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  1. A single play often constitutes an outlier, but at the open practice last week I noted a play in which Welmer had good rebounding position on Bess, yet Bess used raw strength and athleticism to snare the rebound right over Welmer. It was the kind of rebound we often saw by Ash, except Ash couldn't do that against a fairly athletic 6'9" player like Welmer. Bess will have great success if he accepts the kind of roll that Draymond Green players for GSW. Bess should dominate against most non-conference foes, and he should be an athletic battler against the good programs.
  2. The Foundry MLS group didn't have real money so they couldn't be taken seriously by the various stakeholders.
  3. This is one of the most speculative and in some ways irresponsible threads in recent memory. To my knowledge, no one has knowledge of Gillmann's plans next year (or Ford's plans for him), no one on here has any knowledge of his grades (although only Bartley, Neufeld, and Crawford were on the last two student honor rolls), and no one has any knowledge of any interest of any Ivy League school in admitting or recruiting him to transfer. In fact, it would be against NCAA rules to do so. The only thing we no is that Gillmann may or may not be back with SLU next year, and the staff will plan accordingly.
  4. I only caught the tail end of a comment in which he mentioned one of the guys routinely dunks from every way possible. Who was he referring to?
  5. JJ have a career 6 minutes.
  6. I agree Welmer needs to stay. It is easy to see how he brings a unique skill set that can compliment the incoming players. The bigger question I see is whether Zeke and Johnson have a long-term role on this team or whether they will get lost in the shuffle. They are both leaner and less explosive than most of the new players next year; they both are going to have to improve their handle, release time, and consistency from outside the arc and build more strength to slash the gaps if they are going to find a role. In NBA terms, Ford appears to be targeting a lot of Draymond Green-type recruits; Zeke and Johnson need to find their inner Thompson/Curry.
  7. The handles...the crossover...the hops. Boy do we need this kind of talent.
  8. My assessment of this team is that it requires a brand new starting 5 with significantly upgraded athleticism and skill at all positions. Hmm. I also believe Welmer, Zeke, and Johnson have futures as role players if they choose to accept them. Those are my deep and novel holiday insights.
  9. Somebody needs to help the halftime singing kid with his song choices.
  10. Most coaches recruit players who are strong, athletic, and can shoot the ball. Somehow, Crews managed to go 0-3 on this criteria with most of his recruits. I am not being sarcastic. It is downright amazing how bad his recruiting was given what he was handed.
  11. I liked the look of the guys in dark sweatsuits at the end of the bench. I am realistic about this season. This is a real-world tryout for a few spots off the bench next year. Bishop did some good things. Welmer did some good things. Zeke and Justin look like not-yet-comfortable freshmen. Roby is a bit of an enigma. These guys are fighting for a handful of minutes next year. From a fans' perspective, that is somewhat reassuring. From the coaches' and players' perspective, that must be really, really tough. I actually feel for this whole team; this is a really tough year, and everyone knows what is going to happen with the lineup next year.
  12. For starters, give me a coach who will use a more creative, possession-oriented midfielder to pair in the middle with Bradley. It could be Nagbe, Sacha, or maybe even Gideon some day, but Bradley and Jones are chaos together. We just cannot keep the ball with them. I actually thought the best Bradley has looked for the national team in years was a game he played alongside Nagbe. It always gave him an option to keep possession. Also, I want a coach who never calls up Wondo, Beckerman, or Orozco again. Jurgen's tactics, his constant tinkering, and the dichotomy of his unquestioned favorites and castoffs drove me nuts.
  13. This was my first time seeing this group of players in person. A few minutes into the game, when Wemer got his second cheap foul, I told my buddy who had just showed up that Welmer easily appeared to be the best player on the court. In the second half, he validated my statement. He is lean strong and shockingly skilled for his size big size. That kid is going to be a key contributor the next four years no matter how many 4* kids we sign.
  14. I have 6 unused tickets for tonight's name if anyone wants them.
  15. As am I. I am staying home because the US-Mexico home qualifier only comes once every four years. Plus, both countries are featuring arguably their best in-form teams ever. I cannot get the "Dos a Cero" chant out of my head. At least the SLU game is on TV so I can record and watch it.