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  1. WOW! What a game last night at Davidson. Dayton got "trapped"but then escaped to an 89 to 82 win at Davidson. Dayton pulled a Billiken and went scoreless from 13:59 to &:58 and fell behind by 11 67 to 56. They put Cooke on Gibbs and Pollard on Aldridge and toughed it out to 74 all at the end of regulation Then Sccochie went nuts ---held without a field goal for 40 minutes, Smith hit three threes and a two for 11 in the OT and Dayton won with ease. Davidson gutted it out; Gibbs played with a face guard for a broken nose and he and Aldridge scored 27 each. Davidson is truly a two-man team ---- in the end, not a single sub or other starter stepped up when it counted. Dayton's defense concentrated on Gibbs and Aldridge and made it really difficult for them down the stretch. Dayton did what you expect senior-laden teams to do. The win gives them a half game lead on VCU as the Rams go to Kington for Rhode Island at 2 Eastern/1 Central.
  2. Again, its who finishes and not who starts. You're up five or six and the opposition is going to extend the game by fouling. In many cases, the coach counter by getting his best ball handlers and shooters into the game. Of course, it doesn't happen all the time but that is the 'offense for defense' substitution. We have no point of reference for this year because we have rarely been in such a comparative situation. Many times in those games, the offense is driving to the bucket to initiate contact. Or launching threes. You also can hold your timeouts for use. It all depends. After the foul shot, horn, in comes Bishop, Henriquez, Johnson, Roby and even (shudder) Hines. When the foul occurs (one assumes the ball handling here is better than average) back in with the defensive shock troops of Bess, French, Foreman and Goodwin. If they get to the line, it likely means the opposition missed a shot and benefits to us. Henriquez is likely low on free throw attempts because a cardinal rule in basketball is you don't foul a jump shooter. Its why Zeke doesn't have more attempts. Roby drives, Crawford drives, Hines drives. The probability increases exponentially in that regards. Let's get the horse first before we even worry about the cart or in what position we want to place it. Tick, tick, tick .....
  3. BB: the only shot you should like is the one where the majority go in. Zeke's put up 57 treys; 50 twos. He shoots 33/34%; so better on twos. So I'd call it a push for now and likely deserving of a second year given where we are. One thing negative I will say ---- and its understandable as a freshman ---- is he does not have the "shooters mentality" whereby he keeps shooting. Again he's a freshman and that mentality also doesn't work on a team with a makeup and a pace like ours. Still, a long way to go to be "stench-free." I remain unconvinced.
  4. Tonight, Dayton is at Davidson on ESPN2 at 9 EST/8CST. Dayton favored by two. Trap game. Dayton cannot afford to look ahead to VCU Wednesday night at the Triple D. Couldl be a very close and interesting game; Dayton has chunked things up before (see @ Umass). Saturday the big one is VCU at Rhode Island at 2pm/1pm also on ESPN2. Friday's result will play into this. A Dayton loss takes the pressure off VCU for a must-win. Rhodey already needs it more for resume building and to remain a decent lock for a double bye in Pittsburgh. VCU is going good right now; luckily it is not senior night in Kingston to add to the emotion. Expect a sell-out, raucous house, and about four Hurley heart attacks. Richmond tips at Fordham same time but on NBCSN. Fordham is hot, with winning three in a row. Richmond is as motivated as Rhodey is. If Chartouny is still out,not good for Fordham. Even with him I see a Richmond win in the offing. Then us and the Joeys on NBCSN at 430/330. A win locks #11. Sunday is nothing to get excited about as far as we are concerned as La Salle goes to Umass and the George do battle in Foggy Bottom. The only note is a Umass win and a Bills loss could muddle the deck chairs in the PIG some. We'd be tied with Umass in record but own the head-to-head. Loving it.
  5. Close out: Geedubya held serve and beat Umass last night pulling away down the stretch for an 83 to 67 win. Patrick Steeves and Jordan Roland aided the GWU Tyler Cavanaughs with 26 and 15 respectively. Stevees and Roland? I think Steeves is somewhat stiff and Roland average 6.7 ppg up until last night. RESULT: the bottom three are locked into the PG. It will be Duquesne, Umass and the Joeys for sure. We are statistically locked in as well given we have four wins and the three teams above us have 7 and all have the head-to-head advantage even if we win out. A win against the Joeys SHOUDL lock us into #11. Deck chairs with the clock still ticking .........
  6. Further proof that it doesn't matter who starts but who finishes .....
  7. Syracuse was in the tourney per Lunardi before this win. Now he has them a ten seed. He has two A10s (both 8 seeds) in Dayton and VCU. Rhode Island is now where on the list, not even in his First Four Out or Next Four Out. Now its Lunardi but I only use him because he is A10 after all. Syracuse is his seventh of ten ACC teams in .. he goes as low as Georgia Tech, number 10 in the ACC with a putrid 16 - 12 mark. He also has Michigan State in as a 10 seed with a 16 - 11 mark. So go figure ... as always .....
  8. Oh no, Pistol, the PIG participants are a lock. Its the seating/seeding arrangements, that's all. I don't care to play Duquesne because I don't wan tto hear how Mike Lewis is from St. Louis. I will reserve judgment on the Joey's until Saturday. Umass ahs some athletes but maybe the Kellogg factor swings that our way. Umass then?
  9. Wrap-up: Fordham took out the Dookies at the Duct Center 70 to 52. It was never really close, Duqesne never challenged. And Fordham was still as shorthanded as they were against us last Saturday. No Chartouny. Duquesne missed 11 free throws and shot 2-for-14 from three. The Bonnies got up by nine, fell behind briefly in the second by a point or so, took another seven point lead and then traded points to close with the Joeys before winning by six. And we did out deal. Tonight, Umass (+4.5) is at Geedubya as this will take all teams to three games remaining in the regular season. I foresee a Colonial win. As expected, nothing really happened in the A10 posture given these games. If Umass loses tonight as I think they will, then us beating the Joeys on Saturday will allow us to almost wrap up the chant "We're #11! We're #11!"
  10. lquarles ---- thank you for the thoughtful rebuttal and insights. All I'm saying is we shall see. Same goes for our 4-star and various 3-point-something recruits. There have been many instances where the actual output fell well below the starred expectations -- in many programs. I won't name names and choose to leave it at that. I look forward to the annual battles between us, you guys and Dayton as the years progress. As for last night, yes we had good effort and great going early but as usual talent and exhaustion took over. I like Johnnie WIlliams a lot. He can't shoot much from distance but his penetration last night was wicked. I have watched VCU on multiple occasions this year and while some might say that was his best game of the year, interesting how it happens against the defense attributed to our guards (not Roby who seemed to be on Lewis more times than not). Williams made Moore look like a statue on at least two occasions. While it was decent to the point of not embarrassing, Welmer missed a dunk, Roby missed a dunk, Crawford was a no-show, Agbeko bricked five of six freebies, and Hines must've wanted to be on SportsCenter multiple times for his drives with Cox lurking in the lane. Johnson was the only real shining light out there and seeing that he could stay with Tillman gives more added cred to his promise. Bring on the Joeys.
  11. Conceivable -----they lose Lewis, Alie-Cox, Brooks, Burgess, and Hamdy leaving Williams and Tillman. No offense but I am not impressed with Wade's recrutiing .. Williams,Tillman and Doughty are all Shaka's guys. Crowfield was nothing special.
  12. Roby with missed dunk embarassment.
  13. Elsewhere Fordham up 11 and the Bonnies up 4.