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  1. My observation of Graves was that he likely has the best handle, vertical, speed, and raw athleticism on the team. If he has any sense as to how to play the game, he will get lots of minutes.
  2. The challenge for bigs is that the guard play has been revolutionized in the last decade. The handles and 3-point shooting of this generation is so advanced. When I learned to play in the mid-80s, we were discouraged from dribbling through the legs, behind the back, crossing over, etc., and you only took an outside shot if it was a wide open jumper. Now, 7-year olds are being taught to handle it like Chris Paul, and kids are taught to shoot the ball from deep off of crossovers and step-backs. A big man has to be pretty dominate to repeatedly get looks for 2 points when offenses are designed with 4 guys on the perimeter looking to get the best look from 3. Steph Curry and GSW have only further empowered this movement. All of that being said, my observation from this year's NCAA tournament is that teams who could move the ball through a strong inside player outperformed those who didn't have that strong option.
  3. I don't have first-hand information, but I imagine the university worked out an arrangement where AG will be pay little or no tuition to finish off his academics at SLU. I imagine AG wants to graduate from SLU with his friends but understood the status of the program and his prospects in the sport. I am sure he has a lot of pride and didn't want to be viewed as holding back the program. It is likely a fair result for all.
  4. Last two at large play each other, and last two overall play each other.
  5. What is the issue?
  6. I have no inside knowledge, but I did read much of the consultant's report. My net takeaway is that the current financial problems largely stem from having a large number of longstanding programs and degrees offerings that are unprofitable and in low demand, combined with a declining enrollment due to age-related demographic changes. Effectively, Costello inherited the problem and is now faced with making the difficult decisions as to where and how to cut programs and costs to make the school more efficient and relevant for the current era. Maybe Biondi could have raised more donations to fill the budget gaps this year, but the long-term problems would have remained. I also understand that many universities are facing the same challenges.
  7. This thread has me concerned and confused. I thought we had turned the corner on the old "go cheap" days in the athletic department. Are we still cutting corners and running a small-minded program? It appears Ford has the staff, charter flights, etc. that other coaches couldn't get.
  8. I completely agree with your point, but your crime stats regarding the CWE are inaccurate. Despite having the highest density in the city, the CWE still is middle of the road in crime per capita for the city.
  9. A single play often constitutes an outlier, but at the open practice last week I noted a play in which Welmer had good rebounding position on Bess, yet Bess used raw strength and athleticism to snare the rebound right over Welmer. It was the kind of rebound we often saw by Ash, except Ash couldn't do that against a fairly athletic 6'9" player like Welmer. Bess will have great success if he accepts the kind of roll that Draymond Green players for GSW. Bess should dominate against most non-conference foes, and he should be an athletic battler against the good programs.
  10. The Foundry MLS group didn't have real money so they couldn't be taken seriously by the various stakeholders.
  11. This is one of the most speculative and in some ways irresponsible threads in recent memory. To my knowledge, no one has knowledge of Gillmann's plans next year (or Ford's plans for him), no one on here has any knowledge of his grades (although only Bartley, Neufeld, and Crawford were on the last two student honor rolls), and no one has any knowledge of any interest of any Ivy League school in admitting or recruiting him to transfer. In fact, it would be against NCAA rules to do so. The only thing we no is that Gillmann may or may not be back with SLU next year, and the staff will plan accordingly.
  12. I only caught the tail end of a comment in which he mentioned one of the guys routinely dunks from every way possible. Who was he referring to?
  13. JJ have a career 6 minutes.
  14. I agree Welmer needs to stay. It is easy to see how he brings a unique skill set that can compliment the incoming players. The bigger question I see is whether Zeke and Johnson have a long-term role on this team or whether they will get lost in the shuffle. They are both leaner and less explosive than most of the new players next year; they both are going to have to improve their handle, release time, and consistency from outside the arc and build more strength to slash the gaps if they are going to find a role. In NBA terms, Ford appears to be targeting a lot of Draymond Green-type recruits; Zeke and Johnson need to find their inner Thompson/Curry.
  15. The handles...the crossover...the hops. Boy do we need this kind of talent.