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  1. Going to end up 3 to 0. A split in Carolina is good enough I guess.
  2. It only took us 72 minutes to register a shot ------ and that was generous to say the least ---- a header over the end line, not even on goal.
  3. Never seen a fast break in soccer. Now I have. UNC 2 to 0. Given what little I've seen of the Bills, two goals seem like a long climb for this squad. Surprise me.
  4. UNC goal at 17 minute mark. Looks a lot like the other night as the field appears tilted.
  5. Another Valley-level talent. Nice job, Jiminy.
  6. NCState, UNC, Maryland, Wake, Virginia Tech all employed many, many, MANY foreigners inthe two years I watched them play (potential son-in-law was All ACC and from Uruguay and an illegal alien to boot!). And that's what I didn't get ----- not only from outside the US but illegal as all get out. How do you go to an ACC school and on a full ride that way? How can that NOT be checked out? NCStae's goalie was named Fabien Otte and from Germany. Their captain was Nazmi Albadawi. The star defenseman was named Gbenka. So its not a new trend and it happens everywhere.
  7. I can't speak for brian but my post was just an observation, in no way an intent to diminish the victory. I thank you for letting me know it was on ESPN3 and I watched from when I saw your note but the whole second half was played in our end. We defended well and the goalie made some key saves late,especially when we almost got credited with an own goal. Always root for the Bills ..... butv my views on soccer overall get me condemned. Beat UNC. Been to Wakeand Chapel Hill. Going to be tough to win the second one as well,
  8. Bills win although the field was certainly slanted for that second half.
  9. RU: thanks, I knew the 3 point line was a child of the 80's. Just couldn't remember when it all started. When you say "Roland Gray" what do you conjure up? I do NOT conjure up a three point sniper ala Claggs. Highmark and H. Not even in the line of Donnie Dobbs. But point noted. Gray still qualified for the books. Thanks for the correction.
  10. @HoosierPal: good question. I can imagine a scenario where the record book keepers were sitting around and arbitrarily decided "yeah ... 100. One hundred sounds good." Or maybe that's a standard default total. I don't know. I would think that in the grand scheme of things, the fact that Claggett took 716 three-point shots and Gray took 230 would seem to make even the least astute observer say Claggs was a better three point shooter despite the slightly lower percentage but that's me. Waldman was here only two years, but took 82 more three pointers than Gray did in a two-year career as opposed to four. Jason Edwin's sixth place finish is wildly out of place for me. McCauley and Robertson barely qualified with 130 and 135 attempts respectively. Frankly I don't think of either Edwin or Gray as three point bombers as I do Claggs and even Highmark, who isn't top ten percentage wise (37%). But they are there. I don't know -- the first number that comes to mind is 50 attempts per season played. In that way, Claggs would need to launch 200 while Waldman would be at 100. Bartley still would qualify but McCauley and Robertson would not (each would need 200). My pet peeve is also that folks had to complete thei rcareers here, but that's likely not fair.
  11. Responses: jimbo: trying hard to forget. Stop reminding me. HoosierPal: eventually, one would think you'd need a minimum number of attempts to get in this particular club but for now, yeah,...Bartley finishes his career at #3 "all-time." What's even more surprising is three guys on the list -- Jason Edwin, Carolos McCauley and Troy Robertson -- actually took less shots (139/130/135) then Bartley did. His one-dimensional mark is on the wall. To put it in some perspective, our all-time leader in 3FG% isn't in the top ten for 3FG made. Stats are relative. hsmith: I felt Roby's one dimension was defense based on his freshman year. A defensive stopper. Needed? Yes. But he was not that his sophomore year. 13 talks about his line-drive shot. I agree. He was never a true ballhandler, a point guard. If so, given our lack of such a player, he would have played much more than he did with the rock in his hands. But no matter how I attack the point guards, there is still the issue that there was nothing on the receiving end talent-wise that would deliver the proper ending to a good point guard pass. Once again, no talent. Roby played defense, couldn't shoot, couldn't dribble. Bartley could shoot, but couldn't defend and couldn't rebound and also couldn't dribble. Reynolds could dribble an d shoot free throws, but that was his one-trick pony act too. Added to two projects and a head case. Then Zeke Moore was a suitable replacement for Jayson Tatum. And a four-star recruit wasn't worthy of playing here. Which is still why someone should ask: WTF Jimmy, WTF?
  12. I'd love to know what Crews was thinking. Of his recruits, five were "projects" --- Agbeko, Jolly, Gillmann, Neufeld and Yarbrough (head case more than project). One was an abysmal failure (Lancona). Crawford is a decent role player, not a star. Roby, Reynolds and Bartley were all one-dimensional and limited. Hines was a walk-on who beat out the scholarship players. Leaving Bishop as his best? Who only cracked the starting lineup as a last resort. And we now know the answer to last preseason's article --- do we have five point guards or none? We had none. And the college game is known as a guard's game. Who uses almost 40% of his scholarships for "projects?" What was the plan ---- just get the bodies so I can craft them into a power? I don't recall Jim Crews developing anybody in his time ---- who was his Marcus Smart? His Andre Miller? His Keith Van Horne? I ha dhug emisgivings about th ehire but understood why we did it. In my wildest dreams I never saw us falling this fast and this far. There was a plan, right? Right? Buehler? Beuhler?
  13. I am assuming that he will retain two years of D-1 eligibility by getting out now.
  14. Allow me to put the stamp on this Hoosier's forehead in big yellow letters ......... IGNORE