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  1. The edition is out. And as one of the really old timers who always waited for these preseason pubs because that was all we had ..... I bought it. First off, let me say I take issue with a national publication that is somewhat incomplete. In their list of transfers eligible this year, none of the SLU players are listed ---either way. No Bess, no Foreman, no Henriquez, but also no Yarbrough, Reynolds or Bartley. Just saying. The A10 focus is on new coaches at Dayton, Duquesne, Umass and VCU with a secondary mention to GeeDubya. In the top three story lines, SLU is listed second with an alert to watch Ford and his five transfers. In the predicted order of finish, they lead as all do with Rhode Island as the pick. They have SLU second, followed by SaintJoeseph's, VCU, the Bonnies, Davidson, Richmond, Dayton, Mason, La Salle, GeeDubya, Fordham, Umass and perennial doormat Duquesne. The All-Conference team is Adams of the Bonnies, EC Matthews of Rhodey, Tillman of VCU,Johnson of La Salle and Aldridge of Davidson. All-Newcomer team is Kellan Grady of Davidson (four star PG expected to take over for Gibbs), Bess and Henriquez of the Bills, Lane at VCU and Greek Freak II at Dayton. All-defense is Fore at Richmond, Adams of the Bonnies, Terrell of Rhodey, Chartouny at Fordham and Watanabe at GWU. All-Sharpshooter team is Adams, Henriquez and Aldridge joined by Mobley of the Bonnies and Charlie Brown of the Joey's. In the SLU section, Henriquez is noted as our difference maker. The bulk of the section notes "redshirt" as the key word for SLU and focuses on the five newcomers. Bess is "high skill level and extremely competitive." Along with "versatility and leadership." Foreman is "great experience playing at high level" and is expected to "make high impact on team and in A10." Henriquez is "high level scorer, playing multiple positions, and experience." Graves only note was eligible second semester. Anthony was noted as "likely most important addition due to roster lack of size" He was discussed as "filling an immediate need as an aggressive rebounder and defender." After that, the focus shifts to two top 100 recruits in Goodwin and French who bring "high levels of competitiveness, toughness and skill level demonstrated in high school and AAU ball. Both are expected to make immediate impacts." The last part deals with the returnees with Roby and his returning top scorer position, Bishop back from injury, Welmer but hurt and slowed, Johnson with a solid rookie campaign that got better in conference and Hines starting all 18 A10 games and leading in minues played as former walk-on. As for the A10 in general, I too sanction not sleeping on St. Joe's. If Fightin' Phil gets everyone back healthy and they stay that way, they can and will be tough. Kimble should be ready to go as is, however Oliva and Newkirk had ACLs so who knows when they will be back at full strength. Remember Taylor Funk as this season moves along. I think VCU is overrated at 4, they have a lot of needs given only Tillman and Williams return. This article should make it as blackboard fodder for the Bonnies. Fifth? Wow, that is low----- but they only go as far as Adams and Mobley take them. Don't get hurt. I like that someone finally recognizes how much Dayton lost and listed them as #8. And La Salle is underrated at #10 but again, their alphabet has to include the letter "D" better than before. La Salle lost games last year where they scored 92, 76, 78 and 79 points. They also won games where the opponent scored 78, 80, 81, 96, 83 and 81 points. And one of Umass' hoped for replacement parts, Jaylen Brantley a transfer from Maryland, has been diagnosed with a heart condition and his career is over. Finally, Jordan Goodwin comes in as the 53rd ranked recruit of 2017; Hasahn French didn't make their top 100. Cart'are Gordon currently sits at #36 for next year. This year's tournament is in DC.
  2. Practice news

    Here's the five I want on the floor at the end of all games ........................ Hines, Psimitis, Raboin, Anthony, and Welmer. Or any other fifth guy you choose.
  3. Top 144

    This should do it here ..... Providence, our potential opponent inNYC, comes in at #29. Done.
  4. NBC Sports A10 Preview

    Magazines typically get put to bed (no pun intended) a month or so ahead of time. Some sooner. But this is a weblog of sorts ---- written, edited and posted when done. It could be "scanned" as you put it or it could be that with the deafening silence on "Situation 2.0" that they went with what they had. Or some other explanation. In any case, it's out there for consumption.
  5. Talking basketball for now: http://collegebasketball.nbcsports.com/2017/10/09/atlantic-10-preview-rhode-island-leads-the-way/ No surprise here as Rhode Island is the pick. The question remains obvious: do they have a front court? And for those not paying attention, our favorite crybaby, Danny Hurley, is quietly amassing talent not seen in Kingston for some time. With five guards returning, he also inked a finalist for Mr. Basketball in Pennsylvania, Darron "Fats" Russell fort he coming year. Russell is a smallish, 5-foo-ten, 160 pound point guard from suburban Philly. Next year, he has commitments 4-star forward Jermaine Harris and 3-star point Brendan Adams. If ---- and this is a biog IF ---- Hurley and Rhodey accomplish this year what they did last year, I expect Hurley's name to be the biggest one out there come April and coaching chnages down the line. He'll be one hell of a hot commodity. I am not so quick to jump on the Mike Rhoades bandwagon at VCU. While Shaka developed what he inherited at VCU and was a stellar recruiter, Wade rode Shaka's leftovers really well. And Wade's success at LSU is an indication the guy can recruit. While the cupboard is not bare for Rhoades this year (Williams and Tillman) Wade didn't do Rhoades the favor Shaka did for Wade. We shall see; VCU will always be tough. Grant at Dayton will have large shoes to flll losing four seniors and the winningest class ever at Dayton. Can't wait to see what the Greek Freak's brother adds but Crosby at the point is a huge question mark and the front line, while being key pieces last year, now needs to step up and carry a bigger load. Don't sleep on St. Joe's. Will they all return as good from injury? Many in Philly believe Kimble and Newkirk, if healthy, bring Fightin' Phil his best backcourt since West and Nelson and Brown, Demery, Williams and Olivia are a nice compliment. We get good marks but it is all speculative right now. Gelling is the big factor there. Our game against Va Tech is one of five to watch. I also second the notion to pay attention to La Salle. Gianinni's team has to perform but again, he only goes about six deep and his teams notoriously don't have the letter "D" in their alphabet. The rest of the article is food for thought if anything. If all are healthy, that Nova game at Hawk Hill will be one to watch. On a side note, my high school buddy just paid his bill for four season tickets at Nova. Total? About $5500. These are second level on the bend of the Pavillin bowl. Price of success?
  6. Top 144

    Top 144 closeout ----- Rhode Island in at #32.
  7. Top 144

    Last week on "As the World Turns ...." As noted, the Bonnies in at #43. Since then, Creighton has come in at #38 (some would argue our replacement in the Big East), Virginai Tech at #34 (an opponent inNYC) and Mizzou at #33 (all based on faith and high school pub with a cautious notation about LSU (Simmons) and Washington (Fultz)). Rhode Island only A10 team still pending. Nice get with their four-star recruit Jermaine Harris (6'9"; 220#) for 2018 if you missed it.
  8. OT: Hanger thread

    This reminds me of when my friend, George, worked for the Yankees and got involved with their uniforms ... that turned out well.
  9. Chris May

    See my pm Bob.
  10. Chris May

    I like Chris May. He has been attentive and has passed things on to me that I am committed to NOT sharing on here. Billiken Bob is beyond reproach.
  11. Moore & Neufeld transferring

    @three star: are you sure on that? Kids go JUCO all the time and come into D1 with two years left. You are saying a year at SWIC doesn't count? Frericks went UAB (1), Chipola (1) and then us (2). I see the same for Zeke in that regard.
  12. Moore & Neufeld transferring

    What happened to Tennessee Tech?
  13. Recruiting - 2018 class

    Ya think? Sarcasm always seems lost in a two-dimensional image, no?
  14. Recruiting - 2018 class

    He's already committed .... he did that last October. Now if you mean sign, he can't do that until November 8.