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1 hour ago, brianstl said:

They are wrong about how Chicago is and feels, it is and it feels much safer than St. Louis.  They are 100% correct about San Francisco.  

San fran is the only city on earth I’ve been to that I will never go back. That place is truly an horrific scene  

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The West Coast is a cesspool.  Went to Seattle with the wife a few years back to see Pearl Jam.  Public drug use is rampant and ever present. Their culture was completely alien to me.  

Chicago is just like St. Louis.  The vast majority of the city is safe.  You go to the wrong place and you are in trouble.  St. Louis has had issues with keeping downtown crime free.  Chicago does a better job at securing areas where visitors would go.  In both cities during the day nothing happens.


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On 9/7/2023 at 10:22 AM, RiseOfTheBillikens said:

So can anybody tell me why we can't get a weekend game versus Loyola? Is it scheduling conflicts or something? Just doesn't make sense to me. 

They had a weekend game at our place last year. Feel like we should get something. What was the point of them joining the conference and all this talk about being able to make trips to Chicago if they're going to play us on a Tuesday every year.

Duequesne, Davidson, George Mason, Dayton, la salle all get Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday games in Chicago. Last year George Mason, George Washington, and Dayton all got weekend games. Sounds like our little program just don't have enough pull. The STL Chicago rivalry is dead. When they first joined I thought for sure we'd be getting consistent weekend slots. If you can't tell this really bothers me. Have a lot of people in my circle who would like to go to a Loyola/bills game in Chicago. Maybe one day before I die. 

as any long suffering MBM knows if there is a short end to anything of consequence we'll get it.

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