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  1. kshoe: I think so. I don't feel at liberty to say, that would just be passing on second hand and third hand knowledge and I'm trying to turn a new leaf.. cgeldmacher points out some well-known court flaws. I'll just leave it at that. Poor judgment is not restricted solely to on- or off-court behavior. The great philosopher Confucious said "stupid is as stupid does." Wait ---- maybe that was Forrest Gump.
  2. Okay, thanks for the explanation. Bottom line is he should have never accepted stolen property. I won't say he's headed for a life of crime based on this but poor judgment continues to be a part of the track record.
  3. Travis Ford has done so much in so little time, I too am truly shocked but amped up for next season when the Crewsplatt stench is eventually removed from the program. While I recognize some kids transfer for the wrong reason, I am amped with what Ford has managed to secure in that area for us next year. It is too bad they have to sit but I understand the rules. Again all I'm looking for this season is a try out for the rising juniors and sophomores --- can they play well enough to be a contributor off next year's bench? Or are they very typical of the Crewsplatt reach on most of them? I think Roby and Gillmann can given some past accomplishments but more so in limited doses. Neufeld and Moore and Welmer, we just don't know. That is the benchmark I am looking to find this 2016-17 season. As Ford says, measuring in wins and losses is foolish. I sat impatient after the Goodwin signing but the past two days have relieved me of that condition. The future is bright and I'm wearing shades. Ford's in-game coaching has been questioned before. That is known. roy didn't invent it. Majerus was a different breed -- he had a system and was more concerned about finding the right kid to accept it and play it. He was such a savant that kids signed with him for that reason in my opinion. Someleft when they realized they didn't know exactly what they signed up for. I think with him at the helm, we go a lot farther in those two years Jiminy ran the helm. I think Rick makes halftime adjustments to counter Oregon. And I think he doesn't run the team into the ground the next year. Unlike Crews. Ford's pattern of getting the mid-range guys height-wise seems to be holding true. Foreman, Bess, Henriquez, French and Gordon all fit that 6'5" to 6'8" mold. In my opinion, this roster is extremely light on point guards so signing there may be the best objective. It would be real nice if Neufeld developed and eliminated any need to focus on a five. But the college game requires guards -- ballhandling and distribution guards --- and we are extremely light there. And that is not a minor detail. You can counter with Bishop and to me, he still needs to prove his distribution side but as some pointed out, Rick ran with three -- Mitchell, McCall and Jett. And tome, saying that point is Goodwin is not enough. So more work to do. But anyone not praising Ford to the highest heights for what he has done so far is an idiot. If Ford can recruit talent similar to what he had at Okie State to SLU, given the competition in the A10 versus the Big Twelve, I think he's in the running for a league crown every year. And I think St. Louis gives him more advantages than Stillwater ever could. I haven't met Ford but the stills of him in comparison to Crews speak volumes. Crews was as much a dinosaur as Majerus was except Crews didn't have the track record that separated Majerus from most. Ford is like fantasy football where over 100 points are required to win most games and Crews was like a 1 to 0 soccer game in contrast. The one thing I see coming from all this is hope. No longer are we looking into the yaw of winter with boring Crewsplatt to reckon with. I didn't think it was possible to be here so quickly but was proven way wrong. Recruiting alone has made this an A+++ off season. Once again, can't wait is the motto moving forward.
  4. Yarbrough admitted knowing it was stolen. Not sure I understand your rationale Nick.
  5. sorry roy .... gotta do it ....... roy has joined a secret society; cavorting behind the scenes; rubbing elbows with Doctor types practicing in Chicago, Charleston and San Francisco;staying in touch with recruiting gurus in the Queen and Charm cities; analyzing sabremetrics and crunching nefarious numbers like maturity level claims made by reknown maturity level experts. He is quite busy but thankful that we all are concerned about his welfare. Keep those cards and letters coming. He says he likes us. He really does.
  6. To steal a baseball phrase, I think Welmer is technically out of options. The redshirt rule is essentially you get five years to play four. Welmer is at that, having taken last year, his first, as a redshirt due to the injury. So he is left with four to burn. He plays this year and decides to transfer out and he still sits a year to go another D1 but then starts that next season as a junior just as if he stayed here. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Sure, he could go D2 or D3 and play right away but not D1. It might be a tad unfair but I'm not expecting much from Elliott. I am still harboring ill will to just about any Crews' recruit. I certainly hope he proves me wrong but the track record is the track record ...... Elliott will get every chance he can to make me look foolish .... as will Zeke and Neufeld and Gillmann. We shall all see. But if they all do, countthem as blessings. We've all said most of those kids seems possible potential bench and role players. With a lineup built around Bess, Henriquez, Foreman, Goodwin and French, such role players will be needed. I would think after three years of hell, being a contributor on a winning team might be quite appealing all the same.
  7. It was NOT a package deal. Stipo was a freshman in 1979-80 following fellow DeSmetter Mark Dressler from Grawer's power house teams who went up to Columbia the year before. Grawer went there in 1981. Rumor had it that he needed to put at least one year in at a higher level to be considered for the Billiken job. Which he got in 1982-83. Bonowich might remember we did an April Fool's issue for the UNews in April 1979 where the headline read "Stipo Signs with Hometown Jesuits." In the copy we had him forsaking basketball to be a priest. Closest we ever came .....
  8. Per Verbal Commits, Matt Turner to Santa Clara.
  9. To my favorite "insider" Doc B ------- no,nothing leaked. But thanks for your kind words and thoughtful consideration in asking. My Depends work well for me, do you wear an off brand? Nice to know that your real inside information is nothing more than hearsay (your exact words not mine --- Blame that person, not me; unless you want to blame me for sharing what I heard (hearsay) ---- to anoint you an insider is ripe with fraud. Thanks for proving that. I'm sure you can come back and tap dance on my forehead when, like the proverbial blind squirrel, French does possibly sign with Ford. I will admit to impatience fueling my fire ---- Ford gets an A+ for his transfers. And the waste he eliminated from our system. And Goodwin. But we were also told a second coming was included with Goodwin. Nada. Then the French visit fueled (fooled) by your now-known hearsay. Meanwhile,kids (Allen, Williams,Polley, Whyte, Childs, etc.) are committing all over the country,including in the A10.
  10. Bob Burnes. Thanks. Dorr I knew was the Post but the Globe always seemed better. Of course, w sucked back then.
  11. ACE: got it. I'd surely argue with you -- all the help would be appreciated if it came our way. Of course, one could debate if there is a demand for such topics and if that demand is large enough that it warrants such a pursuit and coverage. Items on this board are likely germane to our issue-public. Don't know if that would amount to anything regarding sales for PD content or papers. Only sales would translate into making it worth their time and effort. I still say the best coverage was back in the Globe-Democrat days with Bob Broegh (rhymes with Bob Vague) and then when Dave Dorr was in his prime. I tried to go to that "Gopher Intel" site, they also did a post-French report. But it was paid access. I think such a prospect ---where one of us does it for money -- is about the best recourse. But we'd need "insider" status and the subscriptions would have to pay the living expenses and freight. I just don't think the demand is there. Pistol does a good job with listings, but in-depth is a long way off. Nate and Brian tried otherwise and failed, right? I'm with you but just don't see it happening.
  12. Thanks. I read it. It said nothing, just a bunch of what I did for my Marquette vacation. Vacation at Bernie's with Wojo. This dude's cool. We are family. Talking to Wojo. Milwaukee has a beach. So are you advocating that the PD should be a much larger proponent in assisting in our recruiting process? Are you saying that a PD article might hold some sway if we cut it out and mail to the kid after his visit? We really want you? The paper wrote a story on you? Just me trying to figure out the intent of a beat writer story because there Is nothinG viable in the MJS article on French. Other than he wants to sign in November and will do so after visiting his five schools. By the way, was French the guy Doc. B. guaranteed a signing of some ten days or so ago?
  13. Who did that? Minnesota? Gopher Intel?
  14. I think you make these lists for two reasons ... #1) you are really, really good and must play or #2) you're not too bad but more importantly, going to a team where help is needed immediately. I think our guy is here because more of #2 than #1. Umass is depleted and the kid is top 50. VCU gets good kids but as noted, they already have Lewis (VCU has like seven seniors on their roster -- gonna be interesting next year). The two kids at Richmond are teammates and Mooney only has one real backcourt player left in Jones. And Mason is in as dire straits as we are. There will be a lot of minutes to go around to begin with and then the injuries and fatigue settle in as well. The best thing about when this season ends is that we should know really well what talent lies on this team. While I'd like to believe the slaying of the evil witch (Crews) will make kids want to play, I don't know if the talent is there to be any better if not worse, record-wise.
  15. Why would you expect the PD to cover SLU recruiting to the point of doing a story on this kid or any other kid visiting outside of some local, 5-star kid (Tatum, Hughes, Beal, Lee, McElmore)???? Actual news on the visit doesn't exist ...... because no matter the source, it would be speculation. The facts are these: Hasahn French, a potential recruit to the Billiken freshman class of 2017-18, visited SLU on an official recruiting trip this past weekend. French, a 6' 7" forward, is from Middletown, NY and plays his high school ball at Commonwealth Academy. Anything else is subjective .... visit went well, visit did not go well, he loved it here, he hated, it, etc., etc. The only thing official there would have to likely come from the kid or SLU, and I doubt SLU would tip their hand in terms of such. Right now, I'm all for young Mr. French becoming a Billiken and really hope it happens. But didn't Grandy Glaze have a 3.3 rating too?