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  1. Yep. The Marquette guys I work with have been saying Porter will be their next head coach since Woj got canned. They know nothing, but who knows.
  2. Again, this is the problem. I've been on this board for a long time, and there's nothing in my posting history that would indicate that I'm a troll. Will you find posts where I'm critical of my alma mater? Yes. Snarky and hilarious posts? Absolutely. Posts where I'm heartbroken over a loss? Yep. Posts where I'm celebrating a victory? Heck yes! I am a bonafide Billiken fan and alumni. Now, about this thread. Was I a bit thin-skinned about being told, "Please make sure you get your entire head in front of the shotgun?" Maybe. That's always going to be a disgusting thing to sa
  3. Maybe you're right, but he'd never do that because this place is a free-for-all.
  4. Yep that's the problem in a nutshell. There are about 15 members that can say and behave however they want while actively driving away new fans by chastising them for having an opinion the deviates from the hive mind.
  5. @SluSignGuy, this guy has got to go. He simply doesn't get it. Ban the troll. Show some conviction, Steve. Either: A.) Come out and publicly condemn this kind of content on your site and do something about it. Or B.) Say you're cool with it. This isn't this guy's first offence. He's called women the "C word" and that's just with a simple "Billiken Rich" Google search. I think my favorite part about that quote is that he could have just let the app censor it, but he didn't want the word to be left to the imagination. This dude deserves the Metz Club. (BTW saying
  6. C'mon man. You're a smart boy, Skip. You know the difference between "Please make sure you get your entire head in front of the shot gun" and "If I was that stupid." ... Right?
  7. Respectfully, that wasn't me you were chatting with earlier. None the less, point taken.
  8. All messed up things to say to another human being. Ever known someone that's committed suicide? It's not funny, and it has no place on this message board centered around a Jesuit Catholic university.
  9. The point was to draw attention to it. This board IS an echo chamber. That was the point of starting the thread... To invoke some change.
  10. Yes! I absolutely believe he wanted that! Who says something like that in jest?! What a messed up thing to joke about!
  11. Oh what is that proper board protocol? I think I've handled things pretty well. I don't believe Steve would have removed the post if I hadn't made this thread, and there's been some solid discussion. A line was clearly crossed and if you can't see that, that's on you, Skip.
  12. I kind of love the new Oral Roberts logo.
  13. Largely agree with you, but a line was crossed last night.
  14. I've got another idea that will never happen. Poach Loyola from the MVC giving the A10 a presence in Chicago.
  15. That's a fair point and one that I absolutely overlooked. Still, I think the MVC is a conference on the rise, and I still think if Dayton could be convinced to come with we might really have something.
  16. There's no way to presume anything. What he wrote with is fingers and posted for the world to see was disgusting and inexcusable. Period. Full stop. It needs to be removed. In my eyes, if I saw that post, and I was in charge, that's got to come down pronto. Maybe you're right about everything else. Although, after I posed this, his post was flooded with "bad post" flags. I felt the situation needed some visibility.
  17. Nah. That post is disgusting and it needs to be removed.
  18. Last night while discussing conference realignment I was graphically told to kill myself by esteemed board member @Billiken Rich because I dared to offer a scenario where heading to the MVC might be ideal for SLU. The post was promptly liked by @AGB91. A personal attack of this magnitude is an unacceptable and disgusting way to express disagreement, and cannot go unchecked. @SluSignGuy I tagged you in a response and while I can understand you may have bigger fish to fry in life, this board is incredibly transparent and I can see you've already spent some time on here today. Allowing this
  19. Absolute heartbreaker for Michigan State.
  20. Oh. Okay. People that think Saint Louis University's basketball program to too bigtime for the MVC crack me up. The MVC has the exact same number of teams in the tournament as the A10. Moving on.
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