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  1. Yeah they look ugly on offense but they’re still only down by 2
  2. Agreed. In limited time so far this season, his ceiling looks to be very high.
  3. Looks like the video didn’t post properly. You can find it on his Instagram story for the next 8 hours though https://instagram.com/markhistrickland?igshid=rcv6jkawyb4a
  4. Without fans in attendance, I think that 45% could be reasonable. Then again, I'm an extreme optimist for all my teams, so I could very well be setting my expectations too high.
  5. I really, really wish we could have full capacity games. That Friday home game against Richmond would have Chaifetz rocking.
  6. Admittedly, I haven’t seen much of Kern’s game, but it’s clear that he can JUMP.
  7. This is the original Skateboard most likely
  8. Lol my bad. Didn’t think I should say anything until there was something official or I had more concrete info about how it could impact the season. If the boot were to come off now and he was ready to go for the beginning of the season, there wouldn’t be a point in saying anything.
  9. Can confirm it was Jimmy. I’ve seen him a few times in the last few weeks. Heard he’s had it since the summer time so he could be good to go soon.
  10. Either way, I hope the best for him. I’m sure that Ford will still be able to pull together a strong class without him.
  11. If it was me, I’d pitch that he’d start at the 2 and be the number one option on offense. He’d take JGood’s shots if not a little bit more.
  12. Jordan broke down his options with Sports Illustrated: https://www.si.com/college/recruiting/basketball/jordan-nesbitt-announcement-memphis-saint-louis-illinois
  13. Mine is too, but still holding out hope based on the way this recruitment has gone. It seems like it’s changing by the hour almost, so we could very well still pull this off.
  14. You know, if Nesbitt does pick Memphis, I’ll be glad that it’s not Illinois. But at the same time, it’ll be disappointing to see him at Chaifetz in a different uniform next year.
  15. Worth noting that the guy on 247 had previously picked us
  16. Yeah, I’m most concerned about either Memphis or another late breaking contender. Considering that he dropped a Top 11 list right after he got an offer from Memphis leads me to believe that he was ready to announce a Top 10 but had to include Memphis once he got their offer. That could be what’s happening with his top 3 too...
  17. For what it’s worth, he posted on his Instagram story 45 minutes ago “Sorry for the delay.” Maybe we should be expecting a post sometime today
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