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  1. Holy Toledo! It is Christmas in October. As Billiken Great and then SLU Assistant Coach Harry Rogers once told this then young SLU freshman by the infamous elevators in the lobby of Griesedieck Hall, ... "The Bills are back. So back the Bills." Congratulations and welcome to SLU!
  2. Does this mean that Louisville will have to forfeit that zebra aided NCAA Tournament "Win" over SLU in the 2014 Round of 32, which would give SLU its elusive Sweet 16 appearance, the criterion perpetually held against SLU by Big East observers sitting on high?
  3. Yes, it's there if you really look closely. I thought at first that it was a crown, as one of the old Billikens wore a small crown. I actually like this lean, Fierce Billiken over his fat ancestors. Even the two face, white and grey split, is growing on me. This is my school, my alma mater (x2), I chose it twice, including once over Notre Dame, and I'm still proud to be a Billiken!
  4. The new Billiken has 18 on each sleeve, for 1818, founding year of SLU. That's a good touch.
  5. Publicity. There's no such thing as bad publicity. Are we seeing the New SLU?
  6. I've had this thought. There may be such a method to this madness. On the other hand, this is SLU. In the "word" of the late, great Joaquin Andujar, "youneverknow."
  7. For the record and the archives of history, yours truly along with my SLU roommate from Cellblock 6 Gries., restored the true Billiken mascot in 1981. Ekker, then served a dual role as Head Men's Basketball Coach and Athletic Director. Ekker had abolished the Billiken in favor of the pathetic Billy Lou, who looked like the old Mayrose Meat Man. After sitting through 2 years (as I recall) of this madness, without our Billiken, we took action our Senior year. It was at the time of the Bronze Boot Soccer Game vs. SIUE at Busch Stadium II. For years we had watched SIUE parade that live cougar in front of us. We went to Ekker's office. We told him we wanted back the Billiken. Ekker responded that he had spent a lot of money for that (Billy Lou) mascot. We said, "Coach, that's fine, but our team (or mascot) is the Billikens." We told him we weren't leaving his office until he let us have back the Billiken. He relented, he let us have what was then the "Head," as the Billiken head, complete with a gash was released from captivity. When not in use at the games, the "Head" sat in our dorm room that year. We commissioned our next door neighbor to be the Billiken at the Bronze Boot game, fitted him in an old SLU Hockey jersey. We told him he was going to take the "walk," on the north side in front of the SIUE fans, like that Cougar always did on our South Side. His only stipulation was that he didn't have to get near that cougar. We commissioned 2 female tennis players to escort him, and we took that walk. At the Basketball games, we commissioned a classmate from 3 Clemens (3CEC) to be the Billiken. We made a deal with a tuxedo rental store for a free tuxedo in exchange for free advertising. The Billiken consisted of "The Head," and wore a tuxedo and sneakers. An article re the return of "The Head" was even written by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch college basketball scribe, Dave Dorr. So yes, BAB does have some personal, almost family attachment to our Billiken. Don't tread on my Billiken. Don't tread on my Billikens!
  8. In response from the Left Coast, I don't think this new Billiken is all that bad, not as bad as all this seemingly overwhelming dissent. Is this mascot really going to scare small children, as has been claimed? Really? Does the real life LSU Tiger Mike scare small children? I was in Baton Rouge a year ago, and my observation was that answer is no. The kids liked the Tiger. SLU asked its student athletes, who said they wanted a fiercer Billiken. Starting with the premise that he's a Billiken, there's only so much you can do with a Billiken, I do like the leaner, more fit look over his more portly ancestors. While I could do without the split head grey, the grey was added last year as an alternate third uniform. Is this response a microcosm of St. Louis itself, reticent to the point of fear, of change? ... I remember as a kid when my Mom gave me a newspaper cut-out of a cartoon Billiken from the old St. Louis Globe-Democrat. That's where it all began for me.
  9. This is an awesome picture, literally made my day out here in Foggy SF. This is a veritable Mt. Rushmore of Billiken Basketball in the Modern Era, with a few notable absences, of course. But my goodness, Monroe Douglass, Anthony Bonner, Roland Gray, and Erwin Claggett rank among the Top Scorers in SLU History. I can see Douglass scoring on the Alley Oop vs. Memphis State, Bonner with the thunder jam at Old Kiel vs. Colorado (I was there), Gray with the dagger 3 on the road in the NIT, and Claggs raining 3's at the Old Barn with Al McGuire at the TV mike expounding on "EC." Pee Wee Lenard lived at Lewis Hall (Coronado) when I lived there during the SLU Law days.
  10. Quincy's was a bar on Olive in the vicinity of SLU, near the then Lewis Hall, the former Coronado Hotel. I remember there were curtains there. I remember being there for Game 7 of the '82 World Series. My SLU Law Roommate was at that Game 7, came back to SLU to pick me up after the victory, and we headed Downtown for the utter bedlam.
  11. Long Live Humphrey's. Bring back Clark's (site of many of BAB and Ms. BAB's early dates), Quincy's (where I watched the epic Game 7 of the '82 World Series), Bogart's, Pastore's, and Caleco's on Laclede. Clark's was a great venue with the upper deck.
  12. Coach Travis Ford is exactly who we need at SLU. He is excellent, outstanding at recruiting and public relations. The guy just gets it. What a refreshing breath of fresh air he is.
  13. The overruling from somewhere, by the refs on the ice, from the NHL Office in Toronto, from an igloo in Yellowknife, whatever, NEVER should have happened.
  14. Last night's NHL Playoff Hockey game was an unmitigated farce. The Chicago bandwagon jumping apologists, both the fanbase and Chicago homer media, know Chicago lost that game, that Toronto and the refs handed Chicago that undeserved win. Reading them all is providing comedic relief. 1. There was no conclusive evidence to overrule the call on the ice of no off sides and good go ahead goal by Tarasenko. 2. By the NHL's own precedence, Keith should have been suspended for more than 6 games, just 1 in the Playoffs. 3. The non-call "good goal" on the goalie interference was highly questionable, but that power play does not even happen had the colossal gaffe not been edicted on #1 above. The NHL is the 4th major league and in danger of falling to #5 behind the MLS. None of the 7 Canadian teams are in the Playoffs. The NHL Office in Toronto and its TV partners need big market Chicago in the Playoffs for TV ratings. That game last night was close to Don Denkinger level incompetence, and was clearly game dispositive. The ridiculous 2 replay delays and results thereof made NHL Playoff Hockey look like the WWE or Roller Derby. Shame on all involved in this travesty. #BeatChicago #BeatToronto Let's Go Blues!