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  1. I love the "regional" calls once again. I wonder if folks in Omaha and Milwaukee feel that way about being in the Big East? You can't call for support and finances to recruit top kids and then expect them to come and play in places like Carbondale, Des Moines, Springfield, and Peoria. No -- O'Neill just took shots and emptied his b*tch bag magazine there. NCAA Hockey???? Hey, I loved it when I was there because basketball sucked and there was little else going on in the winter. But until then, I never heard of the Soo Lakers, or that Michigan had so many directional schools or that Ferris was more than a wheel or Buehler's first name. That's even less big time then college soccer in my book. Until your mascot is able to be the Chicken or the Phanatic .... who cares. I wouldn't want to be Rudy Flyer, the Syracuse Orange, the Hawk (that never dies) or Xavier's Musketeer or whatever that thing for Evansville is. Purple Ace my sizable arse.
  2. What we don't have is Nova's history which includes 36 NCAA appearances with two national titles,one runner up, five Final Fours, 13 Elite Eights and 17 Sweet Sixteens. Plus the Big Five. Plus it plays in a city where basketball is hallowed ground (The Palestra) and where some will swear basketball was invented. Plus a vacated year due to Howard Porter. But it's a nice dream .........
  3. The sneakers, I believe, were "Chuck Taylors" not "Chuck Connors." Converse made them in the dark ages...all canvas hightops. I wore them.
  4. Means nothing. A minor blip on the radar ala Hughes coming to SLU, Isaiah Austin getting drafted, Steph Curry going to Davidson, Seth Curry going to Liberty, Jason McElwain and so on.
  5. Oh, I don't kno w...... Schmidt, Hurley, Gianinni and Martelli all deserve consideration.
  6. UPDATE: Lonergan is now suing GeeDubya for "wrongful termination and treatment." According to a statement from his lawyers composed yesterday and released to USA Today earlier this morning, Lonergan "was denied administrative due process when the school terminated his contract." The statement also says "George Washington never identified the accuser nor the details and the substance of the anonymous accusations and that Lonergan will seek 'appropriate relief from the university for this wrongful termination and treatment.'" Still no resolution to the new/interim coaching situation either. Sounds like Lonergan is arguing about due process in this case. Don't knowhow wthat works in terms of a private institution hiring and firing one of its employees. However, from Lonergan's point of view, sounds indeed like a railroading. In the "he said/she said" world of attorneys and all, Lonergan appears to have never been given a chance to defend himself here. Not saying he is innocent or guilty just saying a lot of the investigation went on with him out of the country. If they interviewed all 13 transfers, I'd think they'd all have an axe to grind and grind it against Lonergan. Frankly, watching him and his sideline antics would seem to suggest to me he is capable of such erratic outbursts.
  7. The Washington Post. Just like Al-Jazeerah jump started the NFL to "go after" Manning, Harrison, Matthews, etc. Anything the Post takes on in that town gets proper attention, even trivial things like botched plumbing jobs in high-rise apartment buildings.
  8. Lonergan was fired as a result of an independent investigation into the allegations made of his verbal abuse of players and homophobic slurs on the GW Athletic Director and "gay kid" from Seton Hall among other things. The school fired him over usual claims that it is their responsibility to provide all students with a safe, nuturing environment for all learning among all students including its athletic teams. The investigation showed Lonergan was not in line with such a policy. This is all part of this summer's Washington Post claims and the fact that 13 basketball players have transferred out during Lonergan's tenure. Lonergan and the team just returned from an overseas trip to Japan this week. There was no discussion of the naming of an interim coach and the status of the remaining staff was only discussed by a hanging question on "their job security." Lonergan was 97 and 70 in his time there,winning last year's NIT.
  9. .....and nary a peep on this board. I watched it. They look bad. I don't see much in terms of skill. There seems to be little ability to hold the ball and orchestrate plays. And the back line clears balls with long-range desperation kicks right to the other team. At least a 1 to 1 tie at home to Tulsa. On the bright side, Notre Dame will not go undefeated in football this year!
  10. I'll agree on that one skip. I admit to internal biases there. Guess it stems from him turning us down for Miami of Florida for his first three years.
  11. As to transfers out of SLU, I don't recall much success by guys leaving SLU. Ricky Frazier might be my lone exception. I guess Jason Edwin did okay at Kent State; Jeff Ford at SW Missouri State. Jon Smith was a mediocre water carrier at Ohio. Although some might argue Marcus Relaphord had a nice year at Colorado. I never thought Julian Winfield lived up to his billing either here or at Mizzou. But he had a decent career in Booneville. Most transfers did little ...... Jared Drew, Tanner Lancona, Justin Jordan, Brett Thompson, Jeff Reid was hurt, Mark Alcorn got cancer, Melvin Robinson flunked out, Johnnie Parker, John Seyfert, Dustin Maguire, Knollmeyer, Mitchell, Carlos Skinner one year at WKU or some OVC team, Vincent Smith, etc. Most guys just disappeared on leaving ---- Caswell, Adkins, Cranford (maybe not), Halliburton, Pulley, Becton, In the not-too-recent past, transfers did not seem as prevalent then as they are today. We were hit-or-miss too .... yes we scored with Waldman and Bryant and Roeder but not so much with Mimlitz and Pederson and Jamal Johnson. Strictly my opinion.
  12. My buddy has changed allegiances over time, going to the dreaded Dayton Fryers where he is a season ticket holder (can't find fault really, what else is there to do in Dayton in the winter). Anyway, he went to a Dayton fundraiser last week and found himself talking to Archie among others. Seems they said the A10 schedule is delayed due to final haggling over TV games. Expect it out mid September. So maybe then we will hear. Here in the mid-Atlantic, Maryland has already announced it's non-con schedule but not it's Big Ten schedule. I would guess similar TV discussions there as well. So it must be typical across the nation and now with so many networks and the like, quite complicated. Still, we could follow Maryland and announce the non-con, if its done. Seems Dayton too was moving to fill two more openings on their non-con so it must be the case nationally. The difference might be no one wants us as opposed to no one wants to go to Dayton.
  13. Going to end up 3 to 0. A split in Carolina is good enough I guess.
  14. It only took us 72 minutes to register a shot ------ and that was generous to say the least ---- a header over the end line, not even on goal.
  15. Never seen a fast break in soccer. Now I have. UNC 2 to 0. Given what little I've seen of the Bills, two goals seem like a long climb for this squad. Surprise me.