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  1. A Open Forum was tried about 2 decades ago. It was a disaster. We were at each others throats. Steve had to shut it down.
  2. Here is a article of the history of Fordham's transfers. They had some good players that went on to P5 schools. https://fordhamobserver.com/43522/sports-and-health/mens-basketball-and-what-should-have-been/
  3. When I arrived at SLU back in the 70-1 year I lived on 3 Gries and several on my floor played. Walsh Hall was vacant at the time and recalled they would house several of the opposing teams in Walsh the night before the game. Remember Loyola-Chi coming in and talking with some of the players. Your right about appearing in the Club National Championship and I believe one of the opponents was Georgetown. The Club team only lasted a few years.
  4. I came to SLU from back East. When I graduated back in May, '74 I took my parents and some realtives to Stan Musial & Biggies as a kind of a graduation reception. My dad got the biggest kick with all the Musiel memorabilia. Does the restaurant still exist or did it move?
  5. So if Belmont was in the A10 do you think they would have been in the NCAA? Say what you want about the A10 traditional bottom feeders but the OVC is dominated by those kind of schools. I have no qualms about dumping Fordham/LaSalle but as RU said, not gong to happen. Let compare atrtendance: Belmonts last 4 years (2017-2020)> 2300, 2600, 2400 & 2400. Davidson's 3600, 3800, 4200, & 4200. Belmont is small time. I think we could do better. I take ETSU over Belmont.
  6. I put Davidson over Belmont. Playing both, since 2009 we played Belmont only 2x we are 2-0. For Davidson we played them since 2015 and we are 2-6. I looked at Pomeroy rating (since I have that the most easily available) last 5 years (2016-20) 70, 85, 43, 85, & 106. For Belmont 109, 49, 83, 83 &129. If you average it Davidson comes out. What is impressive is Davidson almost consistently top 100s and not 250+ like some of our fellow A10 members. In addition Davidson not only had Axel but all-A10ers like Jack Gibbs, Kalinowski & Peyton Aldridge.
  7. Kareem always said his toughest competition came from Swen Nater.
  8. I recall coming into town to catch 2 Larry Hughes games with some friends. It was the UAB and Houston games. We went to Spoons (CWE location) for dinner one night. The Billiken basketball memorabilia on the walls was amazing. I wonder who has all that stuff now?
  9. That is big news. Any bets he'll be back somewhere within 2 years?
  10. Ha, I remember the old days when I would listen to Bills games sitting in my car on top of mountain in Johnson City, TN :). Came in nice and clear. Does KMOX still require a payed subsription for internet?
  11. Larry 72, last June I listed the comparison for last season. Not very accurate and I would think it will be even less this season with all the uncertainties.
  12. Are you sure on that? I just checked 2 SEC schools, Ole Miss has 16 and Auburn has 15.
  13. About every few years we have a Chris Sloan up date on this board. Since he was on Sodie's coaching staff here till now. He's been like all over the place. Luv to see Chris's resume LOL
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