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  1. How about this: Thankful that we have a core group of young players that are only going to improve from here. Thankful that we have Coach Ford that has resurrected this program from the depths of obscurity. Thankful that we won the A-10 Tournament last year, have a fantastic record this year, and things are only pointing up. Thankful that Coach Ford can recruit better than anyone we have ever seen, to include Majerus. Thankful for Coach Ford and his staff for handling several difficult issues. Thankful we have an awesome basketball venue, a great pool of recruits
  2. "Fans of Missouri" better be worried if Michigan beats Loyola and Kansas wins it all.... Just saying....
  3. Oh well. Next year will be way more fun and less controversial. Can't wait.
  4. And score more points than they do... They appear to have thrown any rust off from the 1st half.
  5. I think we are going to come out in the second half shooting much better. We are still in it.
  6. Good game by Bills. Goodnight all, except for you know who...
  7. non-married. there's a reason. man. more like child.
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