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  1. Ron Coleman was an assistant coach for Randy
  2. Dick Versace was here for a short time but had a good career at Bradley.
  3. Chris Carr from SIUC was from Ironton MO and played at Acadia Valley High.
  4. Marcus Timmons from Scott County was a very good player at SIUC.
  5. It was at 20 North. When Dan got out of it I think it became the Copper Door for awhile. I don't know about it being "Deadhead" bar.
  6. The Loading Zone was on was on Vandeventer. Danny Antonis was one of the owners.
  7. As long as Ron Ekker exists he will always be the worst coach in Billiken history. Crews and anyone else can only be second.
  8. Good Luck Milik. I hope you do well at your next school.
  9. Introduction of new coach is at 11:00 tomorrow
  10. We played Blackburn and Greenville College at. West Pine. The Blackburn game was tight game. We beat Greenville 95-56. Please don't ask me why I remember the score.
  11. Robin Jones was a big man that backed up Walton on the Trailblazers championship team.
  12. Becton was from Memphis and left SLU after his freshman year for Memphis State.
  13. Yes, it starts at 6:00 p.m. CST
  14. Abdur Rahim Al Mattin was the first big recruit for Grawer. Not very polished but a 6' 8" big framed center.
  15. Does anyone think that Kevin may be getting dual citizenship to have a shot at the next Olympics?