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  1. The big problem with guards like Irving, Burns and Perry getting into the NBA is height. Sure we have exceptions, like Calvin Murphy, but they are rare.
  2. He only averaged 3.7 at Univ of Arkansas-Ft Smith. Also back in the day when Siena had Fran McCaffrey as coach they were not bad. Almost beat Purdue in the 2010 NCAAs. Also they are not a bad draw at the Times Union Ctr.
  3. Curious Larry, are you going to the Auburn game in Birmingham? Unless something comes up I should be able to make it.
  4. Larry, Cincy was out by 70-1 and played as an Independent. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/conferences/mvc/1971.html I see they left in 1969: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missouri_Valley_Conference
  5. This is a really good OOC schedule. Best since my freshman year (70-1). That year we had UCLA, Marq, Notre Dame, Ill, Mizzou, Michigan, Cincy & Dayton. My compliments to Ford & the AD.
  6. No doubt we pay him to wear our insigna tees and pullovers
  7. So what is he? The Tony Robbins for coaching staffs. I am sure he does not come cheap.
  8. Drake was tough back then. Almost beat UCLA in the 69 NCAAs. Recall Willie Wise & Willie McCarter.
  9. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/conferences/mvc/1971.html
  10. Larry, this was the 70-1 season. We had the 3 way tie with Louisville & Drake. Harry was a soph and it was Irving's senior season. I still cry about that loss in the play-off game at Bradley against Louisville.
  11. Your right on those early 70s yrs. Most games it was pretty empty. Maybe 4-5000 a game. One game I recall a huge crowd was the season finale with Bradley. It was the year we had that 3 way tie in the MVC. The announced crowd was 14,000+. I recall sending the clipping to a friend back East.
  12. I never knew they were after Pitino back when they hired Romer. The interviews I knew of back then was Dave Bliss (at the time New Mexico), Kevin Stallings (at the time Ill State) and Mark Gottfried (this might have been a courtesy interview-he just started at Alabama). Wasn't Valvano, when he was still at Iona, considered at one time back in the 70s?
  13. Yea, they list Dana Kirk. I thought his indiscretions would have disqualified him.
  14. Okay, we are in the 'dog days'. Noticed the last action on this board was hours ago. Attached is a list of the top 50 coaches and it goes back to the turn of the previous century. Some I don't agree with. One Saint Louis coach was mentioned. Before looking at the list, anyone care to guess? Hints: not someone who stood out. Also, you will have to be a big time Saint Louis basketball historian to know this. https://www.stadiumtalk.com/s/greatest-college-basketball-coaches-ab3764285711414e?utm_campaign=basketballcoaches-da555be5c09f45
  15. Jerry Tarkanian Quote: The NCAA is so mad at Kentucky theyre going to give Cleveland State another year of probation.
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