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  1. Deane had similar issues but in today's world, I'd wager most of the "dinosaur" coaches could not survive today's scrutiny of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and the like. I think there are some stories circulating of Majerus doing some "strange" things as well. Deane was verbally abusive as I recall. Brian Wardle was accused of same at UW-Milwaukee or wherever he is and I think he played for Deane. We all know the infamous Bobby Knight/Neil Reed practice choking incident. Wasn't there some flap at SMU over Craig James' kid and his treatment? Back in the 70's, I played for football coaches who physically picked kids up and threw them out of the locker room in fits of rage. In midgets --- seventh and eighth grade --- our line coach was a former Boston Patriot (yeah, Boston, you read that right) and he would get down in a stance against us without pads and physically destroy you to prove a point or technique. That was then. Adapt or die as I see it. But I find it incredibly unbelievable that Lonergan, who knows all this, would do things that are so stupid. Without some major intervention, I'd say he's gone but temper that given the anonymous nature of those complaining about him. I'm not saying he's innocent nor guilty --- but if any of it is true, he's pretty stoopid for being such. And article says he questioned the sexual orientation of his boss -- a guy who lobbied for GeeDubya to hire him based on their America East connections. Just not surprised over all this stuff anymore. Geedubya. What a school. Thank gawd none of US went there ............................ (hint, hint, wink, wink ....)
  2. I really have no clue how to take this .......we have two open spots and 22 open offers for 2017 per Verbal Commits. VC also shows 8 spots for 2018 with 25 open offers. That's a lot of "stuff' being slung all over the place. Based on the ranking systems, we seem to have no limits on who and how high they are that we offer. The optimistic side of me say "you go Coach Ford." The usual Billiken side of me says "no freaking chance." But this seem scompletely foreign when compared to the past regime. Going to have to wait it out and see how it goes. The Malik Williams kid seems a real stretch for us given his current offers.
  3. Rhode Island in Hall of Fame Tip=off against Cincinnati; winner gets winner of Duke versus Penn State. George Washington in CBE Classic against Georgia; winner gets winner of Kansas versus UAB. VCU versus Baylor in Battle 4 Atlantis along with Wichita State, LSU, Michigan State, St. John's, Old Dominion and Louisville. Blanks in 2K Classic and Legends Classic.
  4. Dayton in Wooden Legacy Tournament 2016. Tournament includes UCLA, Texas A& M and Virginia Tech along with Nebraska, Portland and Call State Northridge. Interesting that the first two days of games happen at the Cal State Fullerton gym with only the final round at the Honda Center in Anaheim. Dayton opens with Nebraska. http://collegebasketball.nbcsports.com/2016/07/14/wooden-legacy-bracket-announced-ucla-dayton-texas-am-nebraska/
  5. No Bobby -- take it from a guy who sits through federal travel briefings and security alerts, the most recent one last week on 7/03 ---- there are a number of things you are encouraged to do for certain reasons ..... this is one of them and the reason noted is why. Now, I will admit to NEVER seeing a black passport as hsmith talks about but that may be well above my pay grade and in an area I don't need since mine is blue.
  6. Interesting ----- wonder if the color of the passport means anything. Please note, it also says Lisch's mother is Italian which leads back to my statement in the post quoted above. Kids born to multi-national parents usually get the citizenship of both. Here in the US, you can have a blue-covered passport or a red-covered passport. The blue is the most common and typical and is what is issued to any citizen wanting a passport for travel outside of the United States. A red-covered passport is issued through channels for official government travel. This essentially puts you first in line for the firing squad should your plane, train or boat be overtaken by terrorists with untoward feelings for the US. I don't know if that is common across the world or in this case signifies anything special. Again, you can renounce your citizenship and declare for another country and the US sees that renouncement in different ways.
  7. JMM: I agree on the Izzo tree analogy. I was just using it as an example of the perception. The Coach K tree ain't so good either. And neither was the Bobby Knight tree. So I personally would not be a big proponent of hiring solely based on trees and roots. There is no guarantee. I will admit to being high on the potential Inglesby hire from Notre Dame but that was based on his longevity there, a Catholic private school background and dues paid, not because he came from Brey who came from Duke. Everyone should get evaluated based on merit. Grawer, in again solely my opinion, gets judged as a success because of where he had to bring the program from. In the grand scheme of things, maybe that is an unfair advantage to give him. But I was there and it was horrible. He made going to the Kiel exciting and that filled that bandbox and made it a tough home court vibe. To me, he demonstrated quite succinctly just how the school does not seem to know what it takes to get "there." Spoon won with Grawer's kids but did add some nice talent in H, Dobbs, Robinson, etc. Then he lucked into Hughes. Romar had one miracle riding the hot goalie in Love. Sodeberg was building a program from the ground up but he still wasn't going to do it. As for Crews, down arrow with Evansville, further down arrow with Army, and his talent evaluation was obviously horrid --- Point Loma and Fort Smith notwithstanding. And I don't think just paying a higher salary means much straight up. There's no science, it is all so inexact.
  8. Kevin has an Italian passport too? The US recognizes dual nationality, and tri-nationality is also possible. In many cases, this is the result of parentage ---- a mother born in Italy, a father born in Germany and then both naturalized as US citizens who have a child in the US. Passports are based on nationality and the laws of the country to which you are a citizen. The only stipulation I can see on forfeiting your birth-right US nationality is whereby the individual voluntarily applies for other citizenship -- then you MAY lose your dual nationality status in the US. Seems like Kevin is doing this now. But it is a "may" lose situation and not a "will" lose situation. In any case, entry into the US is easier with the US passport as anyone leaving this country should know and is required of all such returning citizens. I guess you have to be a citizen to play in the Olympics so it makes sense for Kevin to do so.
  9. Certain programs have a reputation for being great assistant coach pipelines ---- Michigan State and Xavier come to mind. Same can be said for some coaches producing great assistant -- Izzo in the example just used. Butler had the same kind of pipeline when they promoted Matta from Collier's staff and I believe the same with Lickliter and then Stevens. They did that with the recent guy but I don't think l that worked out if I recall. I agree with Tarheel in that Bennett is the only guy from SLU to move on and be successful but even that comes with a caveat -- wasn't he here with Romar only one year? Does that qualify him for inclusion in SLU records? In this discussion, I would say only Sodeberg and Crews qualify under the "SLU promotes assistant" heading. I don't thiunk they are purebreds however ---- Sodeberg was a Bennett disciple at Wisconsin and Crews had 20+ years as a D1 coach elsewhere. Coach K's legacy for such production is weak and a lot of that going forward now rest son Wojo and Collins at Marquette and Northwestern respectively. Didn't we hire Coleman from Vashon to replace Albrecht? Of was he already on Albrect's staff back then? I think the main goal when one promotes an assistant is to ensure continuity of a successful program. Ron Ekker ended at 6 and 21. Grawer ended 5 and 23. Spoon 15 and 16. Romar at the same 15 and 16. Not a lot of success you want to continue with those closing marks. Only Romar moved up; which might make the Brad promotion easier to understand. Majerus died and Crews closed with back-to-back 11 win seasons. As for Crews as a failure ---- correct, he knew enough to leave it alone when the pieces were handed to him. He didn't know how to keep the sustainment going. Anyone finding that hard to believe is ignoring Crews' closing record at Evansville and his time at Army. When Jensen left, Crews was available for a reason. Now we know what it was. Promoting an assistant is doable, under the right circumstances.
  10. Not familiar with this "speak up." Not knocking it but my first haphazard guess was Sexual Abuse and/or Assault. I'd prefer our guys grew muscles before they embarked on mustaches ......
  11. "Men Who Speak Up?" About what? And say what? But that's a whole different conversation I guess .... This "tournament" apparently gets you two home games against two of the "middleweight" teams. Last year, the "middleweights" were Texas- San Antonio, Central Arkansas, Texas Southern and Howard. Two "buy" games at home for the four "heavyweights," and then two games at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Vegas. Apparently, the "heavyweight" team can lose one or both games at home and still go to Vegas. Last year's heavyweights were Clemson, Umass, Creighton and Rutgers with Creighton winning; two years ago they were Auburn, Okie State, Tulsa and Oregon State with Okie State and Ford winning. The four middleweights also engaged in their own tournament also in Vegas when the big boys played their deals in Vegas. Sounds very much like that Corpus Christi tournament a few years back where we lost to Texas A&M/CC but beat NC A&T on Miles Reynolds' career game before splitting two down in Corpus against Miss State and Bradley. So I'd expect bad RPI teams in those first two games which would be my guess. For what its worth, the last BPI for each of the four heavyweights was this: Valpo @ #42; BYU at #56; Alabama @ #84 and us at #214 out of 351 total. The climb is long and the mountain is rife with pitfalls ......
  12. New pic? How about first pic ..... been trying to do this myself for quite some time but had to employ SignPunk to make it happen. Story of my computer life .... Cannot, however, give any reviews on the Indian beer ---- bottle was purchased purely for the picture and will remain otherwise untouched.
  13. No 72 ..... no concerns/connections to ACC/A10/Barclays. Was just noting that the local D1 squad released their schedule and it includes an A10 opponent. And it was to note that no big boy will go anywhere near one of our places, it's always a neutral site.
  14. Maryland announced theirs on July 1 (includes game at the Barclays against Richmond). Do we have a traditional date or expectations as to when ours is announced?
  15. I'd like it if Reggie and Mike have decent senior years, Neufeld and Bishop improve, Moore and Johnson are real keepers and the remainder of Crewsplatt shows some improvement or moves on. Oh, and Welmer is decent.