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  1. About every few years we have a Chris Sloan up date on this board. Since he was on Sodie's coaching staff here till now. He's been like all over the place. Luv to see Chris's resume LOL
  2. This might have been touched upon earlier, but did the 2 Euros make it to St Louis? Also, are any others still not accounted for?
  3. You treat us with respect? https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/ncaa/cops-drunken-bus-driver-stranded-st-louis-basketball-team
  4. I do not consider St Bona a rival. If we were not in the A10 (or vice versa) we would not play them (or just very infrequent). Also, other than Catholic, we have nothing in common with them. They are far away and a small rural school. We are large urban school. The only 2 I consider rivals is Dayton and SIUC. We have long histories of playing each other annually. When we were CUSA we still played UD. Both schools have had glory years-UD has had a lot more. Also attendance seems to trend up when we have these schools at home. Playing them always brings a sense of excitement that is lacking when we play a LaSalle or a GW. I agree, Butler & Xavier could have been if the stayed in the A10.
  5. I stole this from the A10 Forum. Usually nothing of value on that forum. This although is good post showing how useless this Top 144 is by illustrating what was predicted last year and what really happened in the A10: How did Welser do last year? 1. VCU #22, NET #68 2. Davidson #42, NET #75 3. Dayton #51, NET #3 4. URI #79, NET #57 5. Bona #101, NET #122 6. SLU #143, NET #49 Unranked Richmond NET #38 Duquesne NET# 94 UMass NET #132 Obviously, he underrated the league by quite a bit. Richmond and SLU by a mile, and Duquesne and Dayton by a significant margin. Let's see if he can do better this year.
  6. I am in the same boat in North Carolina. I have to stay with the Directv.
  7. Agree, what she has to work with I think she done an outstanding job. The tourney in Brooklyn is first class. Final on Selection Sunday, in a NBA arena and on network TV. We have always up to now had multiple bids in the NCAAs. It was ashame we did not have a conference tourney and NCAA tourney this year. First time in a long time (maybe St Joe's 15 years ago) we had the possibility of a team to make Elite 8 or Final 4. Also it was not a Cinderella team.
  8. I see he's now at Grand Canyon. Good point.
  9. I have no clue where Nesbitt is going. Hope he picks SLU. Thicks was commenting on SLU 'cut above' in status. I don't think so. We haven't exactly had a history of advancing in the NCAAs like Seton Hall, at least now we are getting in. This past year we would had to run the table again in Brooklyn to get in. Also, go to some away OOC games, especially when play power 5 team. Been to plenty. I wear my SLU blue and I get tired hearing what is a Billiken or where is SLU. No one has a clue about SLU. We still have a ways to go. I hope we get to level of a Gonzaga or Xavier. Will see.
  10. First they play in the Beast. (usually a top 3 conference) Second, they had a national final, elite 8 and a few sweet 16s since the early 90s. Third-last season they were tied for 1st in the NBE. Previous 4 years they had NCAA appearances.
  11. Brings back memories of catching Knicks-Bullets games at the Garden in late 60s. If you payed HS basketball you got in for $2. Bullets had great line-up with Earl-the Pearl, Phil Chenier, Jack Marin, Gus Johnson and Wes Unseld. Match-up between Willis Reed and Wes was classic. Wes probably had one the best outlet passes in the then NBA. RIP Wes
  12. One of the players interviewed at end of the vid, was that Reditt Hudson? Reason I said this is this morning I enjoyed the vid, thanks 05. Later I am watching the news, I'm in North Carolina. On it they have Reditt Hudson participating in a discussion concerning the the George Floyd situation. Did not know he was a former SL Police officer and now the director of the National Coalition of Law Enforcement Officers for Justice Reform and Accountability (NCLEOJ ). First, his looks have not changed. Second very well spoken, knowledgeable and professional. Truly a credit to SLU Basketball and the University.
  13. Good hire for WF, Lower level D1 star. ETSU seems to find these coaches. Certainly payed his dues with coaching stints in the junior colleges and assistant at numerous schools with the last one with Marshall.
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