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  1. Richmond and Davidson both are elite Southern private schools. Both have huge endowments. Many of the alums are very wealthy local business owners. Like car dealership chains, restaurants, etc... Possibly some options.
  2. Tried to copy and paste a pic, all I got was the link. If you hit the link above this, the picture will show.
  3. That's not it. Or, it has been renovated since when that picture was taken. Been to 2 Billiken games at the Belk. They had far more seating. When I went, I did not think it was that bad. Been to St Joe's, LaSalle & Fordham, beats them out. No bad seats, nice food court and the campus is beautiful, on a large lake. Statue of Curry in the front. http://photos1.blogger.com/x/blogger/408/304/1600/139212/CHARLOTTE_DAVIDSON_crowd.jpg
  4. Orms was drafted by the then Baltimore Bullets. Had like one season then played a few years in the ABA. Rich Nieman was drafted and played one season for the Pistons. Bounced around with the Celtics and Bucks. Finished his career in the ABA. I did see Gene Moore play for the Nets. A friend and fellow SLU grad had Nets season tickets who played at then new Nassau Coliseum. With all the talent that team had they had a disappointing season (of course the Valley was incredibly tough back then) with inept coach Buddy Brehmer. Joe Wiley was a soph on that team.
  5. Your right about SLU but this is where the Blue Bloods make out especially where pro sports are very limited or non-existant. Example: Kentucky, Kansas, Carolina, etc... In Atlanta, Georgia football is #1 over Falcons, Braves, Hawks, United, etc..
  6. I believe I had your dad as prof in the early 70s. Still recall on how much I enjoyed his classes. We have close friends from the Malibu area that are long term season ticket holders of the Waves. Always make the trip to LV for the WCC tourney. They not particuliarly overtly religious or alums, just hoops fans. I will have to kid them about that. The husband, years ago was a volunteer assistant basketball coach at a local Catholic HS in the area.
  7. Another heart breaker! It is a wonder I still have a heart left https://slubillikens.com/news/2003/12/6/205256713.aspx
  8. Did this just happen? I googled it and found nothing. I was not much aware of Ekker's post SLU career moves. Would have thought he be coaching at some nowheresville community college or selling Kias at a dealership in Ocala, Florida. Quite the contrary. Reading some of the clippings Ekker had a pretty active post-SLU basketball career. Coached at several Continental and USBL clubs. Was a advisor and assistant coach with the Magic. Opened a basketball school with branches in China. Also wrote several books on his coaching philosphy. In fairness to Ekker, I wonder if he got anything in the way of administrative support.
  9. Reading this, I never laughed so hard. Board was fun back then. Miss Box cheerleader Friday in the off-season. Also the quality of Trolls (Triangle& Two) was so much better then.
  10. Funny, when we were in the Metro with Ekker as coach we every once and awhile get on national TV. I recall watching a game aganist Memphis, Crooked Dana Kirk I believe was the coach of Memphis. Ekker had this player called Willie Becton. A solid recruit from Memphis. Avg double figures for us for 2 years. He lit-it-up in that game. End of the season, he transfers to Memphis. That was life as a Billiken fan during the Ekker years.
  11. Back in the 80s when SLU was in the MCC, if you were out-of-town, it was next to impossible to know how the Bills were doing or who played. All you had was buying one of those annual college magazines (like Street and Smith) to get a schedule and what the roster looked like. Also, fortunately our local public library carried the Post-Dispatch and I catch Dave Doerr (sp) column. One of the bright spots was Oral Roberts had a cable station that showed up on my TV. He would always broadcast the games
  12. I wish I had the time to dig into the archive of this Board regarding Porter. No one was really was high on Porter. When Majerus had him fill-in, I don't believe he won a game. Back then, the board was high on Harriman. He'll make us the next St Mary's. Not to what is said here really matters. When Porter left for Loyola, he did not turn them around over-night. His record his 1st 2 years in the weak Horizon was he had Loyola as the doormat. Then when Loyola switched to the MVC the attitude was, he is only going to make a bad situation worse. I recall watching Loyola and you could see him trying to institute a Magerus type style and the players were just not getting it. Kind of like the 1st 2 years of Majerus tenure here only Loyola had less talent. Porter in his 4th year did score a CBI championship, probably saved his job. Then the 7th year it all clicked with the final 4. He is young and if he remains he can possibly turn them out to be Gonzaga Midwest for the next decade. If he goes to some P6 school, he risks what Dan Monson & and now Archie Miller is. Good for Loyola on sticking with him. Also in fairness to Porter, when he was at Ill State, he was screwed by the the AD situation they had. I seem to recall Majerus telling the story on one his radio shows.
  13. Here is a good article on how Porter modeled his program development from his mentor Majerus: http://loyolaphoenix.com/2017/12/moser-models-coaching-slu-mentor-rick-majerus/
  14. In 2013-14 Archie Miller got Dayton into the Elite 8.
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