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  1. I thought the call was correct. Some guys just get carried away. By the way the guy who won the car was Jan's significant other.
  2. SLU will issue tax free bonds. The university is a AAA credit. Current rates would put the rate at about 4.75%. So you need to bring your numbers down.
  3. You post is right on. The NCAA and the media like Q and his marketability,because of that little will happen. They will lose a scholarship or 2 for a few years but little more. But this will be his strike 2.From now on he had better be a better cheater.
  4. I don't think Alden gets off scott free. I'm betting he's gone{takes another job] in the next year.
  5. I listened to most of the show and felt Ricky came across as fairly creditable. He did lose it when he talked about Bunge. James Brown stated that he felt and knew that many college basketball players were being paid. I actually thought Rickey did a pretty good job. One interesting thing is he said family was paying for his tuition.
  6. Nobody would watch it,too unbelievable.
  7. I'll say it again. If coaches are handing out money your being naive to belive they wouldn't take it.
  8. Hey I believed you untill you got into the lawyer part.
  9. I find it hard to believe that you feel that if one person is getting paid cash it would only be one person. If I we're on a team and one of my teammates was getting paid I'd want my share. These are college kids not a collection of ethics professors. If Ricky was getting paid your naive to think he's the only one.
  10. There will be a Catholic National Champion. No Trojans.
  11. Bob Carpenter is a St. Louis guy who loves his home teams. I'm happy he's going to get to do some Cardinal games. Dykes was excellent. He really gave some incite into the game and what we were trying to do. It's too bad our local Charter guys can't do the same. They olny tell you the obvious.
  12. I wonder if Brad knows how to set up the picket fence?
  13. Be carefull how you use the name willie''
  14. Chris Peay from U City high also transfered from SLU to Mo Baptist. Chris had a fairly good freshman start, tore up his knee and decided to transfer. Averaged big numbers for them.
  15. Bob Mueller comes to every game. He sits about 3 rows deep across from the Billiken bench. He usually has a couple of kids with him. If I remember he once sang the national anthem. They should bring him back for an encore.
  16. Plaid pants-there goes my brother in law.
  17. Can't I just meet you at Walmart.
  18. I am moaning,but give the guy credit for earning the job. I do believe if he is still playing big min. 12 games from now we can't be a good basketball team. That doesn't mean we can't be a winning team,but we can't be a good team. To be good we have to have I/O play at a high level. Is Isik capable of being a big time college player? Time will tell.
  19. While I am going to miss playing Louisville Cin. and Memphis I feel the A-10 is a better fit for our University. I believe that our chances of competing with like minded schools is more important than seeing Huggins Pitino and Calapari. If the A-10 can dump a couple of bottom feeders the A-10 is the next best thing to the elusive papal confrence.
  20. Frank's father has been a Billiken fan forever. He use to entertain recruits at Kemols old north grand restraunt. He very seldom misses a home game. Frank was brought up right.
  21. ESPN is predicting next years tourney. 4 A-10 teams make the list. St. Joe a 5 seed. Xavier a 6 Dayton an 8 Temple a 9 seed. I'd say we are joining a pretty good league.
  22. I should have said I was told it would take 18mo.to 2 years.
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