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  1. Sorry to read this. He was called the "Spider" during those great early 70s teams. RIP Mike
  2. I would think just playing Auburn, win or lose, should get us into the double digits. Auburn ranked 16th. I do admit, some of his rankings I just can't figure out. i.e. Liberty is ranked 71, looking at its record, other then Radford ranked 129, all are ranked 178 or higher, several in the 300 range.
  3. Definitely the best game of the year. J & J from 3 land was fantastic. J Good & Hasahn with the double/double-Sweet.
  4. When we were in the CUSA, I attended the UAB-SLU game several times in Birmingham. As I recall they always had a nice crowd.
  5. Curious, are these players eligible? The teams they are playing on don't seem like some neighborhood club team. I see that that Vinicius is a 7 footer from Brazil. No one paying him?
  6. I don't live far from Furman. it has been awhile but I been to games in the Timmons Arena. Last few years they have been very respectable. This year beat Loyola-C easily and beat Charleston-Southern by 44.
  7. Back in the early 90s I had to do that when I living in Johnson City, TN. Going up to the top the mountain to pick up KMOX. It would get so cold. So every 5 minutes you have to turn on the car to run the heater. It was Earle and Rammer back then. I do recall Ron Jacober doing it with Jay Randolph back in the early 70s.
  8. You know I never did that. I kind keep them to get me through the dog days of summer and delete when the new season starts. I have a few oldies but goodies still on the DVR. When we beat VCU in 2014 and Butler in 2013.
  9. Funny, I had all the A10 tourney games on my DVR and just erased them a few days ago. I would went back. Anyway, he certainly didn't control the boards. French must have owned him and the Richmond team in the paint.
  10. D The posting said last year. Also didn't French still get a double/double in that game?
  11. TAJ: "Ate French up last year??" I don't recall that. In the A10 Tourney game with Richmond, Golden did get his points. He had 20pts, 3 rebs & 1 block. French in that same game had 22pts, 12 rebs & 2 blocks. Also that game we shut down Gilyard and out rebounded them 20-42. Golden a center that weak in the paint.
  12. Roy always schedules some low major local schools away. This year it's UNC Wilmington. In the past he's played Elon, UNC Greensboro, Wofford, UNC Asheville, etc.. Maybe to keep the UNC alums in those cities happy.
  13. I thought they looked sharp. Also liked the Billiken on the front. Nice to see them mix it up.
  14. I thought it was Carte'are Gordon. Recall DJ bear hugging CAG and getting him to the locker room.
  15. Better night in the A10> Joey's beat UCONN away 96-87 VCU beats a ranked #23 LSU in a close 84-82 game. In other games: Geo Mason beat LIU, Lasalle loses to Penn & Fordham beats FDU.
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