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2021-2022 record prediction

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Ok, we have now seen the team (open practice) and the first exhibition is only 8 days away so what ya got for our record?  13 OOC and 18 A-10 for 31 games before the A-10 tournament.  While we have the toughest NC schedule I can ever remember, I also think we have the talent to have a great year.  This assumes no key injuries or other team distractions, if you know what I mean.

I usually think we are better than we turn out to be, but sometime I hope to be on target.

OOC       12-1  (Memphis loss)  Toss up games -Auburn, Belmont, UAB.      Hard to win at Memphis but at least we get them early

A-10        15-3  ( Away games at SBU, Richmond and Dayton)                       Might win at UD but lose as usual at DUQ.


Total        27-4  prior to Tournaments  --- Optimistic guess.;                        22-9  --- Not drinking the kool-aid guess

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Cark W


@Memphis L

Mercer W

Il state W

@Boise state L


Belmont W


Auburn L

Drake W

@umass W

richmond W

Lasalle W


@Dayton L

Fordham W

Umass W


@Duq W


Dayton W

@Lsalle W


@Davidson L

St Jos W

@richmond L



22 - 7 (14 - 4)


A10 #2 seed. 1-1

23-8 after A10 tournament . 

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If there are no injuries and no COVID shut down.

2 losses in the none conference 2 losses in the conference.

Win the conference tournament championship and a 2 seed in the dance.

Our team can win when the defense struggles.  The team will have consistent 3 point scoring coach Ford can play the hot hand in different combinations.

The 3 point scoring will open up the post area and Okoro is going to average double digits.

Perkins will average 20 points a game.

Nesbitt will be the A10 newcomer of the year.

Thatch will the be the best defensive player in the A10.


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