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  1. 2017-2018 Schedule

    Thanks. This Board is a lifeline for expatriates like me. I have high hopes for the upcoming season. We are planning to be in NYC at MSG for the tourney games before Thanksgiving, and hopefully at Chaifetz Arena for the SEMO game before Christmas. Portland is a short flight from the Bay Area. That will be Christmas Party Weekend, so whether I can get up there will depend in part on the game time.
  2. 2017-2018 Schedule

    Agreed. Marquette and Creighton, Jesuit kindred, both know SLU is too big of a threat to them.
  3. Missouri Post-Dispatch

    While the Blue ink is duly noted, I told a Valley guy from Bradley this morning that the Valley should make SLU an offer. I can think of a few carrots that they could offer. If they don't ask, the answer is always No. (No, I do not support SLU reverting to the Valley). Mizzou would be a good Valley candidate, "like minded institutions."
  4. Missouri Post-Dispatch

    St. Louis U is a National University of Global Reach. How's the NCAA investigation going out there in COMO?
  5. Missouri Post-Dispatch

    Boone County, Missouri is Mizzou Country.
  6. Dayton, VCU and Wichita St. to AAC?

    At this point I do not think Dayton and VCU are going anywhere. They are in the A10, at least for the forseeably near future.
  7. AP top teams of all time

    Our past is our past. But I wonder how much higher SLU would be ranked if the Dark Ages of Billiken Basketball, 1974-1985, could be discounted.
  8. AP top teams of all time

    I thought the same thing re #69 SLU being ranked ahead of both #76 Dayton and #82 of Creighton of Omaha, as it sits in SLU's Big East seat. SLU could have used this study back in 2013 when we kept hearing about Sweet 16's, etc. SLU is also tied with much maligned LaSalle for 2nd among A10 schools, only 1 spot behind #68 UMass. Also note that VCWho is not on the list. I most certainly informed a few Old Blues that SLU is ranked ahead of #77 Cal Berkeley. It's good to be ranked ahead of Cal. Absolutely!
  9. AP top teams of all time

    Yes, my father-in-law was at SLU when SLU was ranked #1 in 1949.
  10. AP top teams of all time

    I wasn't at SLU then, as Pujols would say, "obviously," but Ms. BAB's Dad was, and my Uncle told me about that Billiken team too. We Billikens must always remember #50 Easy Ed (Macauley). When I first started watching College Hoops, the Missouri Valley Conference Game of the Week came on Channel 2 in St. Louis at 12:30 every Saturday afternoon, right after American Bandstand, with Easy Ed Macauley providing the totally unbiased view of the action. Easy Ed rattled off "St. Louis University" like the three words were one. I can hear him now. By my count the A10 has 9 schools in the Top 100. The Missouri Valley has only 3. But if the MVC could have stayed intact, it would be a very strong league today. Not counting the part of the ancient MVC that became the Big 8 (Big XII) and not counting Iowa, but counting Oklahoma State, the Missouri Valley as 12 former or current members in the AP Top 100. The MVC started on its downward spiral, albeit with some periods of recovery, in the early to mid-1970's. SLU's last season in the MVC was 1974.
  11. The MLS has decided the model soccer stadium for its purposes is in the 20,000 range. The StubHub Center in Carson, CA, (SoCal), home of the LA Galaxy, seats 27,000, to be expanded to 30,000 to host the NFL Los Angeles Chargers until Kroenke's palace in Inglewood is built and the Chargers become tenants. The new Avaya Stadium in San Jose, home of the MLS Earthquakes, seats 18,000.
  12. GDT: NCAA Tournament, Round 1

    VCU baited GW into running into a screen in that situation.
  13. Coaching movement that might affect SLU

    Yes, We claim both the Zags and the Ducks, especially now. Many Californians attend both schools. Oregon has practically become the University of California at Eugene. It is good to have 2 teams from the Invisible West in the Final 4 with it being played at the Arizona Football Cardinals Stadium.
  14. GDT: NCAA Tournament, Round 1

    Final Score from Saturday's All Jesuit NCAA West Regional Final in San Jose: Gonzaga 83 Xavier 59. One of the refs that shook hands pregame with the Gonzaga Jesuit Priest, who sits on the Zags' bench, was the same ref that T'ed up Xavier Coach Mack in the Second Half. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. From watching the shire Joy of the Gonzaga fans yesterday, I can only imagine what it would be like if our St. Louis U Billikens ever reach that pinnacle. A Spokane tv station was interviewing Zags fans on Santa Clara Street as we exited the Shark Tank.
  15. Coaching movement that might affect SLU

    Returning to Archie Miller's migration from Dayton to Indiana, this move comes at a good time for SLU. With Travis Ford's recruiting efforts about to bear fruit, Dayton's loss of its Coach should allow SLU to overtake Dayton again, which is important for Big East expansion purposes, that is if there are any. Irrespective of the Big East, this should aid SLU in becoming Top Dog again in the A10.