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  1. Congrats Steve! Really happy for you.
  2. Those interested in urban affairs, here is a semi related article on St Louis: https://www.citylab.com/transportation/2019/04/car-free-safe-streets-st-louis-map-vehicle-barriers-traffic/586501/
  3. Interesting article on St John's Chris Mullins. Thought he finally turned St John's around with getting them into the Dance. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jppelzman/2019/04/09/a-hire-chris-mullin-was-not-allowed-to-make-helped-set-the-stage-for-his-departure/#302e2f995b56
  4. After Dean, UNC promoted Bill Guthridge, he had 2 Final 4s.
  5. I don't know if this was mentioned but was just checking out 'In Memorium' section of the latest issue of Universitas, when you get to my age that one first sections you check out that Robin Jones passed away last summer. Robin played during the mid-70s when I attended SLU. He was a part of those great Harry Rogers teams. Had some NBA years with the Trailblazers (backup to Bill Walton) and the Rockets. RIP Robin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robin_Jones_(basketball)
  6. Remember when Gary used to go at it with Rickma? Majerus even offered him game tickets behind the bench and Gary turned it down.
  7. I recall Duquesne did it to us. It was way back when Ron Everhart coached them. Almost resulted in a rumble. Just checked the box score, Wiley had 20. Watched the game and knew he was hot but not that hot.
  8. Comparing Tramaine to Zeke? Zeke will have to sit out again another year, Tremaine did it as a grad transfer. Also didn't Zeke enroll first at Tenn Tech? Bolted just before summer session started. Zeke may beat Welmer out on how long he stays in school.
  9. Mason seems to be the only disappointment. VCU & SVU seem stronger then predicted. Fordham feasted on very weak OOC schedule. Even with this season weak conference, should make for a interesting 2 and half months of play on who makes it to the top 1/3rd with what seems to be a lot of parity.
  10. URI always scares me. Even in the latter Barron years when they stunk they got the better of us. Curious Wiz, the FT shooting, not looking at the box scores, seems like the trim line is going in the right direction. French is even hitting a few.
  11. Ghost of John Wooden. He should have realized that, he had a nice gig at New Mexico.
  12. Ha, this will date me, I recall the 1st game we ever played FL State. It was 01/04/72. We lost by 1, 62-63. That year FL State went to the NCAA Finals and lost to a John Wooden UCLA team by 5. For that year we had junior Harry Rogers. For me, one of the best players to put on a Billiken uniform. Only if Harry had a 3pt line and a freshmen season, no one would be touching his records.
  13. An interesting read: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6496461/How-Atlanta-United-went-MLS-champions-just-18-months.html?fbclid=IwAR3yGE46fempA92wCIsmAT2P9rrc6lPCW8nJjPkkC-JzVKKKzq8NmDfqIwQ
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