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  1. C May/T Ford just now on 550 am

    I think the interview that is being referenced was taped a couple of months ago and replayed last night on 550.
  2. Rosters by Class and Position

    Harry Rogers had a brief stint in the ABA with the Spirits of St. Louis.
  3. Rosters by Class and Position

    Great minds must think alike.
  4. Rosters by Class and Position

    Robin Jones was on the Portland Trailblazers NBA Championship team with Walton.
  5. Willie Reed - Impressive Heat Debut

    I hope Willie gets the same quality of guidance the Larry Hughes received.
  6. Recruiting - 2017

    Does Travis have anyone in this weekend on a visit?
  7. Recruiting - 2017

    The Blues play at 7:00 and the Cardinals at 7:15
  8. Recruiting - 2017

    I heard from a very reliable source yesterday that Gillmann will in fact not be returning. He will probably graduate after completion of the summer term.
  9. Moore & Neufeld transferring

    The OVC is a good league and is perfect for Zekes's skill set. He will do very well there.
  10. JT requests Release from NLI

    The fact that Bruce Pearl was considered a beloved coach, tells you all you need to know about the UT basketball fan.
  11. JT requests Release from NLI

    I think Roy should consider getting a girlfriend .
  12. Coaching movement that might affect SLU

    He was also a member of the IBL Champion St. Louis Swarm with Clagget and Doug Smith.
  13. Tatum Lottery pick?

    Fox Sports Midwest has really got me back watching the NBA by telecasting the Pacers and Grizzles games. You get to see all of the teams at some point and not just the teams anointed by ESPN as the ones you should see.