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  1. I believe that we will win!
  2. And thus, SLU is now 10-3 all-time vs. Fordham, The Jesuit University of New York. All 3 Fordham wins have come at historic Rose Hill Gym in The Bronx, including SLU's last 2 visits there, in '15 and '17. The other was under Brad Soderberg with Kevin Lisch out for that game.
  3. Fordham 54 SLU 40- Final.
  4. SLU has looked like it's been asleep most of the game.
  5. There's dreary weather out here on the Left Coast as we hope the Oroville Dam holds. Nice California weather was evidently exported to the Great Midwest.
  6. 51-35 FU 3:57 media timeout.
  7. Even in this LOFT season, this game is difficult to accept.
  8. Yes, announcer said Crawford was ill this week.
  9. This game feels like it is in slow motion.
  10. Roby and Crawford did not score in the first half. Fordham is missing one of its best players, another is playing with his knee heavily wrapped. Yet SLU has looked completely befuddled by Fordham's zone defense, which is challenging the SLU ballhandlers away from the basket. One would think the Billikens can still win this game. SLU finished the first half on an 8-2 run.
  11. FU 27 SLU 19 at Halftime below the stained glass windows of "historic" Rose Hill Gym.
  12. SLU is playing the Welmer-Gillmann Twin Towers.
  13. 25-11 FU 4:47
  14. Painful, I feel like I'm back in the dentist's chair ...
  15. 14-9 FU 10:55 media timeout. Zeke Moore hit a 3, also threw pass right into the Fordham zone for a turnover.