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  1. I have no clue where Nesbitt is going. Hope he picks SLU. Thicks was commenting on SLU 'cut above' in status. I don't think so. We haven't exactly had a history of advancing in the NCAAs like Seton Hall, at least now we are getting in. This past year we would had to run the table again in Brooklyn to get in. Also, go to some away OOC games, especially when play power 5 team. Been to plenty. I wear my SLU blue and I get tired hearing what is a Billiken or where is SLU. No one has a clue about SLU. We still have a ways to go. I hope we get to level of a Gonzaga or Xavier. Will see.
  2. First they play in the Beast. (usually a top 3 conference) Second, they had a national final, elite 8 and a few sweet 16s since the early 90s. Third-last season they were tied for 1st in the NBE. Previous 4 years they had NCAA appearances.
  3. Brings back memories of catching Knicks-Bullets games at the Garden in late 60s. If you payed HS basketball you got in for $2. Bullets had great line-up with Earl-the Pearl, Phil Chenier, Jack Marin, Gus Johnson and Wes Unseld. Match-up between Willis Reed and Wes was classic. Wes probably had one the best outlet passes in the then NBA. RIP Wes
  4. One of the players interviewed at end of the vid, was that Reditt Hudson? Reason I said this is this morning I enjoyed the vid, thanks 05. Later I am watching the news, I'm in North Carolina. On it they have Reditt Hudson participating in a discussion concerning the the George Floyd situation. Did not know he was a former SL Police officer and now the director of the National Coalition of Law Enforcement Officers for Justice Reform and Accountability (NCLEOJ ). First, his looks have not changed. Second very well spoken, knowledgeable and professional. Truly a credit to SLU Basketball and the University.
  5. Back in the early 70s I lived on 3 Gries. It was not uncommon to see visiting teams in the dorm. Back then Walsh was totally vacant. Not for basketball but other non-revenue sports.
  6. Good hire for WF, Lower level D1 star. ETSU seems to find these coaches. Certainly payed his dues with coaching stints in the junior colleges and assistant at numerous schools with the last one with Marshall.
  7. This why we love Kwmain!
  8. Agree, what was sad about it was this was on ESPNU. They are a national broadcast and I would expect a little more objectivity. After all URI is not UD and except for few minutes, always was a double digit lead If the broadcast was from a regional Fox, I would have cut them some slack for being biased.
  9. Yea he won't get hungry. Swedish meatballs are always on the menu in the store cafeteria.
  10. Your right, consistent similar type teams like Creighton, Gonzaga, XU don't depend on transfers. When we had the early decade 3 yr run of NCAAs and ranked teams, it was pretty much the same core of players. But it is a good band aid every once in while. We had that run last year largely on Bess and Isabel. Now Perkins ( juco transfer) is keeping us in games. But I agree, hopefully we can move on from our dependence on transfers.
  11. Your right. SVU has had a recent Elite 8 and NBE still ignored them. Also Xavier doesn't want them. Now with UConn in the picture, I also don't see them expanding in a while, the $ too good.
  12. When LaSalle had that 2013 Sweet 16 run they feasted on transfers. Garland transferred in from VA Tech and Galloway from So Carolina. Probably one of the best A10 backcourts that year with the exception of ours (Mitchell & McCall).
  13. Of course parking fees and concessions are very important. I don't know about that it is totally true, part of the 5 tix is to give the full-look on TV. Why do you think they play an advertisement on TV? Also recruiting, when we played UD looks liked the student section was having a good time on TV. You don't think a perspective recruit or just students think "I want to be part of that". When I played HS Ball back in the 'dark ages', late 1960s back East. We had this game among us players on who could pick up the college game the farthest away on the AM radio. SLU games came in very clear on KMOX. Never heard of the school other than that. When it came to my senior year of HS I decided to give them a look and ended up spending 5 years getting bachelors and a masters
  14. No, when we played High Point back in November we only had 4624. I am sure if I went back we could find lower ones. Actually year to year average attendance is trending upwards. This season league play attendance has not been bad. Avg attendance has been 7384. I guess that comes close to 70%. Looks good on TV. With the OOC games its been 6739.
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