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  1. Players dropping out and possible/certain Billiken opponents this coming year ..... Jaylen Adams, St. Bonaventure Rodney Bullock, Providence (could play in 2K Classic in NYC) Joseph Chartouny, Fordham (did not know he has thrown his name in for consideration to begin with) Donte Clark, UMass (but transferring to Coastal Carolina) BJ Johnson, La Salle Randy Onwuasor, Southern Utah (remember him?)
  2. There are charter schools here in Baltimore that are outperforming the public schools. But that's not really hard to do ---- on a scale of one to ten you can garner a "1" and still outperform some B'more public schools. Some are posting negative numbers its that bad. Carl Stokes, a long time B'more city Democratic councilman gave up his seat to devote his time to a charter school. Seems to be at least one "good" alternative.
  3. Remember that great Kentucky team from a few years back? Didn't even make the tournament and lost in the first NIT round to Robert Morris. All I'm saying is not all great teams on paper perform on the court. I'm glad Mizzou fans now have high expectations. As we do. One piece of bread is like a steak meal to a starving shipwrecked soul. Which is what followers of both programs have been for the recent past.
  4. Didn't Clemons go on to be a US Senator and marry Mandy Pepperidge? Wasn't there also an issue with Randy Pulley here that miraculously disappeared at Mizzou? Also our transfer that went to Kent State?What was his name? I guess you can do anything with majors like PE and Parks & Recreation and Communications (oh wait,thatwasmymajor. Strike that last one.....) My only metaphysical discussions occurred on the upper deck at Clarks ..... which would likely explain my lack of recollection ......
  5. kshoe! Buddy! Love the blue type. What I believe Ash stated was that he was sitting on the Nova bench in Anaheim watching Majerus' team blitz his Wildcats and that's when he noticed the Bills and put them on his list of possible landing spots. I believe he said he was impressed as all get out and wanted to play that style/way with that coach. He signed with Saint Louis because of what he saw with Majerus. That continued with the team Majerus left behind which was Ash's sit out year.. It wasn't until [dead] took over and reality sucked. And that was what he was stuck with. He could not have expected the sky to fall so quickly with [dead]. None of us did. Ash transferred here to play for Majerus, coached by Majerus. I also have that confirmation from family. Decision done. Signature date immaterial.
  6. To who starts I say who cares. As Exhibit A, I offer Grandy Glaze.
  7. Tilmon may have signed with Mizzou but I think there are going to be a whole bunch of hurdles for him to jump and hoops to go through before he sets a foot on the court. Qualifying for one. Clearing the NCAA Clearinghouse for another. Stay eligible. Can the kid do what he has to do to escape the friendly confines of East St. Louis or not? Lots of stories like this for other kids like this -- and not all end well. Plus, with the rumors that Jontay is reclassifying in order to play with his brother, that would seem to indicate its now or never for that to happen which I translate to me Porter, Jr. is one-and-done. This time next year, Mizzou's recruiting efforts could al be set back to square one. Lots to play out before we see this saga end.
  8. Schmidt at Bonaventure just landed a commitment from UNLV sophomore shooting guard transfer Jaylen Poyser. Originally, a three-star recruit out of Canada via Findley Prep in Henderson, NV, Poyser averaged 10. 4 ppg in 31 games for the Runnin' Rebels last year. He will sit out the coming year. I guess he must've missed his Ontario roots -- Las Vegas to Olean is quite a culture shock. Henderson is suburban Vegas too.
  9. Thanks Ankiel ---- but it is as simple as a roster check. As a Billiken fan, I like to do the homework that comes with knowing who the opponents are,not only by school, but also roster-wise --- especially when the comings and goings that make up roster moves today are so numerous. Traditionally,the A10 is not a big man's league. And I'm not sure the classic definition of "big" even exists today. I would have to look this up but I think the last really good big man in the league was Andrew Nicholson at Bonaventure and you could debate whether he was a stretch four or not. The last truly interior big I can recall is Lavoy Allen back in his and the school's Temple days in the A10. The A10 plays more like a guard-dominant league with the "tweeners" also doing well. Temple always had those 6'5" to 6'7" guys back in the Dionte Christmas mold. St.Joe's legendary team had nary a big on it. Xavier was composed mostly of tweener and guards and don't try to sell me Kenny Frease was good. It would have been very interesting to see Steve McElvane play all four years at Dayton. If we can defend the perimeter against the likes of Jaylen Adams, Matt Mobley, Mike Lewis and Peyton Aldridge, we would force the game to be taken inside. And I don't see anyone really scary down low in the A10 to worry about. On paper, the make up of this team is shaping up nice and very impressive rising from the recent dregs of [dead] ineptitude.
  10. Insurance policy. Foreman hip injury. Welmer foot injury. French a freshman. He also gives Santos a representative big to bang against in practice. He was situated behind Angel Delgado and Ismael Sanogo at the Hall. These guys combined for over 55 minutes per game --- in a 40 minute game. And both were higher rated recruits. He can likely be as someone said above, a Cory Remekun-type player. We need insurance for the PF position and as a one-year grad student commitment, we get all that at a very cheap price. At 6'9" and 235 pounds plus his age and experience, there are very few players in the A10 of equal girth ----Will Magerty at Davidson, Sam Miller at Dayton, Jordan Robinson at Duquesne, Chris Downing at Fordham, Daniel Relvao at Mason, Arnaldo Toro and Collin Smith at Geedubya, Rasheen Holloway and Malik Hines at Umass, Mike Layssard and Andre Berry at URI, Grant Golden and Paul Friendshuh at Richmond, Jai Williams at the Joeys, and Amadi Ikpeze at Bonaventure. That's about it. And before you say "who the hell is (fill in the blank with maybe the exception of Holloway), that's my point exactly. None of these guys have a resume,so to speak. Foreman, French and now Rasheed gives us three of the bigger brute force players in the A10 --- if they play that way. I like it.
  11. In case you did not know. Only guy left on our board is Pickett. Wondering if there are any grad transfers pending. Anybody know? Do grad transfers face the same requirements as LOI signers -- in other words, do they still get to sit and make a decision (financial aid agreement) even after the spring period passes?
  12. Chris Duarte to Western Kentucky. Dayton gets another big in 2-star power forward 6'9" Obadiah Toppin
  13. We are booking an apartment rental in the vicinity of the Herald Square/Midtown area. We need two separate bedrooms and at $200/night, I can come in way under that budget with an "air bnb" rental. But we will be there. Already have tickets (second row baseline).
  14. Apparently, Dayton's plan to upgrade the arena was started as an attempt to expand seating capacity and thereby move off the NCAA's "First Four" listing for games at the YouDee arena. An arena with 13,000 seats has very little chance to host first and second round games. These get dolled out to the big boy arenas that hold nearly 20K like MSG, Wells Fargo, United Center, the Pond and so on. Same with the Sweet Sixteen/Elite Eight rounds. And then three out of four Final Fours move into domes for really gouging the attending public. So Dayton's original attempt was to add seats and make the place bigger with an eye on the NCAA rewarding them every few years instead of annually with the First Four. Some even thought they'd get both -- maintain the Four and get next rounds games as well.. This was met with a 50/50 eye towards skepticism, because while Dayton does lead the A10 in attendance, the pervasive thought in the area was no way 20,000 would show up night after night for the likes of Austin Peay, Mount St. Mary's, Nebraska, Portland, Winthrop or East Tennessee State (2016 OOC opponents) let alone the likes of Mason, Geedubya and Duquesne. Even if you still put 13,000 fans in the seat for those games, the place is only 65% full -- almost half empty. So the money is going into creature comfort upgrades for the loyal sweater vest crowd. And it will be gradual as they work the remodeling over the noted three year period.
  15. Domino --- domino --- with Crosby's return and the signing of Jalen Crutcher, Dayton offeree Tyler Maye signs with VCU.