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  1. If Carter was getting minutes last year as a freshman, and we haven't added another guard, yet, why wouldn't MC get minutes next year. I think that if he does well, he could get 15-20 a game. Of course, that all could depend on our other signees, but they probably would be freshmen also.
  2. I say have three separate banner raising games. The first game of the year against whoever we play to raise the NCAA Tournament banner, the first conference game to raise the A-10 Regular Season Champ banner, and then the best conference opponent on the schedule for the A10 Tournament Champs banner. Get a few of our regular sponsors to pay for give-away replica banners of each for each of those games.
  3. Posted Yesterday, 05:27 PM doubt you would ever see this but, if this reggie kid is good as a freshmen would we ever see DE as a SF more? If he's playing the three, he could still post up, it would just be against a smaller guy. RL plays out around the perimeter anyway. If DE is playing small forward, the other two bigs can clear out and let him take his man one on one. Our offensive discipline is good enough in the motion offense to allow those guys to take their turns one on one.
  4. Hope that turns out to be an iconic picture in Billiken history.
  5. Don't we wish it was this easy, just pick from the list. I think we can all agree on Djambo because of his size and because Rammer will get to say "Djambo Time!" Of the rest, I tend to shy away from transfers. Seems like they're always going to have baggage. Either they weren't good enough to crack the line-up at their old school, or they were dissatisfied with not "getting theirs." Either way, a transfer is like a secretary that bounces around, you end up saying to yourself "don't companies hold onto their good secretaries." I don't know enough about the others, but Strawberry intrigues me the most. It sounds as if he's on an all-star squad heavy on blue-chippers, and he does the distributing and team first stuff that may be more valuable than you can find elsewhere. What I'm saying is, all things being equal, I will always opt for the guy that shows evidence of being a team first guy.
  6. Drinking the Kool-aid when good news comes in or when good things happen is what makes being a fan of a team fun. Enjoy it. Over indulge a little. If you are always worried about our guys or our coaching staff proving their hype or their past success, you will never be able to revel in the now. We've made two tournaments in a row. We were ranked 16 this year. We're about to sign a coach who looks like he could continue our forward momentum. And, we are signing recruits who we probably wouldn't have gotten in the past. If we take a step back in the next few years, let's lament it then. Not now. Now is happy time.
  7. If he comes back with some 7 foot asian dude, I will grab my riot gear and help suppress any further protests. Sounds like the storyline of a bad Brendan Frazier movie.
  8. Recruiting classes are judged years later, not when they happen. However, if Crawford is a diamond in the rough that we found before everyone else realized how good he was, and Agbeko is a guy whose diamond in the rough status was being discovered when we got him, we have to begin giving some serious credit to whomever is getting these guys. If these guys turn out to be as good as we think they could be, and we add two more contributors (not right away contributors, but contributors like the Evans, McCall, Jett, Loe class for this year and next), we could be talking about a very special recruiting class.
  9. Wooohoooo. Sorry Duke. I know Duke may not have been completely interested in his recruitment, but how often are we going to get to say that.
  10. You assume that a deal was not already in place to add SLU and another school in '14-'15. If such a deal is already in place, then why should he stick around. If not, and his presence here would have helped, then you are 100% correct. My point is that we don't know what deals are already done and what may or may not be still up in the air, because the situation requires that we don't know. It kills me too not to know, but I understand why May might think its best to keep us message boarders out of the loop. Let's not make judgments based upon facts we don't have.
  11. On the topic of paying a little extra to attract some young assistant coaches that can recruit, what about former Billiken Jamal Walker. He is at Illinois and seems to be heavily involved in their recruiting efforts. If Crews wants to stay, but tells May that he wants to let the assistants carry the heavy loads of recruiting, then Crews' pay should reflect that fact that he is only doing part of the job. The savings should go to slightly overpaying some assistants that will pick up the recruiting slack.
  12. I like what I see about this Ibrahim Djambo. Plus, I can hear Rammer already . . "McCall lobs the ball over the top. It's DJAMBO TIME!!!"
  13. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I enjoy watching a team more that I feel does things the right way. I am a SLU grad, but have lived in Missouri my whole life and have cheered for both SLU and Mizzou for as long as I can remember following college hoops. I have never had a period of time when I have been disinterested in either team, even during lean years. However, that has changed recently. I have been having trouble getting into Mizzou's team over the past couple years. I am pretty sure that it comes down to the fact that they hired a coach most likely arranged to pay a kid $10,000.00 to play for Miami (whether that will be proven or not, I believe it to be true). Now that said coach is at Mizzou, suddenly he is getting transfer kids from all over the country. Something doesn't smell right about how Mizzou is getting the kids to comprise its team. Before the last couple years, I didn't think that would bother me. Apparently, it does. Especially compared to SLU's program, where I know the talent is coming in on the up-&-up. I just can't seem to get behind Mizzou like I have in years past. So, at least in my mind, the "kind of guy we are getting" does matter. I don't want to find myself losing interest in the Billikens in a few years, because we made a hire based upon a win at all costs attitude. I want SLU to be Butler or Gonzaga, not Kentucky or Syracuse.
  14. Perspective will come slowly. I know the loss stings now, but several years from now, we'll remember this season as the season the Bills won the A-10 title and the A-10 tournament the year their coach died.
  15. This is the Florida Gulf Coast coach's wife. She wouldn't be bad to have behind the bench. Just got this off of a Yahoo article, explaining how he landed her.
  16. I just looked up some additional info about the NCAA vs. NIT issue. It seems that Kentucky also won the NCAA tournament in 1949. HOWEVER, this was after they lost out early in the NIT in the same year. Apparently, their early exit from the NIT allowed them time to still get into the NCAA. I assume that Kentucky probably has a banner hanging claiming they won the national championship in 1949. I just looked up Kentucky's website. They claim in the "archive" section that they won the national championship in 1946, because they won the NIT that year. The site goes on to claim in a timeline that when they defeated Baylor in the finals of the NCAA tournament in 1948, they won their first NCAA championship. So according to the website the NIT was the "national championship" in 1946, and when they won in 1948 it was just their first "NCAA Championship" So, I think we can read into Kentucky's position on the topic by the wording of its own archives, even though they attempt to disguise it. By the way, the archives also mention that UK won the NCAA Championship in 1949, while failing to mention that it lost in the NIT that year. In UK's defense, they did finish #1 in the AP poll, which was brand new that year. SLU was #1 in the AP poll when it first came on in January 1949.
  17. It looks like the first poll on January 18, 1949 had SLU at #1 and Kentucky #2. I'm not sure that tells us anything other than how both teams were thought of in the 1949 season on January 18. I'm going to go with Eiseberg when he said that NCAA tournament didn't eclipse the NIT until after this 1951 scandal.
  18. I know this is off topic for the current excitement surrounding the 2012-2013 Billikens, but I want to post something that I saw today from an article written today by Jeff Eisenberg. My uncle and godfather, John Cordia, played with Easy Ed McCauley on the 1948 NIT championship team. I have always been told that that team won the national championship when they won the NIT. Several years ago, a cousin of mine who went to the University of Kentucky told me that UK has a banner up in Rupp Arean claiming that UK won the national championship in 1948 by winning the NCAA tournament. A debate started about which team had actually won the national championship. I can't say that I researched the issue all that much. What I have always heard from my family or other Billiken supporters is that the NCAA tournament started in the 1930's but that the NIT was the premier tournament for many years, including 1948. I was told that the top teams always went to the NIT and that the second level of teams went to the NCAA tournament. Essentially, it was the opposite of what it is today. However, I also heard from my cousin and others that by 1948, the top teams were going to the NCAA tournament, and, as such, it had become the true national championship. That brings me to the article. In this article written by Jeff Eisenberg, which is a good read on its own, it is said that the NIT was the premier tournament until a 1951 points shaving scandal that damaged the credibility of the NIT. Eisenberg's says in his next sentence "(t)he NCAA tournament eclipsed the NIT in prestige by the 1950's." http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaab-the-dagger/ncaa-bought-rights-men-basketball-tournament-shocking-bargain-130045967--ncaab.html I'm not sure if any of you were aware of this debate about the 1948 team, but if you ever run across a Kentucky fan that claims that they won the national championship in 1948, please correct them. Assuming that what this article says is accurate, it appears as if the Billikens claim to the 1948 national championship is safe.
  19. If I am remembering correctly, and maybe I'm not, but I seem to recall that when we recruited KM, DE, MM, and JJ, the lists of other schools that were interested in them weren't all that outstanding. If Crews and SLU reach an agreement for beyond this year, and Crews keeps the system the same and recruits the same sort of kids, I think we'll be fine. I'm happier with finding kids that are hard working and smart and have the potential to thrive in our system, than nabbing a bunch of four star recruits. Look where that got Kentucky this year (their one and dones suddenly become 2 and dones, 3 and dones, and 4 and dones). At this point, I may even pass on a three or four star guy if he seems like he might not want to put in the work and be smart enought to thrive in our system (anyone remember Melvin Robinson).
  20. Yahoo is reporting that Notre Dame is officially leaving for the ACC a year early, starting next season. Hopefully, this is a hurdle that has now been cleared.
  21. I don't know about VCU, but Butler beating two tournament #1 seeds (Gonzaga and Indiana) is probably what is jacking up their RPI.
  22. I posted earlier on the week that those staying in Midtown needed to be aware of potential traffic problems caused by the St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC on Sunday if the Billikens made it to the championship game. I WAS WRONG. I just looked up the official website for the parade. It is run on St. Patrick's Day every year, unless St. Patrick's Day is on a Sunday (as it is this year). When St. Patrick's Day is on a Sunday, the parade takes place on Saturday. According to the website for the parade, it will take place on Saturday from 11:00 until about 4:30 or 5:00. It runs down a huge stretch of 5th Street from the Central Park area through the Times Square area. Looking at the parade route, it seems like someone going to Barclays Center from Midtown would be able to get around the parade, but I would be concerned with how anything like this parade would affect NYC's already congested traffic. Since the semifinal games on Saturday are at 1:30 and 4:00, be aware of this problem if you are staying in Midtown or anywhere north of Midtown. If you are going to take the subway, Grand Central Station will get partially cut off by the parade route. Looks like you could still to Grand Central Station by walking a little bit south.
  23. My wife and I will be there. We will probably make it to the Friday game. Hopefully, also on Saturday. We're leaving Sunday afternoon, so we won't make the championship game (knock on wood). If the Billikens make it to the championship on Sunday and you are going and if you are staying in Midtown, be aware that the NYC St. Patrick's Day parade will be blocking a very large portion of 5th Street. I think it starts at 11:00. If you are trying to get from Midtown to the game, your access to subway routes and your access to get the Brooklyn by cab may be impeded.
  24. Your on the right track. The kid that one the year my son raced outweighed him by about 12 pounds. His mom sat at the finish line with some container full of baby snacks. As soon as the kid got wiff of the prize at the finish line, the race was over. Now that my son is four, I can tell you that you are correct: the mental side is just as important. He still gets easily distracted by TV or video games when I want him to do something. I think if I told him to run sixty feet in one direction today, he would still go the opposite way.
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