? Hot diggity it's impossible!
  10. Travis Ford On 590

    Message board morons, MBM.
  11. Where will we end up ranked next year roughly

    We should be a steadily improving team that wins the conference tournament, rendering our rankings and free throw percentage meaningless.
  12. Recruiting - 2019

    This kid sounds like Travis Ford, 30 years later. Who better to coach him?
  13. Tilmon to Jail thread

    I'm all for piling on, but this could happen to a player on any team in America. It wasn't that long ago that we spent an entire year going through " the situation". Young men do stupid things with regularity. That being said, Tillman does seem to fit right in in Columbia, doesn't he?
  14. Ready the Pitbull.....OT(not recruiting related)

    Don't be shamed into not enjoying a zima, 05. If I was still a drinking man I'd be having one right now. Man I used to love me some Zima. Nothing like some rot gut malternatives.
  15. Recruiting - 2017

    You know that he's dead to us now, don't you?