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  1. Quincy's was a bar on Olive in the vicinity of SLU, near the then Lewis Hall, the former Coronado Hotel. I remember there were curtains there. I remember being there for Game 7 of the '82 World Series. My SLU Law Roommate was at that Game 7, came back to SLU to pick me up after the victory, and we headed Downtown for the utter bedlam.
  2. Long Live Humphrey's. Bring back Clark's (site of many of BAB and Ms. BAB's early dates), Quincy's (where I watched the epic Game 7 of the '82 World Series), Bogart's, Pastore's, and Caleco's on Laclede. Clark's was a great venue with the upper deck.
  3. Coach Travis Ford is exactly who we need at SLU. He is excellent, outstanding at recruiting and public relations. The guy just gets it. What a refreshing breath of fresh air he is.
  4. The overruling from somewhere, by the refs on the ice, from the NHL Office in Toronto, from an igloo in Yellowknife, whatever, NEVER should have happened.
  5. Last night's NHL Playoff Hockey game was an unmitigated farce. The Chicago bandwagon jumping apologists, both the fanbase and Chicago homer media, know Chicago lost that game, that Toronto and the refs handed Chicago that undeserved win. Reading them all is providing comedic relief. 1. There was no conclusive evidence to overrule the call on the ice of no off sides and good go ahead goal by Tarasenko. 2. By the NHL's own precedence, Keith should have been suspended for more than 6 games, just 1 in the Playoffs. 3. The non-call "good goal" on the goalie interference was highly questionable, but that power play does not even happen had the colossal gaffe not been edicted on #1 above. The NHL is the 4th major league and in danger of falling to #5 behind the MLS. None of the 7 Canadian teams are in the Playoffs. The NHL Office in Toronto and its TV partners need big market Chicago in the Playoffs for TV ratings. That game last night was close to Don Denkinger level incompetence, and was clearly game dispositive. The ridiculous 2 replay delays and results thereof made NHL Playoff Hockey look like the WWE or Roller Derby. Shame on all involved in this travesty. #BeatChicago #BeatToronto Let's Go Blues!
  6. #BeatChicago #BeatToronto
  7. Nov 25, 2011. SLU 80 Villanova 68 in Anaheim. If Villanova can do it, then SLU can do it!
  8. Nov 25, 2011. SLU 80 Villanova 68 in Anaheim. If Villanova can do it, then SLU can do it!
  9. Agreed. It is very good to see SLU being included by Pete Thamel, a national writer from SI, as a "high-profile" job along with Big XII and ACC schools ...
  10. SLU is better the way this played out. SLU could not have done better than Coach Travis Ford. He is a very good choice for the SLU job. For any still holding out concern about Coach Ford's departure from Ok. State, please note that Hall of Fame and 3 time World Series winning Manager Tony LaRussa was once fired by the Chicago White Sox. I can tell you SLU's hiring of Travis Ford has even been noticed here on the West Coast. I walked into a Final 4 watch party yesterday in the East Bay, and my East Bay friends immediately raised to me SLU's hiring of Travis Ford and in favorable terms. SLU will be back as a College Hoops player in short order.
  11. +1,000,000
  12. To bring this full circle, perhaps MY can follow Keith Carter's lead and expand his Horizon at Valpo and thereby get to play, after all, under that outstanding bench coach.
  13. I'm disappointed MY is leaving SLU. I was hoping he would be a good player with Coach Ford. The talent is there. Another school will take an All A10 Freshman team player.
  14. Concur.
  15. Drew evidently can't win the big ones ... What is on his Horizon now?