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Oh I thought this was about a relevant team Marquette I was coming on here to correct you because they barely won.

Now as for that other "team" they stink. No faith in Haith. I like to see them struggle hopefully there will be many mentions of him being on the hot seat the team will be in turmoil and he eventually gets fired and they hire another bad coach. They go on a slide. Meanwhile SLU keeps winning, wins again next season gets into the New Big East and has less in state competition for recruits.

Great day, Billikens Dominate, SPUMAC returns home to masterb$%&

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man, how did i change this pick last minute? i definitely didn't want mizzou to win, but somehow i thought they would. man, i changed 3 picks early today, after having let them sit since monday, and i got hosed on all of them. ho well. no matter, i have the bills going all the way. that might not win the billikens.com bracket, but it'll sure as sh!t win my money one. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE.

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