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  1. I am not expecting an official statement, just verification from an insider that it is behind us.
  2. Recruiting - 2018 class

    You mean the exhibition game?
  3. Do we have confirmation that the investigation is complete and no players are being suspended/expelled?
  4. Recruiting - 2018 class

    I think it is just a qualification that commitments are not yet binding. I wouldn't read anything else into it.
  5. Mickey Pearson Commits

    He looks like one of the long athletic wings that seems to kill us in every buy game we play and always leaves me wondering how they ended up at a Ohio Valley or MAC school.
  6. Mickey Pearson Commits

    What am I missing? Why isn't he ranked higher and recruited by high major programs? From his video highlights, he looks like Durant.
  7. None of this makes sense; it is more stories without any new story.
  8. I cannot wait until we get to go back to just discussing basketball.
  9. I may be the outlier, but thus far I have been impressed by how the university is handling this version of the situation. The public statements were all professional and timely. They have taken efforts to protect the names of both the accused and the accusers. They are hiring an external law firm to manage the internal process (rather than let academics run it), and someone has ensured the accused have top representation (as opposed to a law student). In fact, I don't even know the names of all 4 of the accused even though I am a long-time season ticket holder, billiken club member, and connected fan.
  10. Again, I have no inside info, but people routinely drop charges every day in this country. They can quit cooperating at any time.
  11. I have no inside knowledge of this situation, but I wouldn't read too much into the President's statement because it was pretty much standard legal/public relations CYA. I do hope both the accused and accusers have adequate and fair representation this time around in a fair and transparent process. I had heard that wasn't the case last go round.
  12. Recruiting - 2018 class

    You had me until point number 4. The bigger is better approach was a 80's-90's sports venue concept. These days, the key is to finding the optimal size to (a) create the best game-day atmosphere, and (b) help drive an optimal demand v. supply. Adding more seats does nothing but create a cavern for most, if not at all, games. Nobody cares that Cameron Indoor has limited seats, but everyone raves about the electric atmosphere.
  13. OT: Midtown Development

    The one-party system had little to do with the population decline of the city, but bad Federal government policy (and racism) had everything to do with it. Abandoning urban infrastructure such as trains and trolleys, spending billions to run highways right through key city center neighborhoods and out to rural/suburban areas, and enabling white flight by providing government-subsidized mortgages that killed the urban real estate market and artificially crated a suburban one had everything to do with it. I just spent the last 3 months living in central Europe, and it is amazing the difference in their city centers and urban areas, all of which didn't face these same government policies. The 50s and the "Greatest Generation" killed the US city.
  14. Off-season talk

    The talk of who is going to contribute and not contribute based upon projected skill sets is being over-simplified to assume match-ups are static. There are certain games during which Bishop's quick handle and outside shooting may be necessary to compete; there are other games where we may need Welmer's ability to block shots or use his stretch jumper to open the middle. This doesn't mean they will start or get significant minutes every game, but we should be thrilled that our staff has a deep bench of highly-capable players who bring different skills. This can only increase the likelihood that we can compete against good teams regardless of competitor's strengths and style of play.
  15. Ty Graves Standing Vertical

    Keep in mind that is pure vertical versus standing vertical. A standing vertical is typically 5-10 inches lower than a running vertical.