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  1. Good or bad, it is silly to take away much of anything from a practice dunk. I have never seen Zeke play, but here is a clip of a fairly impressive dunk by him in a game:
  2. A promo video like this doesn't tell you much, but we certainly look a lot more like a high level D1 team.
  3. The Wondo start was absurd, but I hated the Beckerman start because it moved Bradley out of the defensive mid role. Bradley is a dramatically different/better player when he is playing defensive mid and directing the ball forward. When he moves to an attacking mid role his lack of calmness on the ball and panicky back-passing becomes a liability. The better move is getting Nagbe in front of Bradley to connect the attack. Nagbe is about the only guy we have who is truly calm in possession in the midfield.
  4. Bartley was injured last year, and it greatly affected his play. He has one of the better handles on the team and is arguably the best outside shooter. We need him next year, and he still has a chance to be a very good player by his senior year. There is no way he should be run off this team.
  5. Or he could be appreciative that he was a walk-on that was never promised a scholarship yet still got one for a year.
  6. I think the Center position is now the least important position in college and pro basketball. The only difference-maker at centers are the athletic freaks that only land at places like Kentucky. Athletic forwards and guards now control the game. Teams just cannot compete with an offense designed to feed a big guy with his back to the basket.
  7. Crazy legs aside, Green is one of the most well-rounded basketball players I have ever seen. I have probably watched Golden State 25 times this season, and he does so many things well on the court. I am actually surprised we kept that game as close as we did.
  8. I believe Roby was working out next to Bartley in most of the photos.
  9. Guys, please cut the politics right away so we don't have to babysit it. Take it to facebook; it always works well there.
  10. My thoughts exactly. I would never target or avoid any recruit due to his defensive prowess or deficiency. It will always need to be coached up in college.
  11. The thing about defense is that it can be more impacted by coaching and effort than any other part of the game. There is a short ceiling to improving speed, quickness, hand-eye coordination (shooting), and explosiveness. The defensive ceiling is very high for every college player.
  12. His game is smooth, but he may want to get working on his hops.
  13. http://www.app.com/story/sports/college/2016/04/01/tough-hit-rutgers-hoops-dj-foreman-transferring/82515192/
  14. He was a top 100 and 4-star recruit on some lists back in high school. We need every athletic 6'8" kid we can find. Big pick-up for Ford.
  15. Here is the backstory: http://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2016/4/15/11438980/college-basketball-players-dance-trend-my-boo I saw this article a few days ago. I give credit to the Maryland players for starting a trend that is humorous for its randomness.